Welcome to Nursery

I wanted to put a message here to welcome any new children to Nursery.  However, the message is also very relevant to the children currently at Nursrey, It’s all about you!! P.S. sorry about the quality of my voice, it sounded a lot nicer in my head.

Eco Club Interview

This week we are looking at the Eco Club. Have you been to the Eco Club?  What are your thoughts? What has been your favourite club?  Have you got any clubs that you would like to suggest?  Let us know and we might be able to include them.

Nursery Visits

Nursery will be visiting Hoar Park on Thursday 28th June. Your child will need to wear their school uniform on the day of the trip. Children need to be in school by 9.30am and will be back by 2.00pm. On the day your child will need to be bring a small packed lunch, please do not send a fizzy drink and please send […]

Nursery’s Big Day Out

We had a super day out on the bus, on the train and at the park.  All of the children were very sensible and showed me that they are ready for Reception. I’d like to thank all of the children for being Broad Heath super stars and I would like to thank all of the […]

Hoar Park Visit

Nursery will be visiting Hoar Park on Thursday 28th June. The cost of the trip will be only £10.00 per child. Please can all monies be paid as soon as possible and by Thursday 14th June at the latest. Please send the correct money to the school office in an envelope with your child’s name […]

Friday’s Timetable

Date Friday 8th June All children in time 10.00 Leave Nursery 10.30 Bus time – Bus Number: 20 from Foleshill Rd (just past Broad St.) If we can’t all fit on the same bus get off by the temple and walk to the bus shelters in Tesco. Bus comes every 5 to 10 minsSM + […]

Nursery’s Big Day Out

We are going on a train trip on Friday the 8th June. If you are coming, if it is possible, could you buy your train and bus tickets in advance.  This will reduce the time spent waiting to get on the bus and train. You can buy your train ticket at Trainline.  They also have […]

Catch your coughs and sneezes!

This week we are learning about hygiene.  We explored what happens if you don’t catch your coughs and sneezes. We also said goodbye to our butterflies.  We had looked after them for the last 6 weeks.  They had grown and grown then they turned into chrysalises and emerged as butterflies. Goodbye and good luck!

Nursery meet the mini-beasts

We had a fantastic time in Nursery today learning all about mini-beasts.  A visitor came to school and brought in some special animals.  We were all very brave and caring when we looked at and touched the animals. What was your favourite?  What did they feel like?  What one didn’t you like and why?

Choir Performance

The choir has been invited to perform at Coventry Cathedral alongside some other prestigious groups including the Plano Civic Chorus from Texas. The performance is on Saturday 16th June at 6pm.  The choir needs to be in the Cathedral at 3pm for rehearsals. Some people from the choir team will come in to school to […]

Art Club Interview

This week we are looking at the Art Club. Have you been to the Art Club?  What are your thoughts? Next time we will Film Club. What would you like to ask about Film? Remember the best question will be included in the interview and the person that asked the question will get a prize.

Nursery Trip

I am planning a trip on a bus and a train for Friday 8th June.  The children travel free on the busses and trains so there will be no cost! Please make sure your child in in school at 10.00am on Friday 8th June.  They will need to bring a packed lunch with them.  This […]

Nursery Notice

The last week of this half term will be a project week focusing on health.  I would like Nursery to learn about clean hands for eating so I’m planning a picnic for Friday 25th May.  I have also invited the Reception classes. So that we can all eat together the Nursery times will change for […]

Frog Life Cycle

The children in Reception Blue have been learning all about the life cycle of a frog.  These children told me the different stages of a frog’s life and showed me what they look like. What other animals can you think of that change shapes as they grow?

Frogs in Nursery

Lats week in nursery we have been learning about frogs. We learnt that the eggs are called frogs spawn. They become tadpoles and then they grow into frogs. We used our cutting skills to make masks and then we became frogs and sang 5 Little Speckled Frogs. Why don’t you make a frog mask at […]

Programming Club Interview

This week we are looking at the Programming Club. Have you been to the Programming Club?  What are your thoughts? Next time we will interview Netball  Club. What would you like to ask about Netball? Remember the best question will be included in the interview and the person that asked the question will get a […]