Brick Wall Award Spring 2

The scores for the Brick Wall Team Award for Spring 2 at the end of this week (Week 3) are : 3 Red – 21 bricks 6 Red – 17 bricks 3 Blue – 14 bricks Not far behind are 5 Red with 13 bricks. Closely followed by 3 White and 6 White with 12 […]

Broad Heath Brick Wall Team Award – Summer 2

I think that it is really important to recognise the word “team” in the Brick Wall Team Competition -because that is what it is all about, “team work”, and  bricks are awarded to classes who work as a team. So – Congratulations to Year 6S for completing their brick wall ( yesterday at 2.50pm ) , […]

Brick Wall “Swimming” Challenge – Week 4

The temperature is starting to rise and things are “hotting up” in the Brick Wall Class Team Challenge. Currently in leading the “bricks on the wall”  are Year 1S with 22 bricks. In second place we have two classes – Year 6M and Year 3J with  20 bricks, and in third place Year 1A with […]

Brick Wall Award

Week 3 begins and the “Brick Wall Team Competition” could not be closer! Class 6M are currently in the lead with 15 bricks. BUT closely behind we have FOUR Classes (6S, 5M, 3J and 1S ) with 13 bricks. Then with 12 bricks we have 1A in third place. We also have 3 classes ( […]

Brick Wall Team Award ; Summer 2

The “Brick Wall Challenge” for all classes starts today : Monday 8th June with a fantastic prize for the winning class being an extra swimming lesson with pool lights on and music. It will be great fun! Lets see classes working as a team and lots of bricks on your class walls.  

Broad Heath “Citizen of the Week” award.

247 pupils in school should be feeling very proud because that is the number of pupils who have been presented with Broad Heath “Citizen of the Week” awards! When I spoke to the School Council about “citizen of the week”, they said that the award and the certificates are a great encouragement for pupils in […]

Behaviour News : Summer 1 Week 2

Mrs Frankish is very pleased that for the second week in a row we have had excellent behaviour in school. Only 3 boys let the “School Behaviour Team” down by falling out with each other and using bad language ( how silly!)  Well done the remaining 557 pupils !!!!!!! The bricks are being earned by […]

Headline News Behaviour : Summer1 Week1

“No Pupils in the Behaviour Book” : We have 560 pupils in school and there was not one person who mis-behaved last week. How good is that?Every class in school was awarded a Behaviour Brick. Well done every single one of you! Brick Wall Team Award : It is important to remember that it is a team award […]

Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week 1

Mrs Mahtani said : 5M have settled back into the new term well this week. Many children have been trying their best – although there are some who need to concentrate and challenge themselves. Overall, however, a great start. Welcome back 5M! Mrs Frankish wrote : Come on 5M – FOCUS! You still have a […]

Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week 1

Miss Redhead said ; A great start to the summer term. All children are enthusiastic and have welcomed Mr Inman to the 5R team. I am hoping we will keep “building brilliance” this half term. Mrs Frankish wrote : Your brilliance is showing when I see your PSHE work on the blog. Keep this up […]

Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week 1

Mr McCabe said : Its the final push now Year 6!  I’m pleased with our general attitude to the SATs and to hard work. You all have the skills to do well – now we need to make sure we remember what we have been taught and apply it. Have confidence in yourselves… You can […]

Behaviour Book : Summer 1 Week1

Miss Saunders said : You have made a great start to the summer term 6S. You are all showing a focused attitude to learning and supporting each other a s a team. You all know this is a very important half term and it is fantastic to see such motivation in preparation for your exams. […]

Broad Heath Citizen of the Week Award

Since the start of the new school year the Teachers in every class in school have selected the pupil who has been the”Citizen of the Week” in their classroom. Mrs Rullay and myself have visited all classrooms at the end of the week to present the chose “citizen” with a certificate and a prize. All […]

Brick Wall Class Team Trophy

At our last School Council meeting there was general agreement that our Brick Wall competition is beneficial to all classes and encourages everyone to “work hard and try hard”. One member of the council said that the Brick Wall ” challenges and guides our behaviour”. We are now in Autumn 2 half term and the […]

Lunchtimes – New “Dinner Lady Award”

Behaviour at lunchtimes in school is OK, it’s not bad BUT It could be better! We all need to think carefully about moving sensibly from one playground to another, and we need to think carefully about the games that we play (are they sensible?). And, remember there is no such game as “Play Fighting”. The […]

Brick Wall Team Award

Congratulations to 5R on winning the first Brick Wall Team Award of this academic year. All the pupils in 5R have worked hard this half term and have shown excellent behaviour in class and around school. They behaved particularly well (along with 5M) when Kelvin, our visitor from Dubai, presented a “60’s Beatles concert”, joining […]

Behaviour Treat

I visited all classes this week to talk to the children about a Theatre Performance which will take place in school in Week 7. The presentation has been organised for those pupils that have shown an excellent attitude to their work and their behaviour and shown that they are good Broad Heath citizens. Mrs Frankish […]

PE Lessons

Another busy half term completed. Please can you send me a blog about what you have learned in your PE lessons this half term. Can I also have your thoughts about what we are doing and the people who have worked with us?

Citizen Nominations

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a pupil nomination for being a good Broad Heath citizen. There were over 50 pupils nominated – so we must have a lot of super pupils in our school! I have discussed all the nominations with Mrs Frankish and here are a few people that we feel […]

Broad Heath Citizen Nominations

I would like you to nominate a pupil in these categories : A pupil who has been a super Broad Heath citizen because ……… A pupil who has been caring and thought about others because …….. A pupil been a good citizen in the wider community because…….. The children chosen as being one of our […]

Football Match

Well tried everyone. We didn’t win the match but we played well and everyone kept on trying . Look out for the match report currently being written by two of our players.

Graham’s Anti Bullying Blog

In my role as Anti Bullying Coordinator I would like to give you some excellent web sites for both children and parents. Have a look and let me know what you think.                                  www.                                                                           

Graham’s Half Term Question

Hi Broad Heathens. We’ve talked about sports personalities and we’ve exchanged views about PE lessons in school. Let’s now think about your class, the people in it and PE lessons. My question is : Who is the best role model in PE lessons in your class, and tell me why?