Friday 3rd April Home Learning Year 5: English

Good morning Year 5. Today is combining your SPaG work and handwriting. We expect you to complete your sentences in your book. Once you have completed this, write a sentence in the comments using was / were / have / has. The sentences bellow are missing the word ‘have’ or ‘has’. You need to write […]

5 Red’s Story Time: Part 2

In case you are just logging into this now, part 1 picks up where we left in class and was posted on Monday. Please make sure you listen to that first. Can you predict what is going to happen to the young lady speaking to Lyra?

Thursday 2nd April Home Learning Year 5: English

Good morning Year 5. Hope you are all safe, well and enjoying the work so far. In the comment section, please write out the headline you have used. Today you are going to be writing your own Newspaper article about aliens invading London! We covered recount texts in Autumn 1, so we are expecting some […]

5 Red Celebration: Lexi

Can I say a massive thank you to all those children who are commenting on the blogs and keeping up with their work. There are many of your names I am seeing 3 times a day every day. One person has stood out in particular over the past week and a bit: LEXI! Lexi has […]

5 Red Story Time

Good morning 5 Red. Here we continue with The Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman, published by Point. Out book started at Jordan College in Oxford, where Lyra has been living after her parents had died in an aeronautic accident. She has saved her Uncle Asriel from being poisoned by the college master and found out […]

Thursday 26th March: Year 5 Home Learning: English

Good Morning and welcome to your Thursday Brain Work Out for English!As per, hope you’re all well and enjoyed writing your stories. Today your task will be to complete a Learning By Questions. YOU MUST USE THE CODE FROM YOUR OWN CLASS AS YOUR OWN TEACHERS WILL SET AND MONITOR HOW YOU ARE GETTING ON. There […]

Tuesday 24th March: Year 5 Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5! You have a handwriting and spelling slide to complete first, please do this. You have all worked so hard on your adventure stories, we thought you should have an opportunity to write them. What comes before a great story? A Plan! In your homework books can you write the following date […]

Updated: Message for 5 Red

Good morning all, Hope you are all well and keeping safe. We continue to miss you all every day and hope to see you very soon. I have left the original message on here below, as if you feel a bit sad, you can read that and remember how proud your teachers are of you. […]

Year 5: The Hobbit ‘Roast Mutton’

Today, year 5 have explored the chapter ‘Roast Mutton’ from The Hobbit. We explored how 2 characters might react to trolls capturing them in the woods and how to trick them to stay alive. We will be using this experience to help inform our fantasy story writing. Challenge: can you describe the action in this […]

5 Red’s World Book Day

e have produced work centred around the book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Have a look at our video to see all the fun activities we did. Challenge: We learnt about the mirror of Erised and how it shows us our desires. What are your aspirations and how is your work at school going […]

5 Red’s Science Week

This week we have learnt all about the rain forest. We started off by recapping what we learnt in year 4. Then we found out all about how animals have adapted to the rain forest. We challenged ourselves to find animals that have adapted to deforestation. In addition to this we learnt about the locations […]

Year 5’s Holiday Homework

This term we learnt all about fractions. We would like you to practice the skills over the holidays! Please complete these on a sheet of paper and bring them back in. If you need help remembering how to simplify fractions: If you need help remembering how to convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers […]

STEM: 5 Red’s Camouflage

We learnt about the purpose of natural camouflage in animals and identified the 4 main types of natural camouflage. We also learnt about how the army uses it and our GD group explored the question “can there ever be true invisibility?”. After this, we went out into the school grounds to find a location that […]

Rainforest weather reports

We learnt about the climate of the rainforest. We looked at the tropics and the equator and learnt that they have the same amount of sunlight nearly all year round which creates different seasons to our own. Challenge; What are the 2 seasons of the rainforest? What is the weather like in each season? How […]

5 Red’s Compositions

This week 5 red have produced their own songs inspired by ‘The Specials’. Challenge:– pick a groups composition and analyse it using the musical vocabulary we have learnt this week. (rhythm, pitch, tone, texture, dynamics, duration)– Explain what you like about the composition.– explain how you think it could be improved if done again.

Week 5 maths homework

This week we have been learning about proper and improper fractions and how to convert them into mixed numbers. We have also learnt how to inverse this. Complete the homework in your book. Bronze: Draw the bar models in your book. Silver: Gold

Mindfulness Day Reminder for Year 5

Year 5, this Friday will be our mindfulness day. We would like you all to bring in a clear glass jar or plastic bottle for the day. If you have any extra spare that would be fantastic. You will be making a mindfulness/calm jar. I know some of you already have, so well done for […]

Sherlock Holmes Story

The case of the Missing Teacher It was a dull, dreary morning at 21b Baker Street. I sat under the window, writing the report from our last case “A study in pink”, when a gentle rapping came from the door, like a whisper against the wood. “Please sir, I need your help.” Asked the girl […]

5 Red’s Celebrations Around the World Week

During this project week, the children have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany and comparing it to the UK. They have mapped out how Christianity spread historically across Europe and how the migration of people has led to many shared customs for Christmas. We also looked at what came before Christmas in […]

5 red’s Spanish Day

Today has been Spanish day. 5 Red have applied their terms learning to make this day amazing. Watch our video to see what we did! Tell me what you enjoyed most about the day?What learning did you apply from Autumn 2?

5 Red’s Well Being Day

Today we have been learning about how to look after our mental and emotional well being. We looked at how to identify our emotions, how to handle negative emotions in a positive way, how to be kind and how to show empathy to others. Watch our video to find out more. Challenges: Can you tell […]

Maths Homework Year 5

This week we have been learning about factor pairs and cubes numbers. Complete the following challenges in your book. Bronze: Draw the factor tree in your book. Silver: You must use your knowledge of cube numbers and odd and even numbers to work out the answers to these questions. Gold: The letters A-E represent a […]

5 Red’s Persuasive Language Presentations

Today, we developed our own ideas for strange products that could be sold. We then used persuasive language to present our product to our class and try to convince them they’d like to buy our product.Would you be brave enough to buy and try any of these weird and wonderful products? Challenge: What features of […]