Tomato carriers

Children created tomato carriers, using boxes with a range of resources. Children have been able to design and a build a model that could transport as many cherry tomatoes as possible, at the same time, and without squashing them. They built a basket to hold your their cherry tomatoes and design and a device to […]

Wednesday project week

Today, 3 red were solving a range of mathematical investigations. Children had to use the appropriate operation to help them solve the problem. Children used chalk on paper, to help them use visual representations of numbers. 

Skipping ropes

Today, children created skipping ropes with plastic bags and sellotape. They researched, designed and created the skipping ropes in groups. They were able to recognise its weaknesses and strengths and investigated further on how they could improve their final product. Well done year 3!

Growth Mindset

On Monday, children learnt about Growth Mindset. They understood that when: Connect 4  Playing Jenga with cubes by challenging one another and listening to instructions  Persuading Horrid Henry to go to school by writing a letter on the blog.  Playing Jenga in pairs 

Hygiene posters!

This week, year 3 children have been created posters to promote the importance of hygiene before cooking.  Children learnt to: •Check the sell-by and use-by dates on food. •Foods that are past their use-by date may make you ill if you eat them. •What is the difference between a sell-by date and a use-by date? […]

Transition day- the new 5B!

Year 4 came to Year 5! Mrs Kaur and I were so impressed with your behaviour, your attitude and your manners!  Today, we created faces of witches using paper plates. Children stuck the eyes, the hair (paper hands) and the hat to make the final look.  Other activities were: Creating 3D wizards Finding interesting synonyms […]

Finding the Time outside!

Today’s Maths lesson was extremely interesting as you were able to learn how to find times on a clock by creating your own clock outside! You used hoops and wrote the numbers inside the clock using chalk. You were able to use your previous understanding to identify ‘quarter to’ ‘half to’ ‘half past’ and ‘o’clock.’ […]

5B Your New Teacher!

Welcome to Year 5! I am your new teacher Mrs Kaur and Mrs Kaur (don’t get confused) will be your learning support assistant! We are extremely excited to have you in our class for next year. We hope to build an interesting, creative and stimulating environment where you grow as children as learners! We have […]

Italian Dancing!

Children had a go at some Italian dancing, related to their ‘Italy’ topic. They enjoyed using their feet, their hands and creating movements with their body. They had to clap and move themselves to the beat of the music. Italian Folk Dance has been an integral part of Italian culture for centuries. Dancehas been a continuous thread in Italian life from Dante through […]


Today, 3 Red went out to the Maths area and created a pictogram using natural objects and P.E. equipment. Children were able to explore how each object represents 1. They were able to identify how data can be represented in different ways.  How does the pictogram help you understand the information? Which is the greatest […]

Plants Science Investigation!

This week Year 3 have been taking part in a science investigation around their topic of ‘Plants’.  Their investigation was based on testing sweet peas and planting them in three different pots, ‘small’ ‘medium’ and ‘large pots’. The aim of the investigation was to observe which flower in each pot was the most successful in […]

Science: Pollination and parts of a flower

This week, year 3 have been able to describe how pollen is transferred between flowers. They have been able to identify different parts of the flower and their functions. Children used role play to understand the pollination process. This was by one child acting as a bee and the other as a flower. Children identify […]

Entrepreneur Week

This week, children have been exploring Mary Berry as an entrepreneur. They have recognised how she is a well recognisable baker and is famous for her appearance on the Great British Bake Off! A few days this week, children were doing a number of different activities around the theme of business. They have been listed […]

Evaluation of cakes

You are going to be to writing an evaluation of the cheese cake/other cakes baked this week.  Introduction- Why were we baking? First paragraph- How did we bake them? How did we promote them? Second paragraph- How did we sell them? How much have we raised? Which was your favourite? Conclusion- Thank everyone for buying […]

Don’t forget about the bake sale!

As part of Entrepreneur week, Year 3 are getting ready for the summer fair. We will be running the cake stall. We have chosen a famous baker for our British entrepreneur to learn about for this week. On Friday 8th June 2018 at 2pm, we would like to invite the parents into school for our tea party to celebrate our […]

Sports day

Hi 3 Red! Sports day will take place on Thursday 7th June this year. See below to see your groups. You will be required to wear a T-shirt of your group colour on the day. Any questions please ask! Red Blue Green Yellow Jawariyah Mubarig Adam Hannah Mujammil Scarlett Oliwier Abinash Musa Rehan Zavian Harun […]