6 Red Home Work

Good Afternoon all. This week you must complete: Your spellings, please practice the week 4 spellings for your group! If you don’t know where to find them follow this link: https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/year-6-spellings-autumn-1-2020/ You must then pick one from the week 3 home works on the overview: https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Year-6-homework-Autumn-1-2020-2021-1.pdf Maths: Mrs Janjua has set you 4 tasks on […]

6 Red Homework Blog

Good Morning 6 Red! I believe there has been some confusion over which homework to complete. You have 3 pieces of homework you must complete: 1) Choose 1 from week 1 of these: https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Year-6-homework-Autumn-1-2020-2021.pdf 2) Mathletics set by Ms Janjua 3) Education City set by Miss Cochrane. We also expect you to complete: blog posts […]

PSHE: Getting to know you

A little like the song, today 6 red have spent time creating getting to know you webs and practicing active listening. challenge: = what is active listening? = how can we be better friends to people we don’t know well? = is it ok to build good relationships with people we don’t know well? Explain […]

Year 5: Wednesday 15th July: Home Learning: English

Good Morning year 5,Today your task is to revise using some of the key Year 5 suffixes. Read though the pdf, and then complete the tasks below.Have a go at Bronze, Silver or Gold. Then to the mini assessment at the end. Website for help: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zhrrd2p This has lots of links. Use it to help […]

Final Zoom Call

Good Morning Year 5! Today will be our last, our final zoom call of the year. Would be lovely to see you all! The typing chat will be disabled and all will be muted upon entering the call. You will only be unmuted when I can see your face. If I can’t see your face, […]

Year 5: Tuesday 7th July: Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5,Today is your fiction writing tasks. PLEASE COMPLETE TASK 4 ON YOUR BLOG Task 1: Answer the questions, use your imagination for the first 2 questions. Think about a boy approaching the door and what he will see.The last 3 questions are philosophical and should get you thinking about the difference between […]

Monday Zoom Call: 5 Red

Good Morning 5 Red. Today we are having a zoom call to discuss some news from school and then when that’s done we can play some games.Participants will be muted when they log in until their video is switched on and the type chat will be disabled. Participants that do not switch on their video […]

Year 5: Friday 3rd: Home Learning: English

Good morning year 5, You all have 3 tasks on Purple Mash. You need to read the chapter and answer the questions, then complete an additional task. Haunting of Rose Cottage; first complete the task then on the blog write your comparison of the 2 characters on the blog. Alien street: complete the task on […]

Year 5: Thursday 2nd: Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5. Today your task is to write your own version of the story of Theseus and the Minotaur on Purple Mash. If you need to re-cap the story use these resources: Remind yourself of the story: https://greece.mrdonn.org/theseus.html#:~:text=Prince%20Theseus%20told%20his%20father,Minotaur%20is%20a%20terrible%20monster!&text=Along%20with%20six%20other%20Athenian,Prince%20Theseus%20sailed%20towards%20Crete. Task 1 Write a brief plan on paper. Think about these headings:– Intro: Why Theseus […]

Year 5: Tuesday 30th June: Home Learning: English

Task 1 Answer the questions in full sentences. Use your inference skills. Write it in your homework book or paper. Task 2 Write a sentence using a colon. We used them a few weeks ago in SPaG but if you need a refresher have a look at this website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zmfc7ty/articles/z6cxxyc#:~:text=Colon%20%3A,answer%20or%20to%20provide%20contrast. Write it in your homework […]

5 Red Zoom Call

Good Morning 5 Red, today we will be hosting another zoom meeting. This one will be a little later than our previous ones. We also have some rules for the meeting: – you must join the call with your video camera on– try to join with your name – you must be respectful in the […]

Year 5: Friday 26th June: Home Learning: English

Good Morning Year 5.Today you have 3 tasks:1. Purple mash reading comprehension. 2. Reading comprehension questions on your blog comment. 3. Handwriting and spelling. Task 1 Log in to Purple Mash. Read the chapter of your book and complete the 2 online tasks I have set for your. Task 2: Questions Answer these questions on […]

Monday Zoom Call

Good Morning 5 Red, As we have been doing every week, I will be hosting a ZOOM meeting. This week the meeting will be at 1pm. Or 13:00 if we are looking at a digital clock. Here are the details: Miss Cochrane is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: My MeetingTime: Jun 22, […]