Thank you 2 Blue!

To all the children in 2 Blue. I am writing this message with sadness. Those children that were on the Zoom chat this week are already aware of this, but today will be my last day working at this fantastic school. Teaching you this year has brought so many days of joy. I love my […]

Y2 Maths – Friday 17th July

On the last day of term I would like to remind you about a tally chart and a pictogram. Then you will play a game of Kahoot! Let’s see who the champion is. Can you answer these questions on the pictogram. GOOD LUCK!

Y2 Maths – Thursday 16th July

Today we are going to look at symmetry, but what is it? Watch the video to help you.,Symmetry,%E2%80%A2 Caterpillars – repeated pattern Look carefully at the colours and shapes used to carry on the pattern. Bees and Butterflies Spiders and Lady birds

Y2 Maths – Tuesday 14th July

Caterpillars you will be answering questions on one more or one less. Please scroll down to your questions below. The rest of the class to you will be answering questions on block diagrams. Use the axis along the side of the graph and along the bottom to help you understand. Caterpillars Bees and Butterflies Spiders […]

2 Blue Zoom

Hi everyone. we will have a Zoom meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 14th) at 11:30 am. I would like you to think about your favourite memory of the year. It will be nice for you to share your memories with the rest of the class during the meeting. The details will be posted a few minutes before […]

2 Blue Reminder

Please remember to come and collect your school books this afternoon. Myself and Mrs Patel would love to see some of you later. You can come and collect the books between the hours of 1 and 3 today. We look forward to seeing you 😊


Hi everyone. I will be hosting another Zoom meeting on Thursday at 1pm. Please join us and catch up with the class. The details will be added just before 1pm like last time. Please make sure you have your camera on so we can see you. If we cannot see you – you will be […]

Year 2 Blogger of the week.

This week the children have worked so hard. It has been wonderful seeing some of the children in school. Week after week we are amazed at how hard you all work from home. You are all so motivated to succeed. This weeks bloggers of the week was a hard decision. 2 Blue Mohammed W He […]

2 Blue Library Books

Please can I ask that you make sure you know where the library books are. We will need them back before the end of school year. Dates will be given to you for a time they can be brought in. If you are unsure you have a book – comment and I will let you […]


Hello lovely children. On Wednesday 1st July I will be hosting a Zoom meeting to see you all again. The meeting will start at 1pm and last for 30 minutes. Please set a reminder. I will put the details on the blog for the meeting 5 or 10 minutes before it is ready to start. […]

Busy 2 Blue

2 Blue have been busy completing more work this week. The effort still amazes me every day. Well done everyone. Please keep sending the work in. Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Year 2 Maths – 29.6.20 – To compare volume

This week we are going to continue our learning journey through measurement by comparing volume. To have volume we must have capacity. What is capacity and volume? Activity 1 Find a jug at home, and fill it up to different measures – take a photo, label the amount and send the pictures to us 😊 […]