Food and drink packaging

Year 6, as part of our Health Week work, we will be looking at food packaging to see what nutrients different types of food contains. Please can you help us by bringing in some empty (cleaned!) food packaging from home. We need these by Thursday please.  

6 Red Brick Wall prize!

Congratulations to 6 Red for winning the brick wall prize! In order to win the brick wall, it takes excellent behaviour and consistently hard work; we deserve our reward of a film afternoon with popcorn and will do this on Friday next week! Mrs Frankish has given me some money to buy a film for […]

Racing car design – streamlining the body

6 Red have had an exciting afternoon working with Mr Medwell to design a streamlined body for our racing car. Please watch the video below to see the winning design – this will be fabricated at Premier Sheet Metal ready to be attached to the frame of the car when it has been assembled. 6 […]

Homework in Year 6

This is just a quick reminder about Year 6 homework to make sure everyone is aware of the expectations. During curriculum weeks 1-5, we give out homework every Friday. We expect it to be brought back by the next Wednesday at the latest- this gives us time to look at the work and prepare the […]

Broad Heath racers!

Meet Broad Heath’s future engineers as they begin their first project in the new Science Pod! These children from Year 6 won a competition to build and race their own Formula Goblin electric race car! Over the next few weeks Year 6 will be working with Egheosa from the Advanced Propulsion Centre at Warwick University […]

How can we improve our city?

Imagine Coventry City Council had £50,000 more to improve our city… What would you spend it on? Use what you have learned this week about how the council spends its budget to write a persuasive letter to Colleen Fletcher MP to request £50,000 from the Government to spend in Coventry. In your letter, you need to […]

King and Queen of the week

This week’s King and Queen of the week are Mia and Jay. Jay has done some excellent work in Art and Technology investigating different structures to make a bridge. Mia has impressed by making a super video reading an adventure story she wrote. Well done both. Keep up the hard work.

Natural Disasters – Earthquakes

Year 6’s Topic this half term is Natural Disasters. The children have learned about the causes and effects of earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. Year 6, please watch the video we made last week about earthquakes. The video talks about 3 types of earthquake; please write a short description of each type below.

Year 6 Grammar work – Determiners

In our discrete Grammar work, Year 6 have been learning about determiners. What are determiners? If you’ve never come across the word ‘determiner’ before, it might be easy to confuse it with other words in English.  This has nothing to do with determiners! Neither does this!   A determiner is simply a word which introduces […]

Parents meetings

Miss Sahin and I are looking forward to meeting with every parent from Year 6 during Spring 1 Term. In our meeting we can discuss your child’s progress so far, look at their books and talk about how they can make further progress throughout the year. We would also like to cover a number of […]

SOLE project Mongolia Year 6 R

This video was created by Omio, Mia, Pranit, Zaid and Sam from ‘Integrity’ group in 6 Red. All the SOLE work presented was researched, organised, planned, written and spoken independently by the children. Well done for working so hard and producing such a great piece of work. Have a fantastic break everyone and come back […]

Mountain Safety

This half term Year 6 have been learning about mountains. Mountain regions are some of the most beautiful and incredible landscapes in the world. They can also be some of the most remote and dangerous! For your homework this week, I would like you to create a poster in your homework book about staying safe […]

Outstanding Spanish speaking and listening

Wow! I’ve just watched some videos of the best Spanish speaking and listening I’ve ever heard at Broad Heath! Here is an example with Fatima and Hasan asking for and giving directions in perfect Spanish: If you can learn to speak and listen like this you’ll never get lost in Spain again! Year 6, please […]

Year 6 biscuit sale!

In the run up to Christmas, Year 6 will be selling Christmas biscuits to raise money for their leavers prom at the end of the year. We will set up on the playground outside the Year 6 classrooms every break time for ks1 and ks2. Please bring your 20p to support us and join in […]

Singing in the city

At 11a.m. on Monday 12th December, Year 6 will be singing Christmas carols in front of the Christmas Tree in Broadgate, Coventry city centre. We will be collecting money for Coventry Winter Night Shelter who are a local charity that provides warm clothes and beds for the homeless. We would love to see as many parents […]

Mathletes this week

This week’s Mathlete of the Week is Nicole who gained her first Silver Certificate! There has been some really high usage this week though so keep it up the rest of you. All the following children from 6 White gained certificates: Siham; Alesha; Iasmina; Aleem; Adam; Dielli; Momina; Weli; These children in 6 Red also […]

Mountaineer biography

Over Autumn 2, 6 Red have been learning about mountains as their Topic. I’d like you to show what you have learned by writing a biography about a famous mountaineer. Remember to include all the biographical features we have been using in English lessons; quotes, 3rd person and conjunctions/ adverbials to link will all be important. […]

Week 4 Mathletes!

There has been some good action on Mathletics this week. Isra Osman is this week’s overall winner for putting in plenty of effort and achieving a silver certificate.   A special mention should also go to Bilal, Omio, Nana, Haris, Alishba, Gabi, Ahlam, Tiya and Guatam who have all put in lots of Maths work this […]

King and Queen learners in 6 Red

This week’s King and Queen learners are Bukami and Tiya. Bukami is a voracious reader and regularly challenges himself with grown up books. Tiya has made fantastic progress in Maths and is growing in confidence with her reasoning every day.

Super Mathlete

Congratulations to Gabi for being a fantastic Mathlete last week. He clocked up some high points and gained certificates even when he was off school, ill! Well done Gabi.

English homework – Week 2

In Autumn 2, 6 Red are learning about Evolution in Science and learning about Mountains in Topic. I’d like you to use your knowledge of this work to help you in your English homework this week. Watch the video in the link below and take notes about the animals that live in one of the […]

King and Queen learners

Congratulations to Sam and Anna in 6 Red. Sam is this week’s King because of his fantastic English work and clear speaking on the blog. Anna is this week’s Queen because of her excellent Reasoning and Problem Solving in Maths. Well done to both of you.