Art Week

This week you have been learning about David Hockney and his art. 

img_0736 img_0742 img_0743 img_0741 img_0739 img_0701

What have you enjoyed in your learning?

Which skills have you been developing?

What is your opinion of David Hockney’s art work?

Research another artist and the art that they do – you can tell me about them below or bring me examples of their work or work you have completed which is inspired by them! 

11 thoughts on “Art Week

  1. 1.I liked editing the tree and putting them together.
    2.I found difficult is putting them together and we have to put them in the right place.
    3.I could improve on my cross hatching.
    4.The techniques I would use is 3D techniques.
    Favour Theo

  2. I enjoy taking pictures and to make a tree Useing pic collage.

    Researching Daivd Hockney was hard.

    Collaging and tiding.

    From Yuanxuan and Alex

  3. I have enjoyed the collage because you can make however you want
    I have developed painting
    David Hockney has really nice artwork from Levi and Ahmad

  4. We enjoyed taking pictures of the different parts of the trees and editing them using pic collarge.
    We have been developing our sketching skills.
    We like David hokenys work because he is very creative.

  5. I learnt crosshathing from art week.
    I found difficult was putting them together.
    I could improve on my sketching next time.
    Other techniques I could use are on my modaling skills.

    Pranay and Renee

  6. I have enjoyed learning about David Hockney because we did photography and collage.

    I have been developing my tone , art and texture skills.

    I like that David Hockneys art work inspires other people to do art and and I like his work a lot.

  7. I enjoyed taking pictures of small parts of the trees and making them better using pic collage .
    I’ve been using my sketching skills and colarge skills .
    David hokenys work is very creative and he is a British artist.

    From Lacey 😍😍😍😍😍

  8. I enjoyed hatching in art week and also liked scrambling too
    I use cross hatching and back and forth
    I like collaging skills.


  9. 1.Taking the pictures and putting it on pic college.
    2.I have devolopt the tones.
    3. He is really creative.
    From Hanna and Sariyyah

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