Y4 Maths Home Learning: 14/01/21

The video below is for the following children. They only need to complete the work in the video – the date and title is in the video. 4 Red: Inaaya, Murad and Naimol 4 Blue: Meher and Shuqran 4 White: Asim, Taha, Abraham, Sara, Khairy, Abdul and Emma Upload Point for Mr Inman’s Maths Group […]

Y4 Maths Home Learning: 13/01/21

The video below is for the following children. They only need to complete the work in the video – the date and title is in the video. 4 Red: Inaaya, Murad and Naimol 4 Blue: Meher and Shuqran 4 White: Asim, Taha, Abraham, Sara, Khairy, Abdul and Emma Hello year 4! Today in maths we […]

Y4 Maths Home Learning: 12/01/21

Hello year 4, we hope you are all well! Today in maths we will be continuing our work on multiplying 2-digit numbers. We will make progress by:-Building on our year three knowledge of formal multiplication-Beginning to use the formal short method of multiplication-Using our knowledge of place value to exchange Upload Link The video below […]

Y4 Maths Home Learning: 11/01/21

Welcome to a new week of home learning year 4! This week in maths we will continue to develop our multiplication and division skills. 11/01/21To multiply 2-digit numbers by 1 digit Upload Link The video below is for the following children. They only need to complete the work in the video – the date and […]

Y4 Maths Home Learning: 07/01/21

Hello year 4, I hope you are all staying safe and well! Today’s maths lesson we will be developing our reasoning and multiplication skills. Aces and Emeralds teams- please can you watch the MR INMAN’s video below and complete the tasks he has set you. Upload Link 07/01/21To apply reasoning skills to multiplication problems Starter: […]

Y4 Maths Home Learning: 06/01/21

Hello year 4! We hope you are safe and well. Here is today’s maths lesson on factor pairs. Please remember to upload your work using the link in the pink box- then comment to say you have done that so that your teachers can reply with feedback. Thank you to all the children that have […]

4 White Rockers of the Week!

This week in 4 White, 2 children have taken great responsibility for their learning. These two superstars have been practising their timestables on TT rockstars both at home and in school, putting in the most minutes practise in the class. A HUGE well done to…Afreen and Abraham!

Brilliant Boggle!

This week in 4 White we have been testing our word finding skills in our class boggle challenge! We recorded all the words we could make from the same 9 letters. We scored our words as follows: Two letters = 1 point Three letters = 2 points Four letters = 3 points Five letters = […]

Anglo-Saxon Day in 4 White!

We have had such a busy fun-packed day in 4 White! As always, I was so impressed with the children’s costumes, behaviour and enthusiasm. 4 White showed great creativity, crafting throughout the day to produce replica shields, swords, helmets and a model village! We also had fun investigating the Sutton Hoo site, learning about how […]

Year 4: Week 3 Science Homework

Hello year 4! Your challenge this week is to find and categorise objects in your home into solids, liquids and gasses. To remind yourself about the three states of matter, watch the video by following the link below. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zkgg87h/articles/zsgwwxs Then complete your states of matter scavenger hunt investigation in your homework book!

4 White Marble Jar Celebration!

4 White have had an excellent children in need day today! They showed great care when considering the importance of helping those less fortunate than ourselves AND they had great fun working out with Joe Wicks! 4 White have been working very hard for the past few weeks, earning marbles for their class behaviour jar! […]

Harvest Festival Donations!

Hi everybody, Year 4 need your help! It is the time of the year when we celebrate Harvest time! Each year we ask the kind and caring community of Broad Heath for food donations for the Coventry Food Bank. Please bring any donations to your classroom. These donations include: Tinned food Rice Pasta Jars Biscuits […]

Minions of Reasons to Read in 4W!

In 4W we love reading! Lucky for us, we have two new members of our class to share our love of books with….meet our minion mascots, Carl and Stuart! The Minions were very excited to find Broad Heath Primary School! Why?…………….Well, because they love hearing stories and learning new things! UNFORTUNATELY, the minions can’t read […]

Science Learning in 4 White

We have had a lot of fun in 4 White learning about the human digestive system! Check out the video below to see what we’ve been up to! Quick Quiz! Which organ is a tube approximately 25cm long that moves food from the mouth to the stomach? How long is the small intestine? An adult […]

Spades Table Week 3 Homework

Hello there spades table! I hope you have enjoyed week three of learning! Here are your homework tasks. Please choose 2 to complete by next Wednesday. English Maths TopicHave a go at making a model volcano at home! Follow the link below to find out how. https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/how-to-make-a-volcano.html

4W Character Descriptions!

We showed great creativity this week in 4W when we designed our own characters for our imaginary world stories. We made our designs into pop-up models- keep an eye out in the 4W classroom for our imaginary world display! A big well done to the children on spades table ♠️ who have been developing their […]

4 White’s Photography Contest!

As part of our project week learning we completed a photography challenge in 4 White. Inspired by the monsoon setting in our story ‘Monsoon Afternoon’ we aimed to capture photos of water droplets falling. We explored unusual and thought provoking viewpoints in the playground. I was blown away by the quality of work and by […]

Year 4 Coventry Week: DAY 3, City Trail!

Hello year 4! Yesterday we learned about the history of Coventry and its landmarks. Today we will be thinking about guiding a visitor through our amazing city- starting right on the school’s doorstep with Foleshill! TASK 1: MathsFoleshill Trail Coordinates!1) Look at the trail map abouve and write the coordinates for the following places: a) […]

Year 4 Star Bloggers of the Week!

A huge well done to the children still putting in 100% effort at home. Let’s make sure we keep gaining right up to the end of our time in year 4! Here are the children the year 4 teachers are super proud of this week! 4 Blue’s Star Blogger is…Sheima! She is a creative, articulate […]