Sherlock Holmes Story

The case of the Missing Teacher It was a dull, dreary morning at 21b Baker Street. I sat under the window, writing the report from our last case “A study in pink”, when a gentle rapping came from the door, like a whisper against the wood. “Please sir, I need your help.” Asked the girl […]

5 Red’s Celebrations Around the World Week

During this project week, the children have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany and comparing it to the UK. They have mapped out how Christianity spread historically across Europe and how the migration of people has led to many shared customs for Christmas. We also looked at what came before Christmas in […]

5 red’s Spanish Day

Today has been Spanish day. 5 Red have applied their terms learning to make this day amazing. Watch our video to see what we did! Tell me what you enjoyed most about the day?What learning did you apply from Autumn 2?

5 Red’s Well Being Day

Today we have been learning about how to look after our mental and emotional well being. We looked at how to identify our emotions, how to handle negative emotions in a positive way, how to be kind and how to show empathy to others. Watch our video to find out more. Challenges: Can you tell […]

Maths Homework Year 5

This week we have been learning about factor pairs and cubes numbers. Complete the following challenges in your book. Bronze: Draw the factor tree in your book. Silver: You must use your knowledge of cube numbers and odd and even numbers to work out the answers to these questions. Gold: The letters A-E represent a […]

5 Red’s Persuasive Language Presentations

Today, we developed our own ideas for strange products that could be sold. We then used persuasive language to present our product to our class and try to convince them they’d like to buy our product.Would you be brave enough to buy and try any of these weird and wonderful products? Challenge: What features of […]

Literacy Homework Year 5 Week 1

This week we have been learning about persuasive texts. The following is an example of one. Answer the comprehensions questions below in your homework book in full sentences. Bronze:1) What activities did Thomas like?2) How many outdoor swimming pools are there?3) What activities do they have for children?4) What was new for 2016?5) What special […]

5 Red’s Reading Champions

Welcome to our Reading Champions Blog! As a school we want to encourage a love of reading, and as a class I want you all to find books to love and enjoy.  We would like you to write a review of the books you are reading. You can pick your school book from the brown […]

5 Red’s Talk4Writing

This week we have been learning about Persuasive writing through studying the text of a travel brochure. Have a look at our video and see our Talk4Writing performance, which has enabled us to learn the vocabulary and style of a persuasive piece of writing. Challenges: Bronze: what is the purpose of persuasive writing? Silver: what […]

5 Red’s Book Week: Challenges

This week we have been studying the book Clockwork. Challenges: Bronze: Did you enjoy the book? What was your favourite part of the book? Explain using detailed sentences and describe how that part of the book made you feel. Silver: Explore the question “Did Karl deserve to die?” Give 2 reasons why he did, and […]

Year 5’s Maths Homework

We have been learning about place value: please complete these in your books:Bronze Silver Gold: Take Three Numbers Choose any two odd numbers and one even number, such as 3,5 and 2. How would you like to represent these numbers? Try adding them together and draw/make the representation of their sum. What do you notice […]

Dol-Y Moh Day 4

What another amazing day in Wales. Both groups have completed Adventure day which comprised of: A beach adventure: with sliding down slate, skimming rocks, scrambling, rescuing highly placed cookies by rock climbing, caving and splashing in the sea. Kayaking: where all children successfully managed to get in a kayak and sail around a lake. We […]

5 Red’s Art Week

This week 5 Red have been learning all about Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animation artist. We learnt all sorts of things, watch our video to find out more. What have you enjoyed most about this week?What did you learn about Shinto? Challenge: What did you learn about Chihiro in Spirited away? How does her character […]

Year 5’s Ancient Greek Day

Today, we invited year 4 to come and see our living history event based on Ancient Greek life. We learnt all about them in topic and produced these role plays. Please watch out video. Year 4 & 5, can you leave a comment telling us what you have learnt.

Ancient Greek Day Dress Up

Hello! The children are all working hard on their preparation for Ancient Greek day. We would love to see the year 5 children come in dressed up.Below I have included photos of potential costumes. However, last year many children kept it simple with a long white t-shirt and a coloured sash. Long pale dresses with […]

Greetings 4 blue

Hello all you marvellous children in 4 blue, soon to be 5 red. This is a quick welcome/hello video from Miss Cochrane and Mrs Sharma. Can’t wait to meet you all properly!

Year 5’s Architecture Day!

Hello year 5 welcome to our architect day, year 5 made a lot of fabulous designs to improve the studio, hall  and field. This was a great time for team work and having fun. Year 5 made lots of great designs and had a great time. Lots of people used cups and put them on […]

5 Red’s Entrepreneur Presentations

Yesterday we learnt that an entrepreneur is someone who decides to create or run a business, even though he or she might lose some money. They work out the risk and they often invest their own money. Entrepreneurs are often creative, daring people, and the businesses they operate are very important to communities. They do this all […]

5 Red’s Stratford-Upon-Avon Trip

Today 5 Red went on a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon. We went to see all the main locations and then completed our Geography unit: localities. This term we have been learning about the geography of Stratford Upon Avon. We have focused on the human geography by looking at how a new animal attraction could be built.We […]

Year 5 Presents: The downfall of Lady Macbeth!

Today, we have explored how Lady Macbeth develops as a character. We looked at how she a Then we explored how she behaves in Scene 5, after she has been crowned Queen. We discussed how her actions had consequences on her state of mind. We made videos exploring these 2 scenes, please enjoy our videos […]

Year 5: Macbeth Act 2 Scene 2 Comprehension Work

Today, you have been studying the murder of Duncan and how the Macbeths react afterwards.  You now have a challenge to complete below in the comments. Remember to put the name of the people you worked with. Bronze: Write a set of stage directions for this scene. Silver:  Answer the following comprehension questions: How has […]

Year 5: Example of an adventure story (homework)

For those of you writing your own adventure story for your homework, here’s one to help. A long time ago in a far-off land, a land which was full of magical creatures, lay a beautiful, sleepy village. Throughout the hill, you could find stunning cottages built with white, clean walls and black, wooden beams. Right […]

Caterpillar Live! Week 3 update!

On Friday last week, our caterpillars began to move to the top of their habitats and start to form their Chrysalises. We had to be very careful and not move them during this time. By Monday Morning, they had hardened enough to move them from their jars, clean them and put them in their new […]

5 Red’s Junk Band Music

On Friday of science week, we have combined our knowledge from all the work and experimenting we have been doing since we started science week. We produced different musical instruments and made our own songs. We made a video to go with our song, we have tried to show how our instruments and songs were […]