4White visit Tamworth Castle

What a fantastic trip it has been year 4! We have learned a lot from our trip and enjoyed the day as we discovered a lot about the Anglo Saxons Time. We had workshops and a tour around the castle too. Watch the video below to see how a pour day was. Tell me three […]

Kindness matters at BroadHeath

Today at BroadHeath we had the opportunity to meet one of the most kindest person, Kindness matters coach John Magee visit us. Our day consisted of a work shop to teach us all how kindness makes a very big difference to our daily life. Kindness does not cost and it carries on like a boomerang. […]

European Languages Day in 4W 🇺🇦

Today we looked at Ukraine and located it on a world map. We used compass directions and located neighbouring countries too! We a looked at the Ukrainian alphabet and wrote our names in Ukrainian! Working in pairs we practiced our numbers and testing each other too! We even learnt some simple greetings and commands in […]

4Red Science- To explore sound amplification

Today in Science we have looked at making sounds louder, we used different materials to make amplifiers, in order to test how loud we can make sounds. We have worked in teams to make our creations. We swapped our creation with other teams to work on unfamiliar creation. Can we make sounds louder? and how? […]

4R Science – Sound

Today in Science we investigated different types of sounds, we went on a sound walk in and around the school and recorded different types of sounds in different areas of the school, we then created a sound map to help us identify different types of sound. What is sound? A little task for you all, […]

4 Red Rock Climbing

Today 4 red have been looking at how we can look after ourselves, we have discussed on all different ways on how we can take care of ourselves, we have made leaflets to show our conclusions. We also planned our own play ground games on paper and then played out to test. Our afternoon was […]