Problem Solving Week in 4 Red

What a fun week we have had exploring light! We looked at the problem ‘What can you see when there is absolutely no light’ In order to answer this question we have learnt about: how light travels, different light sources, how shadows are formed and we then did an experiment using a shoe box which […]

4 Red Art Around the World Week

This week we have learnt all about the aboriginal way of life . We have understood and explored their culture and art work. In 4 Red children have explored dot art and created their very own dot art pieces. Designed, made and tested their own callograph prints, used different textures and created their very own […]

Year 4 Harvest Preparation

As part of our Harvest Festival preparations in year 4 we would like it if children across all year 4 could come to school tomorrow (14.10.20) wearing colours of Autumn. We would like children to wear oranges, yellows, red and brown. Thank you.

Year 4 dentist zoom call

Today we were lucky enough to have a zoom call from a dentist! He explained the importance of looking after our teeth and how to care for them best.  Take a look at the video to see a snippet of our call and advice from Dr Hussain.  Year 4 now you have had a personal […]

Year 4 – Week 2 homework

Afternoon Year 4, Here is a reminder of the homework overview for Autumn 1. This will show you your weekly homework. Remember to complete two pieces every week by Wednesday.Please send any homework to Y4upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.ukIf you have any problems, please speak to your class teacher/LSA. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and remember to […]

Year 4 – Scratch

Use this link or QR code to access SCRATCH. This link is to be used as part of our computing lessons in school, it will not work at home.

4 Red book and art week.

What an AMAZING first week we have had in 4 Red! Myself and Mr Inman have enjoyed all the enthusiasm and creativity that you have all displayed in such a short week. Our text this week ‘Monsoon Afternoon’ allowed us to create some amazing work. Take a look at our video below to see what […]

Year 4 Thursday 16th Home Learning

Morning all, today we are going to continue looking at and researching Coventry. Task 1: Create a persuasive leaflet on why people should visit coventry. Remember you want people to visit our amazing city, show showcase all the amazing things to do here. Task 2: Create your own ideal Coventry, draw a map to […]

Y4 – Friday 10th July – STEM – Home Learning

Today, you are going to present all your information about the skiers, this can be presented in any way you wish, the more creative the better. It is important that you think about each part of the process and clearly present this. Things to include: Your design with labels A picture of your final product […]

Year 4 Monday 6th July – STEM – Home Learning

Hello year 4, this half-term in science we would be completing a STEAM project. STEAM project. STEAM stands for Science, technology, engineering, art and maths. These subjects work well and when completing some projects you can apply a number of these skills across the project. Your steam project this week will be to create skiers […]

Year 4 star bloggers of the week.

Hello Year 4 it is that time again where we choose the star bloggers. In 4 Red it is Mishal, Mishal has been working and trying so hard on the blogs everyday and always gives her best. Miss Zaib and Mrs Nahar are so proud of you Mishal. In 4 Blue it is Harris! Throughout […]

Year 4 – Thursday 2nd July – Topic – Home Learning

Today Year 4, we are going to understand what the dangers are of cutting down the rain forest. Your task, is to create a poster and information leaflet explaining the effects of cutting down the rain forest. Use the following links to help you.

Year 4 – Wednesday 1st July – Topic

Today we are going to look at how people use the rain forests natural resources for survival. Bronze: What resources can be used in the rain forest. Make a list and say how they are used. Silver: Design and label a home that could be made using rain forest resources. Gold: What effect does deforestation […]

Year 4 – Tuesday 30th June – Topic

Morning all, today is another topic lesson, we are going to be looking at different layers of the rain forest today. Take a look at the video to understand the different layers of the rainforest. Task 1: From what you have learnt from the video, please list and define the different layers of the rain […]

4 Red Zoom Meeting – 30th June 2020.

Good Morning 4 Red, I hope you are all well. I have planned another zoom meeting for the 30th June 2020 at 1.00 pm. Please make sure you join as I am missing you all so much! Just to let you know that you will not be allowed to join the chat if your camera […]

4 Red Zoom Meeting – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello 4 Red we are going to have our weekly zoom meeting on Tuesday at the earlier time of 12:30 pm. I look forward to seeing you all. Join Zoom Meeting. Meeting ID: 254 743 8364Password: 9Ki4RR