3W City of Culture Week

Hi 3W, what a fantastic week we have had! We have explored our beautiful city and had lots of wonderful activities including meeting famous Coventrian David Moorcroft! We have explored the Ricoh Arena in depth and looked at the role of CCFC and Wasps in the Ricoh journey. Finally, I would like to say thank […]

The United Kingdom in 3 White

This week the children in 3White have had lots of fantastic learning opportunities all about the U.K including performance poetry, making Welsh delicacies, writing an email to the Queen, creating a royal family tree and drama performances of the story of the Giants Causeway! I think the Around the U.K Afternoon was my highlight, but […]

3 White SOLE U.K Project

Today the SOLE children in 3White were answering the Big Question: Which monarch was the most popular? The suggestions were Queen Victoria, Elizabeth II, Henry VIII and Charles I. The children went around and asked members of staff and other classes who they believed was the best first as part of their initial research. After […]

3W Sports Day 2019

Well, the sun was shining and so were the children this morning! What a fantastic Sports Day, with lots of competition, perseverance and smiles all around. Well done to everyone who took part and all of the winners, you showed great strength and resilience today and made us all proud. What a fantastic team we […]

3 White’s London Adventure!

Today the children in Year 3 were lucky enough to have the experience to visit the country’s capital – London! After a guided tour of London by the lovely tour guide Miss Zaib and Miss Millar, we made our way to the British Science Museum into the ‘Wonderlab’….as you can imagine it was WONDERFUL! The […]

Retelling a story – 3 White

Today in 3W we looked at how to ‘orally retell a story’. We read the first chapter of ‘A bear called Paddington’ by Michael Bond. We discussed the importance of capturing the audiences attention and keeping them intrigued to listen to your recount of the story. In many ways, retelling a story is similar to […]

Year 3 Literacy Homework Week 1 Summer 2

To make inferences and predictions about a text. Hi Year 3, for your homework this week I would like you to read the extract and answer the questions for your colour group in your homework books. Please write in full sentences. Chapter Three: PADDINGTON GOES UNDERGROUND Paddington was very surprised when he woke up the […]

Entrepreneur week 3W

During the week we research an entrepreneur named Anthony E Pratt. What did he invent? Tell me 3 facts about him. The children worked in a team to collect market research and then designed their own games.

Year 3’s Guide Dogs Visit

Today the children in Year 3 were lucky enough to be visited by the Guide Dogs UK Charity and the lovely assistance dog Freddie! The Guide Dogs charity helps blind or visually impaired people across the UK through the provision of guide dogs. We learnt lots of important facts about the charity including the large […]

Y3 Around the World Afternoon

Today in Year 3 we had the opportunity to visit three different countries from different continents; Nigeria, the Netherlands and Iran! We were lucky enough to learn all about the countries and their culture.  What new facts did you learn about these countries? Can you compare the similarities and differences between these countries? Which would […]

Dance Club Skills Academy 2018

Myself and Miss Dhariwal have had a fantastic time this half term leading the Dance Club for Skills Academy. The children have shown resilience, hard-work and determination to improve their dancing each week. I hope you have enjoyed your time at Dance Club and enjoy the video.  What was your favourite dance move you have […]

KS1 Ball Games Club

In Autumn 2, there will be Ball Games Club for KS1. This will begin on Wednesday 7th November and will run from 3.15pm to 4.00pm. We will be playing ball games whilst developing our hand eye co-ordination, balance/agility, and our throwing, catching and kicking skills – whilst having lots of fun! If you are interested […]

3 White Conkers Adventure

Today we had the pleasure of visiting Conkers for their Stone Age day. We took parts in lots of different activities, learnt and laughed lots!  A big massive thank you also to our amazing parent helpers, Shabaz’s mum and Danyaal’s mum.  What was your favourite part of the day? What else can you now tell […]

The fossilisation process in 3White

To understand and order the fossil formation process. To investigate where fossils can be found. To make observations about fossils. To research one Mary Anning, of the first fossil hunters.  In 3White the children where learning all about how fossils are made. We had a round robin of activities which included; making clay fossil models, […]

4 Blue- Using drama to improve our play scripts

To create a piece of drama to support writing a playscript. This morning in 4 Blue we acted a scene from Harry Potter in groups.  We needed to ensure we followed the key success criteria for an effective dialogue, including; clear tone and voice, appropriate gestures, pitch and use of a narrator.  This afternoon we […]

