RB at Ash End Farm

We had a fantastic fun filling day at Ash End farm and what a way to end our year! We learnt new facts, we fed many different animals and had the chance to hold and interact with them. Please watch below: Which animal was your favourite?

RB Week 2 Learning

This week we have really tried hard to complete some challenging learning. Please watch how hard we have worked as we prepare for Year 1. What was your favourite part? What did you learn that you didn’t know before? What is different in Year 1 to Reception? What has changed?

Entrepreneur Week in RB

In RB we learnt about what it mean s to be a Entrepreneur. We focussed on William Hamley and his toy shop that people from all over the world come to visit. We made our own toys and we practised using money. Why was William Hamley famous? 2. Which coins did you learn about? 3. […]

Reception Sports Day

Parents, Sports Day will be Thursday 13th June 2019 at 9.10 am weather permitted. Please look at these colour groups below carefully as your child will need the same coloured top as their group so they are part of the team. Please do not buy a new one unless you need to, it is fine […]

RB Become Teachers

RB have had a fantastic week by becoming teachers. They have learnt how to direct, praise and support one another. It has been lovely to watch these young children take on mature roles. Well done RB and have a great Easter holiday. What did you learn about teachers?

RB Foleshill visit

The children finally went on a lovely walk to Foleshill to look at different places that sold food. We looked at the prices of food and whether they were healthy or we should only eat small amounts of. Can you name the different foods you saw? Can you say if they are healthy or not […]

Reception’s Foleshill Visit

As part of learning about Chef’s this Week, the children in Reception will be learning about different foods. On Wednesday the children will visit Foleshill Road to see a different range of food outlets linking to how food is prepared and seeing a variety of different foods. The children will leave school at 12:45pm and […]

Paramedics and Nurses in RB

This week as part of our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic we have been learning about Paramedics and Nurses. We have found out a lot of facts about their role and we can now identify some of the equipment that are vital to them. What is the name of the person who works in the […]

British Science Week in RB

This week has been fantastic, filled with lots of learning and fun about Science and our health. Follow the journey of our health week and see what we have discovered. Why do we need to drink water after exercise? What does acetone do to a polystyrene cup? Why do we need to exercise and eat […]

World Book Day in RB

Today we focussed on a book called Flotsam and used our imaginations. We thought about the excitement we would share on the beach and in the sea, we then predicted events in the story. We had fun sharing new books with our friends and dressing up as our favourite characters. Which animals did you see […]

Shape Week in RB

This week has been all about shape and their properties! We’ve had a fun week filled with a variety of activities and learning opportunities. Please watch below. Which 2D shape has 4 corners? Which 3D shape is shaped like a can?

Marvellous Music in RB

This week we have had a week full of fun, music and laughter. Music has brought the best out of all of us as you can see in the video below. We focused on the year 1930’s and followed the theme and the journey of Disney. Well done children for making great progress towards learning […]

A Chinese New Year in RB

This week we have been learning about a different culture and the celebrations they take part in. We have enjoyed the colourfulness, the traditions and the music used for the Chinese New Year. Please see below: How do the people in China celebrate the new year? Why did the emperor make the zodiac calendar?

Insipiring Model Making

Delilah was inspired by last weeks book called ‘Marshmallows For Martians’ and created her own spaceship model. This was fantastic as Delilah used her imagination and creativity skills. She also very kindly brought in space sweets for the rest of the children to enjoy (thanks Mum). Well done Delilah we love when children are inspired […]

A Cookie Thief in RB

As our story was about The Highway Rat who loved to steal cookies and cakes we decided to bake our own cookies! However, before we could even enjoy these scrumptious cookies, something shocking took place in RB… We were mortified, we had to investigate and find out who stole our cookies! What do we measure […]

The Highway Rat-Role play

This week we have focussed on a story called The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. We have had some exciting learning take place this week in response to this story including our role play below, please watch! Can you describe the Highway Rat? Why was the Highway Rat greedy?

Martians in RB!

In RB we have been very creative and we have had some fun with Martians this week, please watch a snippet of our learning. What are Martians? Can you describe a Martian that you saw in the video?

Reception Blue-Learning all the way!

Autumn has been a wonderful term and the children have been learning in different ways including through stories, play, cooking, tasting and so much more. Please take a look at the clip and tell me your favourite way of learning. Mrs Roberts and Miss Chahal have had a wonderful time sharing the learning and progress […]

Reception Blue-Incredible Iceland

We went on an incredible journey this week and learnt many facts about Iceland. The journey began with us focusing on where Iceland is, what it looks like, it’s location within Europe, the weather and even some baking. What facts can you remember about Iceland?

RB at Hatton Adventure World

We had a fantastic time at Hatton Adventure World which was packed with fun activities and learning opportunities. We were lucky enough to meet Santa and receive wonderful presents! Please see the video below.  Which part was your favourite?  Can you name the different animals that you saw? 

Playing nicely in RB

As part of our PSHE we have been focusing on our social skills. This is a very important life skill as the children learnt about acceptable behaviour within a friendship.  Why is it important to play nicely? What skills should we use to play nicely? 

Owl Babies in RB

Another week full of learning ranging from making sets in Maths, using creative skills to make owls, making nests outside for owls and sorting nocturnal and diurnal animals. Well done RB!  Which animals are nocturnal?  Which animals are awake in the day?  How did the owls feel in the story and why? 

A Dark Dark Tale In RB

This week we looked at a Dark, Dark Tale and we discussed the dark places in the story and guessed what was in the dark dark box. We also learnt about different light sources. We were able to sort different objects into groups of light sources or not light sources. We even learnt to match […]

Week 1 Learning In RB

This week we have made progress by matching numbers to quantity, learning about different celebrations and by practising sentences and sounds.  Which two celebrations did we learn about? Who was the cause of Bonfire Night?  How did the owl feel about the dark and why?