Superstars of Music Week!

Shayla and Moiz have been superstars this week; they have joined in with actions to songs, responded to songs by playing musical statues and explored a variety of instruments. Please enjoy their video showcasing their achievements…

1 Red class teddy missing!

1 Red came back from play this morning to find the classroom ransacked and our beloved class teddy had been stolen. 😥 Take a look at our video below to see what red group thought of the incident. Please can you write one sentence telling me what you think about it.

1 Red Look at the Weather!

Red group have been learning about the weather. Take a look at the video red group and then answer these questions: What season are we in now and how many seasons are there altogether? A prize from the box for all correct answers 😄

Autumn Term ~ 1 Red

1 Red have had a great term and all have gained. Take a look at the exciting activities we have experienced. Miss Bavington and Mrs Cotton would like to wish everyone a very happpy Christmas and New Year. We are looking forward to an equally exciting time in Spring 2! Enjoy the video!

Reception White Carve Pumpkins! 🎃

Reception White had fun on Halloween and carved their own pumpkins. Take a look at our video below, to see how good the finished pumpkins looked and how much the children enjoyed making them. Who can rememberthe day that we celebrate Halloween? Every correct answer will receive a small prize. 😊 

RW Children Have Kind Hands

Today in RW we have been looking at one of the school rules and how we follow that rule. At Broad Heath we all have kind hands. Watch our video and see how we use our kind hands during our school day.  Children – can you tell me why rules are important? 

Reception White Make Dinosaur Pooh!

Children in Reception White began their learning journey by making dinosaur Pooh. We first considered what a dinosaur diet might look like and collected suitable items. We then made the Pooh!  Can you think of two words you could use to describe the dinosaur pooh? 

Reception Blue Investing Broad Heath Communities.

Today, Reception Blue walked around the school discovering the variety of communities that can be found at Broad Heath.  Take a look at our video below showing how the children have gained in knowledge and understanding. Reception Blue: now you know all about the caring and suppportive communities there are at Broad Heath, can you […]

2 Red Investigating Information Texts.

This week in English year 2 have been identifying the features of information texts. Some children visited the school library and then used the I-pads to make a Pic-Collage to show their learning. Take a look below then see if you can answer these challenge questions: 1.) What is an index? 2.) What could you […]

Reception Blue Maths Superstars Strike Again!

Reception Blue have been superstars again this week in maths! The children have been practising subtraction calculations and have really excelled at this. Take a look at the pictures below to see how hard they have been working. Challenge: Over the holiday can you all practice subtraction and addition sums and bring in any examples […]

Floating & Sinking in Reception Blue.

Its Science Week! The children in Reception have had an exciting time doing fun activities and all have gained. For example, on Wednesday the children enjoyed making boats and later they tested if their models could float on the school pond. This extended their vocabulary and knowledge of scientific terms. Take a look at our […]

Reception Blue Maths Superstars!

After the fire service visited Broad Heath earlier this week, Reception Blue were super excited to go outside and draw  firefighter ladders to help them with their number work.  Watch our video below to see how brilliantly they did.  If I have the number 12, can you tell me what one more and less than […]

Coventry is our home 🏠

Today in Reception White the children have been talking about where they live. All the children knew that they live in Coventry and could identify it on a map. Take a look at our video to see how great they did. Well done everybody!

‘Awesome Adders’ in Reception Blue!

Today in Reception Blue, the children in orange and red groups have been introduced to addition … and mostly they have nailed it! The children pictured worked hard when putting cubes into sets and then working out how many cubes there were altogether (adding) A big WELL DONE to everyone for working so hard  – […]

Reception Blue’s Marvellous Mathematicians!

This week in maths Reception Blue have been learning to order numbers. The children in red and orange groups enjoyed making a human number line children up to 10 and they practised writing the numbers with chalk on the playground. Green group also wrote out their own number line going up to 20. After selecting […]


Reception White have been having fun food tasting! On Monday afternoon the children were invited to try a variety of seafood; shrimp, crab, mussels, prawn etc. Mostly the appearance of the food, (especially the eye on the prawns) put the children off and some were very reluctant to participate. Watch our video to see just […]

Year 2 Science Videos

  In Science Year 2 have been looking at how we grow. We have carried out some investigations to find out if our body parts grow bigger as we grow older. On the green table we have measured the hand sizes of a child from each year group to help us determine this. Answer the […]

Iosiv Turcanu 2 Red wins postcard!

Since Iosiv started Broad Heath in September there has been a huge improvement in his behavior and attitude. He is trying really hard in his learning and is extremely eager to read his reading book every day. Great progress has been made in his learning especially in his reading, which is brilliant. Iosiv is behaving […]