Summer Dinosaur Fun!

Hi year 1! Over the summer holidays you have a very exciting challenge. You are going to pretend to be a paleontologist (someone who studies the history of the earth through fossils) and hunt dinosaurs! We would like you to create a piece of information about at least one dinosaur and present it in an exciting […]

1 White’s fun at twin lakes!

We had such a great day at Twin Lakes. It was exciting to visit a place in the countryside and see lots of different animals and go on lots of fun rides. Well done everyone for having superstar behavior all day, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!   [embedyt][/embedyt]   […]

How To Make A Pizza

We have learnt about Jamie Oliver in Entrepreneur week. Yesterday we designed and made pizzas using market research for our Broad Heath restaurant. We also created our own video, just like Jamie Oliver, to teach people how to make a pizza at home. If you want to do this yourselves you will need: For the […]

Keeping fit in Year 1!

All week we have been learning about the different ways to keep our bodies and minds fit and healthy. Yesterday we took part in a range of different exercises and had lots of fun. We are doing such a super job of keeping fit in school and it would be even better if you could […]

1 White are kind and caring!

In 1 white we have been learning about the different communities we are part of. Today we discussed the ways that we can help in our communities. We discussed our Broad Heath community and said that it makes us happy and feel safe when everyone is kind and considerate to each other. We took part […]

How to count in 3s!

In Miss Sargent’s after school club we have been learning to count in 3s. We have got so good at it that we have made a video to share with children in Broad Heath to help them to learn to count in 3s too! We hope you like it everyone, please watch it and learn […]

Well done Luqman!

Last weekend Luqman showed us that not only is he a superstar in Broad Heath, he is a superstar outside of school too! He took part in the National Games held by the Dwarf Sports Association where he was involved in a range of different sports. He gained 7 medals from the day and was placed […]

Maths Homework Year 1 Week 3

Hi Year 1! Find your table colour group below and complete your homework by either commenting on the blog or bringing your answers into school on a piece of paper. Please complete before Wednesday 11th May. Red and Orange group   Yellow Group   Blue and Green group

Year 1

In literacy, Year 1 are learning all about traditional tales. Can you read the story below and [embedyt][/embedyt] Bronze Challenge Write a list of adjectives to describe Aurora.   Silver Challenge Write a list of questions that you would like to ask the 3 fairies.   Gold Challenge Who is the hero in the story? Who […]

Miss Sargent’s Phonics Group!

Hi year 1! We have had such a fantastic afternoon taking part in a range of different phonics activities! We are making sure we get lots of practise in ready for our phonics test in June. Today, we looked at the different split digraph sounds ‘a-e’, ‘i-e’, ‘o-e’, ‘u-e’ and ‘e-e’. There were different activities […]

1 White Engineers!

We are having such a super week back after the holidays. 1 White have been fantastic at working as engineers! We learnt about the job of an engineer and thought about why it is important. Then, we have been given our own engineering challenge to design and build a marble run that lets a marble […]

Information Texts by 1 White

Following our research and verbal documentary, 1 White have worked so hard to create some fantastic pieces of non-fiction writing. We have designed and created different pages for an information text book all about animals. We worked so hard to write our own independent sentences and to remember the correct punctuation and features to use. […]

Animal Research

In literacy last week, 1 White did lots of research using information books and the internet to find facts about different animals. In their learning today, they looked back over the facts that they had gathered and worked together to create a David Attenborough style documentary using these. Red and Orange group worked with Mrs […]

Year 1 Celebrate World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 1 have been learning about the author Julia Donaldson. We have had such a fantastic day doing so many wonderful activities. Watch the video below to see the lovely things we have done. [embedyt][/embedyt] What books did we read today? What is your favourite Julia Donaldson book? Why […]

Unicorns in 1 White!

1 White have been learning all about non-fiction texts this week, focusing on information text. Our learning today looked at extracting information from texts, we read Walking With Unicorns by Pie Corbett. Green and Blue group were given the challenge of showcasing the facts they learnt in a report. They became ‘unicorn experts’. Watch the […]

Year 1

Bronze – Gather 5 objects in your house and place them in height order from smallest to biggest. Write about what you have found. Silver – Use a ruler to measure objects in your house. Extension: What is the difference​ between the tallest and shortest object in your house? Gold – Use weighing scales to weigh objects […]

Sainsbury’s Active Kids

Now is the time of year to collect vouchers for sports and cooking equipment for Broad Heath! It is a fantastic opportunity for our school to get even more kids to eat well, move well and live well in 2016. How can you help?  It’s very simple! When you and your grown ups shop at Sainsury’s, […]

Yellow Submarine

1 White have had a fantastic music week! We have learnt a song to perform and created a video too! Have a watch below at our brilliant hard work and talent when performing Yellow Submarine by The Beatles. Well done 1 White! I am so proud of all of you. Keep being superstars! [embedyt][/embedyt] We […]

1 White Nursery Rhymes

In 1 White we have been learning different nursery rhymes. We have looked at the rhythm, beat, lyrics and tune. We have also looked at the lyrics and written our own to make it all about Broad Heath School! Can you tell what tune we are singing? [embedyt][/embedyt]

Animals in 1 White

We had such a fantastic visit from Melissa, the Animal Lady, to summarise our animals topic in Science. She brought a range of exciting animals! Which ones did we see? Which one did you like the most? What reptiles were there? What mammals were there? What type of  bird was there? I hope you enjoyed […]

Year 1 at the vets!

In science this week we have been learning all about animal care. Yesterday we thought about pets and what needs they have to be happy and healthy and today we learnt all about vets. Green and Blue groups across year 1 worked with Miss Sargent to roleplay being a vet and treating poorly animals. We […]

The Enormous Turnip

1 White are learning all about stories with repeated patterns. This week we have read The Enormous Turnip. To help us remember the repeated pattern, we roleplayed and narrated the story and filmed it too! Have a watch of our super performances. [embedyt][/embedyt] Challenge! What is a repeated pattern? What is the repeated pattern […]

Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction

Hi everyone! We have all been doing lots of fantastic learning in maths this week. Some of us have been using hundred squares and number lines to count forwards and backwards. Play these fun games at home to help your learning further! Use your understanding of jumping along number lines or counting on your fingers […]