*Year 4 -7.6.21- STEM Home Learning*

Wednesday 7th July 2021 To build a flood proof house UPLOAD POINT Today you will be making your flood proof houses. You can use any materials you can find at home to create your flood proof houses. We will be testing them in school next, so make sure you bring them in to show us.

4 Red Zoom Call – 1pm

Hi, 4 Red because of technical difficulties our zoom call did not work this morning. I have organised another call for 1pm today. This will be like a fun zoom but I would like all children in 4 Red to join. The password is the same as it has been the last few weeks. https://zoom.us/j/2547438364?

*Year 4 Topic Home Learning – 6.7.21*

Tuesday 6th July 2021To understand and describe how people use the rainforest’s natural resources for survival UPLOAD POINT Morning, today in topic you would have had the opportunity to research a range of different amazon tribes. Look through the PowerPoint prestation below to find out more information. Your Task: Using the links below you will […]

Year 4 – Registration

Hi year 4, please can you all join our zoom call today at 9:15. https://zoom.us/j/2547438364? The password is the same as last time – The password for all meetings is the name of the classroom that Ms Zaib and Mr Inman work in (3 letters).

4 Red Parent Consultations

Hi, 4 Red I would like to book a parent consultation meeting with your parents this week, I will be available between 10 – 1pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Please double check the blog to ensure your chosen time slot is still available. WEDNESDAY ZOOM LINK – https://zoom.us/j/2547438364 10am – Aayan10.30am – Jasmine 11am […]


Follow this link Well done to all the children that attended today’s live zoom lesson. As promised here is Mr Inman’s drawing of a Jaguar. Please send all your work to the upload point on the original art blog.

*Year 4 – Topic Home Learning – 22.06.21*

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 To understand land use in Brazil and analyse thematic maps UPLOAD POINT YOU MUST WATCH THE LOOM VIDEO BRONZE: Use the map below to answer the questions.1. Which area of Brazil has the largest area of native vegetation? Why do you think this is?2. Describe the location of the urban areas. […]

TTRS Competition Update

Afternoon Year 4, an update on the TTRS competition in year 4. Well done to all children who are taking part and playing, a special well done to Inaaya who is top of the leader board. Well done to 4W who are currently in the lead! 4R and 4B you can still catch up and […]

*Year 4 Topic Home Learning – 21.06.21*

Monday 21st June 2021To describe and understand the climate of Brazil UPLOAD POINT Watch the Loom video. BRONZE: Draw/print the map and label the key cities which we have discussed and describe the climate of that city. Silver: Describe the climates in Manaus and Rio, what are the similarities and difference? GOLD: Research and compare […]

4 Red awards

Well done to everyone who has taken part in home learning this week! We are so proud of you all. This week we have chosen a blogger of the week and Citizen of the week. Blogger of the Week Well done to Sumayyah! You have shown great resilience and perseverance. Citizen of the Week Our […]

Year 4 TTRS competition

Year 4 it is that time to see who the best class at TTRS is, I have set up a competition which will finish next week Friday at 12pm. Can you be the final TTRS champion of year 4. We will do a year group zoom call announcing the winners. Keep watching the blogs to […]

Year 4 – Zoom call 1pm

Hi year 4, we have got another zoom call organised for this afternoon, it will be a fun zoom call that all three classes can join in with. It is also the opportunity to ask any further questions and for children who did not join this morning. https://zoom.us/j/2547438364 The password is the name of the […]

4 Red’s trip to Bosworth

Today, 4 Red visited Bosworth Battlefield as part of our learning on the Tudors. We were very fortunate to have good weather and had the opportunity to recreate the battle of Bosworth, take part a soldier training activity and got to look at the artefacts. We finished our day off with a walk around the […]

National Numeracy Day – 4 Red

On national numeracy day we looked at how to develop our growth mindset, to do this we looked and explored how to change our mindsets. We did a number of different activities linked to money; a toy shop, where we bought some toys and worked out the change, we made different amounts of money using […]