Spanish in Autumn 2

Complete the following tasks in Spanish: List the nouns you learnt in the lessons. What adjectives might you use to describe your hair? What adjectives might you use to describe your eyes? What verbs did we use in our ‘Simon says’ style game?  

Poetry – Today’s Plenary

I was so impressed with the phrases you created in your books today and collated in our plenary to create a short poem. I thought it would be nice to showcase what you wrote on the blog! Share with your parents and let them see what fantastic writer’s you all are!! Icicles guarding the hidden […]

Language Features – help!!!

We talk a lot about different language features and sometimes it gets confusing for parents who are helping us to complete work. I would like you to write down a definition and an example of 3 words/phrases which provide an example of what these different words mean. E.g. Noun – nouns are the names of […]

Swimming Club

Some children in year 5 have been given the opportunity to take part in a swimming club. If you are in the club, what stroke do you hope to improve over the next few weeks and how do you think you can do this? What do you enjoy about the club? What do you find […]

Sea Life Centre

What facts did you learn at the Sea Life Centre today? What was the most enjoyable part for you? What do you hope to learn about in our Science topic ‘Human Impact’? How do you think that humans impact animals who live in the sea?  

Week 1 Literacy Homework

This week you have been learning about stories with dilemmas and you have focused on the build up section. You have been writing about a girl who has been playing with her kite in a forest. Bronze – Use conjunctions to create multi-clause sentences about what the girl was doing and where she was. You […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

You have had a fantastic music week, practising the ukulele, completing music and sound investigations, creating your own lyrics to the melody of the song and practising and performing with the rest of your class in the BH Awards.  Look at this quote about rainbows.  What do you think it means?  How do you think […]

Effectiveness of Music Video – Lesson

Using the images in class, answer the following questions: How do the lyrics link with the images in the video? How does the video make you feel when you are watching it? What is your opinion of the settings used? Why do you think they have been chosen? What places make you feel calm? What […]

Detective Challenge

This week you have been detectives! You have been reading detectives, writing detectives, language detectives, drama detectives, art detectives and research detectives.  I want you to carry on being detectives in the half term and complete one of the following detective challenges. Reading detectives – Visit the library and read a book there. Complete one […]

PE in this term

I want to know about your PE lessons.  What have you been learning about? What have you enjoyed? What skills have you developed? If you have had the chance to use the iPads in lessons, what have you used them for? I look forward to reading your responses! Miss Tarn : )  


Mrs Habib, Mrs Kiani and I all hope you had a fantastic time on the bouncy castle. You really deserved this treat for all of your hard work this term.  Let’s work just as hard (if not HARDER) next term and win the brick wall challenge again.  What did you enjoy most about your reward? […]

Year 6 Snow Dome

Some of our more able PE students (who have been working really hard in their lessons) were given a fantastic opportunity to go to the Tamworth Snow Dome today. Haris and Destiny have put together an iMovie of their visit. I really enjoyed watching the video. To those who went; What did you find the most […]

Super Fit Sports Clubs

A few of the teachers in school have been assisting or leading after school sports clubs this term.  What sports clubs have you been attending after school this term?  What skills have you developed in the sessions? Have you applied these skills outside of the sessions too?When? What do you enjoy most at your club?  […]

Sports Club

We have been having lots of fun in sports club.  So far you have developed your basketball, cricket, football and rounders skills. What are the specific skills you have been developing in these sports?  What sport would you like our week 5 session to be focused on?  

Swimming in Year 4

Year 4 have been developing their breast-stroke skills and are really trying hard each lesson to improve the formation of their legs and arms.  Use this video as an example of what your breast-stroke should look like: What do you notice about her hands? Do her arms and legs move one after the other or […]

Communication across the world

MFL – To understand that there are many languages spoken in the world as a whole and why it is important to be able to communicate We have been listening to and finding out about different languages across the world.  Today, you need to use your reading and retrieving skills to answer some of the questions […]

Anglo Saxon Drama

Today you used your knowledge about why the Anglo Saxons invaded. You created a piece of drama to show why the Anglo Saxons invaded and inference to explain what you think it would have been like/ how people would have felt. Why did the Anglo Saxons invade Britain? How do you think the English felt […]

Franklin’s Message To You

Franklin has settled in well in Four White and is really becoming part of our team. However, he has told me that he is missing his homeland, Kenya. As a result, I would like you to complete one of the following tasks; Find out facts about Kenya and post below (don’t copy and paste – […]

Year 4 – Important Information

Please bring your PE kits in at the start of the week even though your PE lesson is on a Tuesday. Spelling tests will be every Monday (apart from next week because of eid – you will have your test on Tuesday). Swimming lessons will be every Thursday.  Make sure your jumpers and coats have […]