Surviving on a Desert Island

In Chapter 4, Michael finds himself on a desert island and has to figure out what to do. This morning, we watched a video explaining how to survive on a desert island with lots of handy tips. Please answer the questions below: What experiences could you have coming up to a deserted island? What can […]

Billy Bob Buttons Author Visit

This Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 will be having a visit from Billy Bob Buttons, a famous children’s author, who has written books like “I Think I Murdered Miss” and “Drowning Fish” Here is a link to Chapter 1 of “I Think I Murdered Miss” if you want to read it: In addition to […]

6 White’s Entrepreneurial Fiver Challenge

This week, 6 White have been running their businesses this week and have been very successful! They have worked super hard in their teams, showed resilience and courage in the way they have engaged with customers. We have been really impressed with their determination to do well and the profitable ideas they came up with. […]

Victorious with Volume

Today, 6 White did a fantastic job and made a lot of progress when we were learning about volume. They were able to visualise, create and calculate a variety of problems and showed adaptability and systematic working. All in all – very skilled mathematical work. Here are Rumaysa and Ahmad explaining how they built and […]

6 White Science Week

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had learning all about the polar regions and the science involved in living and working there. We have looked at animal adaptations, climate change, ice breakers and living like a polar explorer to name just a few things! Here is a snapshot of what we have been up […]

Sea Level Investigation

This morning in Year 6, we have been investigating whether or not the type of ice (sea ice or ice sheets/land ice) make a difference to the sea level when they melt. Write a conclusion and explanation for these changes – answering the questions:  – What happened to the water levels in the different containers? […]

6 White World Book Day

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had in 6 White. Like the rest of the school, we have been looking at the book Flotsam by David Wiesner. We have spent the day re-telling the story, writing fantastic descriptive pieces and capped off the day by creating our own version of the story through pictures. […]

6 White Shape Week

This week has been a busy week in 6 White. We have been practising our shape and problem solving skills in lots of different ways. We have hunted for co-ordinates, created 3D models and completed angle quests. Have a look at what we have been up to: We hope you have had a fun week […]

Broad Heath’s Best Books!

Hello and welcome back to an exciting half term! I don’t know about you, but it feels like there is a reading bug on the loose. Everyone seems to be getting lost in a good book – even the staff! This year, your reading corners have looked a bit different. Maybe you have had lots […]

6 White Music Week

This week, 6 White have been working hard learning about music from the 1980s, particularly power ballads. This included creating a performance of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Have a look and enjoy! They also composed a power ballad based on the Chernobyl disaster – have a listen:

Looking back, looking forward…

Last week in 6 White, we had a fantastic week in so many ways. One of these was the brilliant writing the children developed as the week went on. They were asked to develop a character description for their version of Shere Khan on his search for revenge. Here are a couple of wonderful examples […]

6 White Around the World Week

We had a great week this week in 6 White. It has been full of lots of different things going on, including carol singing in town and a fitness focus but we have still managed to do some fantastic work. Children have practised geography skills as well as cooking Somali food and learning some basic […]

6 White Workout Video

This week 6 White have been participating in various fitness related activities. One of these involved creating a fitness video. Over Christmas, have a go at these fab exercises – make sure you use a good technique. Have fun!

6 White SOLE project

This week some children completed their SOLE project based on the Big Question: Is there any hope for peace in Somalia? They carried out independent research into the question and then examined the problem. They then summarised some of their research in this video. Enjoy!

6 White Adding and Subtracting Fractions

This week in 6 White we have been learning to add and subtract fractions. The children have made some fantastic progress including working with mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Here are Muhammad and Abdi sharing their knowledge of adding and subtracting a range of fractions. Can you finish off the last question? What is left […]

6 White Volcano News Reports!

Today in 6 White, we created verbal news reports following our trip to the cinema to see Jurassic World. We focused on the point in the film where the volcano is erupting and the island has to be evacuated.  Here are a few fantastic examples from today: What great language examples can you spot?What are […]

6 White Ordering and Comparing Fractions

This week in 6 White we have begun to review our fraction knowledge. We have looked at common multiples and factors, as well as simplifying and comparing and ordering. Hafsa will demonstrate one of the ways we can change a fraction to make it easier to compare and order.  Key Questions: What is the rule […]

6 White Long Division

Today in 6 White, we were learning about long division. The children worked really hard and made some fantastic progress. They will continue to look at this tomorrow and more progress will be made!  How did you make progress today? What was something you found tricky? How did you overcome this?

6 White Literary Figures Week

Hi 6 White,  What a fantastic week we have had looking at Benjamin Zephaniah’s poems and creating our own. Here is our video from the week featuring some of the fantastic performances you produced on Friday.  Answer these questions: What are some of the main themes in Zephaniah’s poems? What poetic features does he use […]

6 White Art Week

What a fantastic week we have had learning about Peju Alatise and traditional Nigerian Art.  Our final class piece was a re-creation of Peju Alatise’s sculpture “The Flying Girls”. Here are some of our class describing some of the skills they have learned during this week and looking at the sculpture in more depth – […]

Inferring from Peju Alatise

This week we are looking at art from Nigeria, including the work of Peju Alatise. We have spoken about how art communicates messages and why artists create. We worked out that Alatise often creates to make a statement about a political or unjust situation within her country.  TASK: Have a look at the pictures below […]

6 White Mini Golf News Reports!

Today 6 White had a special treat as part of our English work – the children got to try out the new mini golf course! This was to help them with their news report writing. We have been working on using journalistic vocabulary and suitable quotations within our work, as well as thinking about shifts […]

6 White Heart Dissection!

Today in 6 White, we were learning all about the heart. As part of this, we went to the science pod to dissect a heart and look at the different parts and their purpose. Back in the classroom, we labelled diagrams and discussed how blood is pumped around the body and gets replenished with oxygen […]

Week 2 in 6 White

This week 6 White have been fantastic learners and are making some brilliant progress. They have impressed me and Mrs Jones so much with their writing and their reasoning in maths. Here are some examples of brilliant work this week.  Well done all of you, let’s keep pushing onto greater things next week!