Year 4: Evaluating our investigation.

1. How did we ensure the investigation was a fair test? 2. What was our controlled variable? 3. What was our independent variable? 4.How did you present your data? Was this effective, how else could you have done this? 5.What did your results show? 6. Did anything impact the reliability of your investigation?

4Red Greenpeace.

Today, 4Red explored how the planet around us is changing. List three ways that you can be a better citizen. What is Greenpeace? Why is it important to protect ecosystems? How does plastic impact the lives of marine wildlife?

Tessellating Patterns.

Today, 4Red were set with a task of creating a wallpaper design using tessellated patterns. What shapes feature in your wallpaper design? Why did you choose the shapes ? What are the properties of the shapes you have chosen? How would you improve your wallpaper design?

Creating 3D Shapes.

Today, 4Red created a variety of 3D shapes with concrete resources. We kickstarted the activity by discussing the properties of different 3D shapes, which helped the children create the shapes later. Test your 3D shapes knowledge below. How many vertices does a cube have? How many faces does a square based pyramid have? How many […]

Anglo Saxon Day!

Today, was Anglo Saxon day in year 4 and what a fantastic day it was! The children had the opportunity to participate in a variety of different activities such as baking Anglo Saxon bread, cracking Anglo Saxon codes, making brooches, creating mash cams, sketching and recreating the Beowulf story on green screen. What was your […]

Drama Club.

Yesterday, was the last drama club of Spring 1 and what a fantastic finale it was. The children took this opportunity to recap and showcase all of the skills they have explored over the past few weeks. It has been wonderful to see the children gaining together as a team, they have supported, stretched and […]

Drama Club.

Yesterday, the children explored the characterisation and voice of a variety of characters from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. They explored their voice through intonation, tone and blending different pitches to voice their character. Next, they moved onto using their body language to convey emotion and characterisation. Keep up the hard work! [embedyt][/embedyt]

Drama Club.

Yesterday, the children focused on facial expressions, body language and voice. The children were given a script and watched a clip from Matilda, their task was to then recreate the scene in focus groups. Each child had to recreate the body language, facial expression and voice of their character. It was fantastic to see the […]

Drama Club

Yesterday, was the second drama club session of Spring term and I am delighted with how the children embraced all of the challenges I set them. The focus of the session was improvisation, we explored this through a variety of exercises and group activities. Keep up the fantastic work!

Drama Club.

Yesterday, was the first drama club of the Spring term and what an amazing start it got off to! The children were engaged, enthusiastic and relished challenge! We kickstarted the club by playing a variety of team building activities to break down barriers and encourage the children to become more confident around one another. We […]

4Red: India SOLE project.

This week, a group of children in 4Red have worked exceptionally hard to create a project based around a key question, how has India impacted their life in Britain. The children worked independently researching and creating a poster. 

Year 4 Poetry.

This week, year 4 have been working exceptionally hard at creating poems based on a winter theme. The children have had the opportunity to plan and perform their poem, but now it’s time to publish their wonderful hard work.

Year 4 – Week 5 SPaG homework.

Over the past few weeks Year 4 have been focusing on using the correct homophones in their work.Test your homophone knowledge by writing out the sentences, filling in the gaps with the correct their, there or they’re. Please write the sentences in your homework book. Good luck!

Y3/4 Drama club.

Yesterday, was the last drama club session for Autumn term. I am astonished by the progress of the children, not only have they gained new skills but their confidence has came on leaps and bounds. I am so proud of how far they’ve came, and I’m sure I will see them all in a blockbuster […]

Y3/4 Drama club.

Yesterday afternoon in drama club the children used and recapped all of the skills they have focused on during the past few weeks (voice, characterisation, emotion.) It was wonderful to see the children develop their characters using their voices and body language. Below are some pictures of the children in action.  

Year 3/4 Drama club

This afternoon, the children focused on body language as a means of expression. We began by exploring different elements of physical theatre, starting with an ice breaker where children had to group together to create a different object with their body,for example a plane or car. We then explored how we could use our bodies […]

4Red: World War 2 artefacts.

This afternoon in 4red, we examined different artefacts from WW2. We had the opportunity to look at letters, ration books, satchels and evacuee labels. Having access to the resources was a great opportunity for the children to gain a deeper understanding as to what the war was like. How would you feel if you were […]