4Red: Exploring the Taj Mahal on VR headsets.

Today, 4Red have had the fantastic opportunity of exploring the Taj Mahal on VR headsets. Using all of your new knowledge, please answer the questions below. 1. Describe the Taj Mahal in three words. 2. Why was the Taj Mahal built? 3. Would you like to explore the Taj Mahal in real life? If so, […]

Year 4 Poetry.

This week, year 4 have been working exceptionally hard at creating poems based on a winter theme. The children have had the opportunity to plan and perform their poem, but now it’s time to publish their wonderful hard work.

Year 4 – Week 5 SPaG homework.

Over the past few weeks Year 4 have been focusing on using the correct homophones in their work.Test your homophone knowledge by writing out the sentences, filling in the gaps with the correct their, there or they’re. Please write the sentences in your homework book. Good luck!

Y3/4 Drama club.

Yesterday, was the last drama club session for Autumn term. I am astonished by the progress of the children, not only have they gained new skills but their confidence has came on leaps and bounds. I am so proud of how far they’ve came, and I’m sure I will see them all in a blockbuster […]

Y3/4 Drama club.

Yesterday afternoon in drama club the children used and recapped all of the skills they have focused on during the past few weeks (voice, characterisation, emotion.) It was wonderful to see the children develop their characters using their voices and body language. Below are some pictures of the children in action.  

Year 3/4 Drama club

This afternoon, the children focused on body language as a means of expression. We began by exploring different elements of physical theatre, starting with an ice breaker where children had to group together to create a different object with their body,for example a plane or car. We then explored how we could use our bodies […]

4Red: World War 2 artefacts.

This afternoon in 4red, we examined different artefacts from WW2. We had the opportunity to look at letters, ration books, satchels and evacuee labels. Having access to the resources was a great opportunity for the children to gain a deeper understanding as to what the war was like. How would you feel if you were […]

Y3/4 Drama club.

This week in drama club the children explored how they can use their voices in different ways. The children engaged in an ice breaker activity at the start which focused on using their voice as the only means of expression, this really helped the children understand the importance of using their voice when acting.  As […]

4Red:Measuring madness.

Today, we went to the outdoor learning area in maths to solve different problems. This involved using a variety of measuring equipment to solve different mathmatical problems. Being outside was a great opportunity to relate maths to real life. Answer the questions below How many centimetres  in 2metres? How many grams are in 2kilograms?

Drama club.

Yesterday, was the first drama club session for years 3 and  4, and wow what a start ! The children dived straight in playing get to know each other games, which really helped the children build up their confidence. The children then engaged in an improvisation task, where they were given a story and had […]

4Red: WW2 timeline.

This afternoon, the children in the 4Red created a timeline of WW2. The children worked brilliantly as a group, discussing and organising the events into chronological order. Working together, helped the children develop their communication and teamwork skills. I am so impressed, I can’t wait to see them use their skills in class. Use the […]

Year 4 : PSHE School rules.

Write down the school rules and make a promise next to them detailing how you will follow the rule. For example, One of the school rules is to respect and care for all things. I will follow this rule when I am on the adventure playground, as I will ensure I treat all equipment with […]

4 Red: Pastel Paradise

This week the children in 4 Red have worked exceptionally hard at creating a piece of artwork. They created a luminous sky with watercolours as the background for an erupting volcano. They then used layering and collaging to add a volcano to their background, and finished this off by adding oil pastels to add texture […]

4 Red: Art week!

Next week is art week at Broad Heath, and the children in 4 Red will be analysing the work of two artists, Kara Walker and Mary Cassatt.  They will focus on the context and style of their art work. To help them I have asked them to bring in a picture of a female parent/guardian, […]


This week the children in 4Red have worked extremely hard drafting, creating and acting out a Playscript.  Me and Mrs Khan are extremely proud of all their hard work. The children in 4Red care about improving their performance skills, so please answer the questions below if you can offer the children some feedback. List two […]

4 Red: Digestion drama!

This week 4 Red have been using their scientific skills to understand how the digestive system works. We used household items such as orange juice and tights to represent parts of the digestive system. This was a fantastic and engaging experiment which resulted in all children understanding how the digestive system works. Test your understanding […]

Year 4 – A Place Value Pickle!

This week the children have been focusing on place value in maths. The children have used their reasoning and problem solving skills brilliantly. We started the week by looking at the value of each digit which the children excelled at. We ended the week by comparing and ordering  numbers. Use the posters below to help […]