Reception Red keep our hands germ-free!

During Health Week Reception Red have been learning about hygiene and how important it is to keep ourselves clean. Watch our video below to see the children’s instructions on how to wash our hands to get rid of germs and stop them spreading. When are the most important times to wash our hands… Before we […]

Dark places around school

The children enjoyed looking for dark places around school. They used their fantastic communication and language skills to discuss different ways of making light and looked around school for various light sources. They also answered questions well 😃👍 Watch the short clip below to see what they did.       

Rhyming Words

Today the children looked at rhyming words. They did some brilliant writing work. They had fun outside singing nursery rhymes and playing along with the instruments. They also enjoyed creating the actions to go along with the rhymes. Watch the short clip below to see how talented our children are!  Which is your favourite nursery […]

I’ve lost my Mummy

This week the children read the story “Monkey Puzzle”. We discussed how the monkey was feeling. The children had fun role-playing the characters. Can you name 3 of the animals that monkey met? Also, how do you think monkey was feeling at the end of the story?

Fun at Ash End Farm

Reception visited Ash End farm where they viewed and interacted with a variety of different animals. It was a day full of fun and laughter. Have a look at our video below: Make a list of what you can make from milk? How many eyelids do owls have? What animals did you see that were […]

Broad Heath Community

This week the children were learning all about Communities and the different people who help us in our Broad Heath School community. Have a look at our video below. Can you think of people who help us in the community that we live in? How do they help us?

Reception Red Medical Team

This week Reception have learnt all about Doctors and Nurses and enjoyed role playing them. Have a look at the video below at our Broad Heath Surgery: What did you enjoy the most? What is the role of a doctor and nurse? What might you find inside an ambulance?

Reception Red Firefighters

This week Reception have been learning all about Firefighters and the ways in which they help us.  We were very lucky to have a visit from some real Firefighters – which we enjoyed very much. The children asked them some great questions and learned lots of exciting facts about the Firefighter’s different roles and the […]

Dinosaur Found!

The children had an exciting morning where a dinosaur hatched out of an egg and went looking for it’s mummy around the school. Have a look at our video below to see what happened: Where did the dinosaur come from? What had happened to the egg? Where did you find the dinosaur? Do you think it was […]

Reception Red’s Weather Report.

This week the children have been learning all about England and looking at what the weather is like.  The children went out in the field and made a weather report which gave me the chills. Please see the video below.   Challenges Can you describe what the weather is like today? What might you need […]

Nurture Group Spring 2 Week 3

This week has been great fun.  The children have helped each to create a new display based on the story ‘Peace at last’. Please answer the following questions: One bear has two eyes.  How many eyes do two bears have? One bear has two paws. How many paws do three bears have? One bear has […]