Success Stories in 5Blue…

[ads_color_box color_background=”#05deff” color_text=”#000000″]Today, I visited 5 Blue and I was blown away by the children’s enthusiasm and positivity from the moment I walked in! Here are just a few of the success stories from the week…[/ads_color_box]   [ads_color_box color_background=”#b0d1f5″ color_text=”#000000″]22 Children read at least four times this week at home! This is an incredible effort […]

2 Red – British Values Week- Day 3

2 Red’s Great Debates [ads_color_box color_background=”#add3f0″ color_text=”=#ffffff”]Today was DAY 3 of British Values week. We looked at how the government works in the UK and how important decisions are made in Britain. [/ads_color_box] [tds_info]A democracy is a country where the people choose their government.[/tds_info] In the UK, discussions are held by members of the government […]

2 Red at Dudley Zoo!

2 Red visit Dudley Zoo Today Year 2 visited Dudley Zoo! It was a fun packed day which included seeing numerous exotic animals – and even walking amongst them. The children were superb ambassadors for Broad Heath. A massive thank you to all of our lovely adult helpers and Mrs Frankish for allowing us to […]

2 Red Butterflies – Exclamation Sentences

Exclamation Sentences [ads_color_box color_background=”#c97e1c” color_text=”#000000″]This week in Literacy we have been looking at exclamation sentences. Exclamation sentences must begin with ‘What’ or ‘How’ but can occasionally start with something else. [/ads_color_box] [ads_color_box color_background=”#d1c821″ color_text=”#000000″]Today the Butterflies worked at creating their own exclamation sentences about Fantastic Mr Fox. They used iMovie to show you what they […]

Year 2 SOLE – Healthy Heart

Year 2 SOLE – Healthy Heart   [ads_color_box color_background=”#646ee3″ color_text=”#000000″]Some very bright children in Year 2 were challenged today. They had to independently create an informative poster, iMovie or drama to showcase their learning from Health Week. Their big question was ‘How do you keep your heart healthy?’. They combined their knowledge from what they […]

Year 2 Blood Measuring!

Health Week in Year 2  This week Year 2 have been looking at the Heart as part of Health Week. Today the children’s challenge was to estimate and measure the capacity of ‘blood’ in our bodies. A few litres of water and drops of red food colouring later, the children were able to measure the […]

Mrs Street’s Math Group – Simpsons Fractions

This week Mrs Street’s Maths group has been learning all about fractions. At the start of the week we had little understanding of fractions and now we can solve lots of fraction problems.  Today we had a special fractions lesson where the Simpsons required our help in solving some problems. We had to recognize,  compare […]

2 Red Literacy – An Interview with Horrid Henry

This week in English we have been looking at different stories by the same author, Francesca Simon. Part of our learning journey is to be able to identify a characters thoughts and feelings. Today the Bee group explored how Horrid Henry might have felt in Francesca’s Simons book, ‘Horrid Henry and the demon Dinner lady.’ […]


This morning a very special discovery was made in Reception….A very large egg was found on the playground. We have created a news report from the Broad Heath news room to help our investigation. Where could this egg have came from? What could be inside the egg? Why do you think this? We will keep […]

2 Red Arrrrr’ Pirates!

Today in Science we looked at how to create the perfect pirate ship boat. We provided the suitable materials and your challenge was to make a boat that was waterproof, light-weight but sturdy and most importantly – could float!  Here is a short clip of our findings.  If your boat did not float – what […]

Reception Whites Superstar Learner

This week Mrs Frankish has asked to know who has been trying their very hardest in school to be the best they can be.

Mrs Shergill and I had a lot of children to choose from in Reception White, but this week our winner is……

Leon Thomas-Millward.

Leon has been trying super hard this term in literacy. He is applying his phonics knowledge when writing and reading. This is evident in his work. Leon has progressed that much he has jumped up two groups! He started off in orange and is now in blue.

We are so proud of you Leon and know you will keep on gaining in the future. Well done! img_1187

Science Nature Walk

This week in Science, One Blue have been observing, describing and comparing the changing seasons of the year.  Yesterday we were able to go on a nature walk around the school to see for ourselves how our world changes. Together we ticked off the signs of Autumn such as acorns and orange leaves that fall […]