Week 1 in RB

In Reception Blue we have had a fun filled week of learning. In our English lesson we read the story ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’ and then we became intrigued by dinosaurs! Please watch our video. Can you tell me what the dinosaur looks like in our class? Which sounds did we learn?

Book Week In RB

This week has been a great week as children have quickly become settled in their new classes and we are already making progress! During our book week we have used many skills including our speaking and listening skills, our creative skills and our drama skills. Here is our video for the week please enjoy and […]

1 Red’s Trip to the Sea Life Centre

We had a fantastic day at the Sea Life Centre today!We saw big fishes, small fishes, penguins, sea horses, jelly fish, sea turtles, sting rays and even sharks! We extremely enjoyed our 4D cinema experience!  Which animal was your favourite? Why? Can you describe your favourite animal? Can your write some facts about your favourite […]

Reception Blue-Transition Day

We had a fantastic day today the children were really grown up and were ready for the new challenges ahead! The children very quickly became comfortable in their new environment and enjoyed the activities that allowed them to form a bond with their friends and adults. Here is our day… What did you enjoy the […]

Growing cress in 1 Red

1 Red have been planting cress and we are experimenting with different environments for the cress to grow in.  We will be watching the plants over time to see which cress plant grows best in the different environments. We will share the results at a later date. 1. Which environment will be the best for […]

Health Week in 1 Red

So far 1 Red have learnt about foods that are healthy for us and foods we should eat small amounts of. We even tried new exotic fruits and made healthy snacks so we could make some changes in our everyday life! 1.  Why should we only eat small amounts of certain foods? 2.  Can you list […]

1 Red Sports Day

Hi 1 Red, Please see below for your Sports Day Group for this year. You will be required to wear a T-Shirt of your groups colour on the day. Sports day for KS1 will be on Thursday 7th June in the MORNING. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to Miss […]

1 Red’s Traffic Survey

This week as part of our Topic learning about Fantastic Foleshill 1 Red have done their own traffic Survey to see how many different vehicles they can observe going past on Foleshill Road.  Which sort of vehicles did you see? Which vehicles did you see the most of? Which vehicles did you see the least […]

Week 2 Learning in 1 Red

1 Red have been learning about the seasons in Science and we have been observing the Spring weather. We have also been solving problems using multiplication.  What did you notice outside that showed us it is Spring? Imagine we are having a party for 20 people. How many cups, hats and plates would we need if: […]

1 Red’s Monkey and Me Story

This week 1 Red have been learning about patterned stories and the language that is included.  Here you can see the children retelling a story that uses a repeated pattern. 1. What type of pattern does the story follow? 2. Can you hear any rhyming words? 3. Can you write the first part of your […]

Remarkable Homework in 1 Red

As you know we set very high expectations for our homework as it consolidates the children’s learning. In 1 Red we have had some excellent homework and what a fantastic role model for the rest of us. Please take a look at Zakariah Dean’s creative puppets from two well known traditional tales. Can you name […]

Year 1 Summer 1 Reading Challenge

Year 1, here is a picture of Hansel and Gretel can you describe what is happening in the picture? Red group One day________________________ The witch was____________________ Hansel was______________________ Gretel was_______________________ Orange and yellow group Write five sentences with your first sentence beginning with ‘One day’ or ‘Once upon a time’. Use the conjunction ‘and’ to describe what is happening […]

1 Red’s Week 4 learning

1 Red have had an exciting week with our visit from the  Herbert Art Gallery to learn about old and new toys. The children shared their knowledge and also learnt new information. We also took part in a class investigation using our sense of touch. Please enjoy viewing our learning. 1. What was your favourite […]

1 Red’s Mad Science

We are really enjoying our Science Week experience so far. We have been lucky enough to watch some amazing experiments that had all the children and even all the adults in awe. Here is what we have learnt so far… 1. Which was your favourite experiment? 2. What was Sir Isaac Newton famous for? 

Year 1 Reading Challenge Spring 2

This terms English challenge for year 1. Lets watch this video. Bronze: Can you write a list of all the animals you see in the video? Silver: What is a group of goats called? What is a male donkey called? How do cows communicate? Gold: Can your write 5 facts about the geese in the video? Platinum: Can you […]

1 Red – World Book Day

1 Red had a fantastic time on World Book Day by explore a picture book they had not seen before. They found this fun as they were able to use their imagination and think carefully about what is happening within the book. 1. What was your favourite part of the book? 2. Can you describe […]

1 Red’s Music Week

 Here is the remainder of our week. We have really enjoyed the new experiences and the new skills we have gained. In our class composition and song you will also recognise that the children have put in so much hard work and perseverance into learning body percussion and learning the lyrics to a fast paced […]

1 Red’s Music Week

1 Red have been participating in many fun activities to contribute to our music week. Our theme was Coventry and transport so Day 1 started with a great opportunity of visiting the Transport Museum. We learnt about cars from the past, the present and even cars that will be made for the future! On Day 2 […]

Germany in 1 Red

1 Red have had a fantastic time learning new information and facts about Germany. We have learnt how much we have exchanged with Germany in the past and where familiar things now come from. Please watch the great learning that has taken place.  1. What is the capital city of Germany?  2. Which car did […]