What a brilliant year 4Red

Good evening 4Red, I would just like to say a big thank you to you all, you have all been amazing this year, and were so welcoming to me when I moved down here from year 5. You have all made yourselves so proud, and I hope you are excited and ready to move up […]

Year 4’s Notting Hill Carnival

Good evening year 4, A huge well done for all of your hard work today and your contributions towards making the Carnival a success. Below is a video of some of our preparations and some of the Carnival itself.    What was your favourite part of the day?   Why is the Notting Hill Carnival […]

The Parable of the Lost Coin

Today in year 4, we are looking at the Parable of the lost coin.    “Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, […]

Times Tables games

Hi year 4, Below, I have added some links for times tables games. It would be great if over half term, you could play some of these games to build your confidence when using times tables in maths lessons. This is a skill that is extremely important, especially as you move to year 5 and […]

Fantastic plans in 4Red

This week in 4Red we have been planning our own Fantasy stories. ALL of the children have worked really hard, and we are looking forward to seeing the plans come to life next week in their stories.   Well done to Malaikah and Farhaad for producing a Brilliant plan, you have got some fantastic ideas […]

The Good Samaritan – Year 4 SMSC

This half term in year 4, we have been learning about the teachings of Jesus through Parables from the Bible. Today, we have been looking at The Good Samaritan in our SMSC lesson.  Can you answer the questions below using full sentences and give examples  What is the moral of the parable ‘The Good Samaritan’? […]

4 Red fantasy texts.

4 Red are soaring to new fantasy lands! This week we have been exploring imaginative and creative settings within fantasy genres. Below is a video showcasing some discussions and examples of children’s favourite extracts, from their favourite fantasy stories!    

4 Red health week video

Good evening 4 Red, I hope you have all had a great health week, I have attached a video for you to look at. Which activity did you enjoy the most during health week and why?     Why is it important to have a healthy lifestyle?     Can you explain how you know […]

Reading and Role play club.

During spring 2, we had lots of fun in reading and role play club. Children helped me to read books and we added role play into the stories that we were reading. The children placed themselves into the position of the characters from the stories and tried hot seating, changing the story by relating it […]

Fantastic homework in 4Red

A big well done to Isa this week in 4RED!  Isa has produced some brilliant homework for this half terms maths challenge. Well done Isa, what a brilliant start to your time at Broad Heath.    A big well done again, Miss Ahmed and Mr Maguire :)

Spanish numbers and colours.

Good afternoon year 4, Today we have been very lucky to have had some Spainish teachers in school to help us improve our Spanish skills.  We had the chance to count from 1-12 in Spanish, as well as trying to remember our colours.    After this we had a competition, playing the Spainish game ‘handkerchief’, […]

4Red Performance Poetry

Today, year 4 have been performing the poem ‘Missing Daisy’. In 4Red we have been using actions to help us to remember a poem without using the poster to help us. Who can remember what type of punctuation we added into our performance today?    What positive differences did you see between our performance, and […]

Modern or Tudor clothing?

Today we had the chance to travel back in time to the Tudor period. We had the chance to try on some clothes from this time and now we want to compare them to the clothes we wear today. What main differences can you see between the clothes we wear today and the clothes that […]


Our topic in Literacy this half term is Macbeth. This week the children have analysed the language used by Shakespeare to explore the emotions of a scene. The children have also been using drama to explore the relationships and behaviours of characters within Macbeth, using freeze frames to show the feelings of how Macbeth and […]

Year 5 Spring 1 Portfolios

Hi Year 5, What a fantastic term we have had this half term. We have been learning about Spain and enhancing our mapping skills in topic, we have learnt about myths, legends and fables in our literacy lessons and we have built upon a variety of mathematical skills throughout our maths lessons, including our times […]

Around the world week: Afghanistan

What a fantastic start to the week 5RED. So far we have spent time looking at the map of Afghanistan. We have learnt about the Provinces, the capital city and some unique monuments from around the country. Who can remember what the longest river in Afghanistan is called?   What is the tallest mountain in […]

Positive learning in RED 5

This week in RED 5 we have been learning about: Negative Numbers in maths; We have been using our inference skills in English to create an image of a character, along with an image of a setting from the book, The Secret Garden; And, we have been investigating whether the weight of an object effects […]