Summer Poetry Challenge!

Calling all Broad Heath poets!  Would you like to take part in the summer poetry challenge? The challenge is open to all children in key stage 1 and key stage 2 for your last 2 weeks at school before the summer holidays. If you would like to take part, your task is to write a […]

Year 6 Literacy Homework

This week we have been watching an animated version of The Tempest and doing work based on characters and their motives. Use the link below to re-cap the episodes and answer the following questions FULLY! 1. What is Antonio’s plan? (Think about why he is persuading Sebastian to kill Alonso) 2. Do you think […]

Champion of Champions Superspell!

Today Broad Heath competed in the final of the superspell competition! Four Year 6 children (Aishah H, Humayun, Ojasvi and Amaan) attended the final at Stoke Library where they competed against 7 other primary schools. There was some tough competition but I am pleased to announce that Broad Heath came 3rd! Well done to all […]

Purchasing Year 6 Graduation Photos

All Year 6 children have had an individual and year group graduation photo taken. These are now available to order. We have 3 options of sizes for the photos. These are: 12×8″ £12.00 9X6″ £11.00 7.5×5″ £10.00 If you would like to purchase more than 1 photograph, we are offering a pack of photos which […]

Bling In Business!

Get Ready! All of next week you will have the chance to purchase lots of fantastic, everyday products and accessories which we have been blinging up. A group of children from 6S will be selling outside of Year 6S  before school (8:45-9:00), at breaktime ,lunchtime and after school (3:15-3:30). Don’t forget your family can also […]

6S Graduates of the Week!

Well done to our graduates of the week in 6S! Maryam H is our writing graduate. She has been producing some fantastic level 5 writing and has moved up a literacy group this week. Natalia is our reading graduate. She has shown a really good understanding of our new novel ‘The Memory Cage’ and has […]

Broad Heath Book Fair!

The book fair was a great success at the summer fair yesterday. Thank you to everyone for your support! The book fair is going to be open on Monday and Tuesday from 8:30-9:00am and 3:15-3:45pm in the year 4 classroom (access from the playground next to the MUGA) Please come and take a look at […]

6S Homework- The Memory Cage

  Today we started reading our literacy novel for this half term- The Memory Cage. Please answer the following questions based on the chapter and then pose some of your own questions for others to respond to. You have all shown a great interest in the book so far- I am looking forward to reading […]

Year 6 are Super Spellers!

This morning, Aishah, Humayun, Ojasvi and Amaan from Year 6 took part in a spelling competition at Foleshill Library. They were competing against 2 other Coventry schools. Aishah tells us about the experience… ‘Arriving at the library, we came face to face with our challengers who were prepared for a tough competition. At the start, […]

Year 6 SPAG Revision Aid

Hi Year 6! I know you are all busy revising for your exams. I am so pleased to see so many of you working so hard- not long to go now! I have attached a document that I think will be really useful when you are revising for your SPAG exam. It tells you the […]

Easter Revision Reminder Year 6

Hi Year 6! Just a reminder that you all have Easter revision exercises to complete on I am Learning and Mathletics. Well done to those children who have been revising but there are still lots of you who haven’t completed the revision exercises yet! Please can you all complete these by Monday. I hope you […]

Places available for Doly Moch!

There are still some places available for Year 5 or Year 6 on the Doly Moch trip. If you would like to go, please print and sign the letter below and return it to school with your deposit on Monday 20th April. It will be a fantastic experience for all! Doly Moch letter 2015  

6S become Anne Frank!

As part of our History week, 6S have written and recorded a diary entry in role as Anne Frank. When recording their diary entries, they focused on portraying Anne’s emotions through expression in their voices. Listen to the monologues and consider the following: Why is Anne feeling so frightened? What powerful vocabulary can you identify […]

Poetry Workshops in Year 2 and 3!

On Friday, we were very lucky to have a poet visit the school and work with some children in Year 2 and Year 3. The workshops looked very exciting and I know you all developed your poetry skills whilst having lots of fun! Please can the children who took part in the workshop tell us […]

Year 6 Reading Homework

Wow! What a powerful opening to a flashback story written by Aishah Hussain. I would like you to consider the following question and answer it in full in your homework books. How has the writer (Aishah) created the theme of love in the opening paragraph? Refer to the techniques the writer has used and the […]

6S Graduates of the Week!

Well done to the graduates of the week in 6S! Nasim is our maths graduate this week. He has made some fantastic improvements in his mental maths score by making more useful jottings during the test. Well done Nasim :) Junior is our writing graduate this week. He has shown real dedication to his writing […]

Notice for Year 6 Parents- SATs Meeting

There will be a SATs meeting for Year 6 parents on Wednesday 18th March at 2:45pm. We will give you all the information you need about the exams and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and look at some past exam papers. Please come into school via the Hanford Close entrance and you […]

6S Graduates of the Week!

Well done to the graduates of the week in 6S! Hamzah is our maths graduate this week. He has shown real determination when doing some challenging Level 6 work. Well done Hamzah :) Natalia is our writing graduate this week. She has made fantastic progress in writing a persuasive letter and tried really hard. Well […]

Year 6 are learning about Fossils!

Hi Year 6! Today in Science we are learning about fossils. Our comets group will be researching the archaeopteryx using the following key questions: When was the animal living on Earth? What other types of living things were on Earth at the same time? What environment did it live in? What other animals is it […]

Poetry Club!

In poetry club we have been learning to recite a poem off by heart. The poem is called ‘Granny the non-stop kiss machine’. It is a funny poem and we added our own actions to it. We hope you enjoy it!

Studying maps in 6S

In Topic this week, we have been studying an ordnance survey map of Dovedale and the surrounding villages which we visited last week to climb Thorpe Cloud. Can you describe the key features of the map? What do the different symbols and lines represent? Can you explain the journey we took to reach the summit […]

Year 6 conquer Thorpe Cloud!

As part of our Mountains topic, today Year 6 climbed a mountain! We all persevered when faced with different challenges along the way and made it to the summit! On our way home, some Year 6 children wrote about their experience… Thorpe Cloud through Haniyah’s eyes: As we strolled along the muddy path, we entered […]


This week 6S have been looking at sculptures by Anthony Gormley. This inspired us to look at the Broad Heath sculpture near the main entrance. We decided it represents the power of the written word and good writing at Broad Heath. Then we thought about creating our own sculptures. If you could create any sculpture […]