To write a persuasive letter

The children in Year Three have studied the effects of smoking on the human body, and have also looked at the reasons and risks attached to smoking. Year Three, now you know what the consequences of smoking are, I would like you to write a persuasive letter to a smoker. In the letter, I would […]

Roman Day in 3 Red

We had an excellent day today, as it was our Roman day! Watch the video below to see what we’ve been getting up to. I hope you enjoyed Roman day! What did you enjoy most about Roman day?Can you tell me something exciting you’ve learnt about the Romans this half term?

Posting our letters!

Earlier this half term in Year 3 we were learning about Authors and Letters. We all wrote a letter to author Alex T. Smith. What would you like to ask Alex T. Smith?  Can you edit and improve your letter and write it on the blog?


This half term we have been learning all about plants in our science lessons. We did an experiment, where we took off different parts of the plant to see what would happen. We removed roots from one, leaves off another and left one completely untouched. Was our experiment a fair test? Explain.How did removing the […]

Guess the Teddy and How many Sweets?

Hi all! In 3 Red we believe helping charities is an extremely important part of our community. Because of this, next week we have some amazing things you can all be involved in!  We are trying to raise as much money as we can for Emmaus, which is a charity which does incredible work for […]

Amazing Artwork!

This half term in 3 Red we have been learning all about the Romans. In our Art lessons we have been designing our own Roman Mosaic tiles, have a look below to see what we’ve been up to! Wow 3 Red!Challenge: What materials would the Romans have used to make their mosaics?What were mosaics used […]


Well  I am an extremely proud teacher. Ryan in 3 Red joined us at Broad Heath just after February half term. He is a kind and caring boy who always gives his best. I want to share with you just how much progress he has made since joining! Keep it up Ryan!

3 Red Math!

Well, 3 Red I have been so so impressed with your reasoning skills this week! Your knowledge of place value has really improved, well done! Watch the video to see what we’ve been doing and see if you can answer the questions below!

Year 3 Math Challenge

Right year 3, your Math challenge this half term is all about the Romans! Bronze Challenge: These numbers are written in Roman numerals, can you write them in modern digits?   III,  XII,  XXV,  C Silver Challenge: Design a Roman Tile containing squares and triangles. Investigate Roman Artwork including Mosaic designs. Gold Challenge: Emperor Hadrian ordered […]

3 Red Tamworth Castle 2018!

We had a fantastic time yesterday at Tamworth Castle, it was fun and educational and really helped us with our learning on Early Settlers! 1. Can you tell me what you found the most interesting about the Anglo-Saxons?2. How was life different for the first people living in Britain? Challenge:Design a poster to show what […]

Eggstravagent Experiements!

Well we have been working eggtremely hard this week in 3 Red. You were tasked to see if you could create an egg carrier to safely land an egg using your knowledge of forces- particularly air resistance. You were certainly up to the task, worked well as a team and created some amazing crafts- well […]

Amazing Science

Wow! What a start to British Science Week we've had in 3 Red. Today we were extremely fortunate to be able to conduct some science experiments with Jupiter Jade. It was lots of fun, you demonstrated excellent teamwork skills and we learnt some amazing things too. Have a look below at what we got up […]

We need your bottles!

Hi Year 3, next week as you know is British Science Week. On Tuesday 13th March we need as many different types of household bottles you can lend to us. We will return these full! Just need the bottles for the lesson. Lets see who can bring the most! Thanks,Mr Wilson


We enjoyed a fantastic World Book Day, studying Flotsam by David Weisner. Have a look below to see what we got up to! What a fantastic time we all had! You made fantastic progress and were thoroughly engaged by the book! What did you like best about the book? How would you have felt if […]

3 Red Music Week

We’ve really enjoyed music week in 3 Red. We have been able to listen to a wide variety of music, compose our very own music, create our own musical instruments and take part in an incredible talent show! Wow, what a busy week! Watch the video below to see our own version of ‘Our House’ […]

STEAM Challenge 3 Red

The children in 3 Red have done a fantastic job today and were able to create their own musical instrument! Have a look to see what they’ve done. Well done 3 Red! Why don’t you see if you can make your own musical instrument at home? Sound Science for Kids: Make a Craft Stick Harmonica […]

Year 3 Spring 2 Reading Challenge

[pdf-embedder url=””]   Bronze: What do fish have instead of legs? Where do fish live? What do fish eat? Silver:  How do Flatfish stay safe? What do Pufferfish do to defend themselves? Why do African Lungfish cover themselves in mud? Gold: Name at least 3 saltwater fish:  Name at least 3 freshwater fish:  What do […]

Learning about Pilgrimage in 3 Red

We were very lucky in 3 Red today. We have been learning about journeys this half term and focusing on different Pilgrimages. Mrs Cotton kindly came in and spoke to use about a journey she had made to Lourdes which was extremely informative! The children then got to ask some questions they had prepared for […]

Year 3 Week 4 English Homework

The Adventures of a Five-Pound Note Your homework this week is to write an adventure story. In the story I would like you to imagine that you are a five-pound note. It sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? But just think what happens when you hand over your five-pound note to a shopkeeper. It stays […]

Blue & Yellow Group English

Blue and Yellow Group: You need to write the dialogue between Lars and the Whale using the correct punctuation. Remember: Put every word that gets said between the speech marks. Always use a capital letter for the first word that gets spoken inside the speech marks. Always put the punctuation at the end of the […]

Red Group English

Red Group: Use what you have learnt this week to improve the text above. Think about: The punctuation you might need (capital letters/full stops/ inverted commas) Are there any adverbs of time you could use? Could you use conjunctions to make multi-clause sentences?

Orange Group English

“N-no you musn’t Jack!” warned Rose. “There might be witches… or goblins… or anything down there! And we have to be back by lunchtime! Mum said!” Jack scurried down the dark, murky tunnel. Rose was so frightened of the tunnel so she waited for him to come out again. She waited and she waited. Minutes […]

Identifying exciting words

In our English lessons, we have been looking at the adventure story Jumanji. Children have been able to identify how the author is able to build excitement in the story. Watch the video to see what we’ve been up to! [embedyt][/embedyt]   How else did the author make the writing interesting? Who do you […]