4W Isolation 02/07/21: Zoom Meeting

Hello 4W! Unfortunately, we are isolating for this week to keep everyone safe. We may need to isolate for longer but we are waiting for test results to confirm whether this is necessary. Please see Mrs Donnelly’s blog post for details and advice. Keep checking the blog for updates. I would like everybody to join […]

Exploring Quadrilaterals in Year 4

Today in year 4 we began learning about quadrilaterals. We discussed examples of quadrilaterals and their properties before completing a range of practical tasks to build on our developing knowledge. Take a look at the video below to find out more! Challenge questions: What are the properties of a quadrilateral? Can you list the properties […]

*Year 4 Maths Home Learning 17/06/21*

Hello year 4! Welcome back to home learning. Many of you did an excellent job last lockdown and I’m sure you will all impress us again from home. Today we will be continuing our maths unit on position and direction. Earlier this week we learned how to use, read and write coordinates. Today we will […]

4 White Zoom Calls This Week!

This blog will stay pinned to the top of the 4W blog page so that you can always find: the ZOOM CALL DETAILS for the week. Hello 4 White! EVERY DAY this week and next week and next week we will have a REGISTRATION ZOOM at 9:15 am. You MUST attend this so that we […]

Year 4 Maths Challenge: Can you solve the coordinate puzzles?

Hello year 4! This term’s maths challenge will review learning on coordinates and translation through some fun challenges! Remember: To correctly order your coordinates- follow the grid along the corridor and up the stairs! CHALLENGE 1: Pokemon Go! Gotta Catch Em All!To catch the Pokemon, write the coordinate they are hiding on and solve the […]

Workout Wednesday: Year 4 Active Maths

As part of our super active day of learning in year 4 we consolidated our times tables knowledge through some outdoor activities! Why not combine your times table practise at home with physical exercise to work your body and your mind!? Take a look at the pictures below to see how year 4 showed teamwork […]

4 White Trip to Bosworth Battle Field!

Wow! What a fantastic trip to Bosworth battle field we had today. Despite the rain, 4W showed great enthusiasm and resilience and gained so much from the experience. The staff at the museum commented on how knowledgeable and well behaved our children were-they were very impressed! We took part in a fascinating museum tour, battle […]

Year 4: Local Habitat Investigation

Good afternoon year 4! This lesson we are learning more about changes to habitats. We will be focusing on a local habitat- the Coventry canal. This 38 mile waterway is home to many species of wildlife. However, the actions of humans can pose dangers to living things…Watch the video below to find out more! What […]

Year 4 HW Week 2 : Make a Tudor Rose!

For your homework you going to learn about the significance of the Tudor Rose and even try creating our own! We will be drawing with pencil first, then you could use paint (if you have it), coloured pencils or pens to complete the design. Please bring your finished Tudor rose in to school so that […]

Flying high in 4W in DT this week!

We had a lot of fun preparing components for our flying contraptions in DT this week! We worked in teams to complete templates for the body, tail and wing pieces. We developed our drafting and cutting skills as precision is key! For the next stage of construction we will assemble pieces into a 3D model. […]

A Fantastic Return for 4W!

Wow! What an enjoyable first week back at school with 4W! We have been so impressed with the children’s ability to settle into friendships and routines. 4W have returned with a positive attitude to learning and have shown great care and responsibility this week. I am excited to see what we can achieve before Easter, […]

Minions of Reasons to Read in 4W!

In 4W we love reading! Lucky for us, we have two members of our class to share our love of books with….meet our minion mascots, Carl and Stuart! The Minions were very excited to find Broad Heath Primary School! Why?…………….Well, because they love hearing stories and learning new things! UNFORTUNATELY, the minions can’t read in […]