We Work Hard in RB!

We have explored different ways to display our learning this week and we would like to share this with you. Please watch below. Can you list the positional language used in our video?

Reception Blue-Learning all the way!

Autumn has been a wonderful term and the children have been learning in different ways including through stories, play, cooking, tasting and so much more. Please take a look at the clip and tell me your favourite way of learning. Mrs Roberts and Miss Chahal have had a wonderful time sharing the learning and progress […]

Reception Blue-Incredible Iceland

We went on an incredible journey this week and learnt many facts about Iceland. The journey began with us focusing on where Iceland is, what it looks like, it’s location within Europe, the weather and even some baking. What facts can you remember about Iceland?

RB at Hatton Adventure World

We had a fantastic time at Hatton Adventure World which was packed with fun activities and learning opportunities. We were lucky enough to meet Santa and receive wonderful presents! Please see the video below.  Which part was your favourite?  Can you name the different animals that you saw? 

Playing nicely in RB

As part of our PSHE we have been focusing on our social skills. This is a very important life skill as the children learnt about acceptable behaviour within a friendship.  Why is it important to play nicely? What skills should we use to play nicely? 

Feelings in RB

In RB we have been talking about our feelings and how to follow class/school rules.  Please watch below:  What makes you happy?  Why is it important to listen to your adults? 

Owl Babies in RB

Another week full of learning ranging from making sets in Maths, using creative skills to make owls, making nests outside for owls and sorting nocturnal and diurnal animals. Well done RB!  Which animals are nocturnal?  Which animals are awake in the day?  How did the owls feel in the story and why? 

A Dark Dark Tale In RB

This week we looked at a Dark, Dark Tale and we discussed the dark places in the story and guessed what was in the dark dark box. We also learnt about different light sources. We were able to sort different objects into groups of light sources or not light sources. We even learnt to match […]

Week 1 Learning In RB

This week we have made progress by matching numbers to quantity, learning about different celebrations and by practising sentences and sounds.  Which two celebrations did we learn about? Who was the cause of Bonfire Night?  How did the owl feel about the dark and why?

British Literary Figures Week In RB

This project week allowed us to explore a book written by a British author and make the book come alive. We explored the language, we sequenced the story and we even took part in a investigation.  Please watch below and answer the questions.  Who was the author? Can you describe the Beast?  How do we […]

Reception Library Visit

Hi Parents, Reception will be visiting the Foleshill Library on Monday 29th October and we would love for you to join us. If you can support with your child’s class for this visit please see your child’s class teacher. RR will be attending at 9.30am-10.00am RB will be attending at 10.00am-10.30am RW will be attending […]

RB Art Week

Our week has been colourful, creative and most of all, fun! We have explored many techniques to recreate our two focus art pieces which was The Statue of Liberty and The Headington Shark. Please enjoy watching all the skills and techniques we gained this week.  Which did you enjoy using the most clay, paint or […]

Parents help

Next week we are being creative in our Art project week. To be really creative we need to use many resources and therefore we would like to ask if you could kindly donate any cardboard boxes, empty cereal boxes, finished kitchen rolls and newspapers.  Thank you for your support. 

Teddy’s Secret in RB

This week we based our learning around a book called Teddy’s Secret and we had great fun such as counting cupcakes and developing our 1:1 correspondence. What was Teddy’s secret? How did he feel in the end? What did you learn this week? 

Week 4-Fruit Tasting in RB

This week we have been learning about the story Handa’s Surprise. We brought the story alive by trying the fruits from the story and enjoyed the experience, please watch.   Which one was your favourite fruit?  In the story who stole the mango?  Can you describe the taste of the pineapple? 

RB Week 3-Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have learnt the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We thoroughly enjoyed retelling the story and showcasing our creative role playing skills including clear language, big voices and expression. Please watch.  Who was your favourite character?  Was Goldilocks doing the right thing? Explain why.

The Monkey Puzzle In RB

In Reception Blue we have been listening carefully to a story called The Monkey Puzzle. As part of our English lessons we are developing our language and drama skills by retelling a story. Please watch how well we are progressing.  How did the Monkey feel when he lost his mum?  Was the butterfly a good […]

Week 1 in RB

In Reception Blue we have had a fun filled week of learning. In our English lesson we read the story ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’ and then we became intrigued by dinosaurs! Please watch our video. Can you tell me what the dinosaur looks like in our class? Which sounds did we learn?

Book Week In RB

This week has been a great week as children have quickly become settled in their new classes and we are already making progress! During our book week we have used many skills including our speaking and listening skills, our creative skills and our drama skills. Here is our video for the week please enjoy and […]

1 Red’s Problem Solving

This week we had to solve many problems whether they were big ones or small ones! Here are some the challenges we faced!  1. What was your favourite challenge? 2. Why do we need to know how to solve problems?  Well done on your last project week 1 Red! 

1 Red’s Trip to the Sea Life Centre

We had a fantastic day at the Sea Life Centre today!We saw big fishes, small fishes, penguins, sea horses, jelly fish, sea turtles, sting rays and even sharks! We extremely enjoyed our 4D cinema experience!  Which animal was your favourite? Why? Can you describe your favourite animal? Can your write some facts about your favourite […]

Reception Blue-Transition Day

We had a fantastic day today the children were really grown up and were ready for the new challenges ahead! The children very quickly became comfortable in their new environment and enjoyed the activities that allowed them to form a bond with their friends and adults. Here is our day… What did you enjoy the […]

Growing cress in 1 Red

1 Red have been planting cress and we are experimenting with different environments for the cress to grow in.  We will be watching the plants over time to see which cress plant grows best in the different environments. We will share the results at a later date. 1. Which environment will be the best for […]

Entrepreneur Week In 1 Red

We had a great week learning some useful entrepreneurial skills that will help us in time for our Summer Fair and for the future! We learnt that we all had great qualities to become entrepreneurs! Can you name an entrepreneur? What is an entrepreneur?  What did you design/make? 

Health Week in 1 Red

So far 1 Red have learnt about foods that are healthy for us and foods we should eat small amounts of. We even tried new exotic fruits and made healthy snacks so we could make some changes in our everyday life!

1 Red Sports Day

Hi 1 Red, Please see below for your Sports Day Group for this year. You will be required to wear a T-Shirt of your groups colour on the day. Sports day for KS1 will be on Thursday 7th June in the MORNING. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Miss […]