Year 5

Hi Year 5, here are the last portfolio pages of the year showing your Literacy, Maths, Science and Topic learning. I’d just like to say a huge congratulations on a fantastic year. Myself, Mrs Khan, Mrs Mahtani, Miss Redhead, Mrs Kendall and Mr Wilson are so proud of you and we thank you for being […]

*Year 5’s Survival Guides for Year 4*

Hello Year 4, today the children in Year 5 had a fun SMSC lesson where they created iMovies to help you prepare for life in Year 5. They have given you some advice to help you succeed, gain everyday and have the best time next year. Enjoy watching their videos! I hope you have a wonderful time […]

*Broad Heath won the Harry Shaw Cup 2016*

23/06/16 It was the all-important Final of the Harry Shaw Cup, where Broad Heath faced Christ the King Catholic Primary School away at Good Shepherd Primary School. You’ll all be ecstatic to know that although the match ended with a 1-all draw, this means that Broad Heath are joint-winners of the Harry Shaw Cup 2016! This is […]

*5 Red’s Trip to Warwick Castle*

Year 5 had an amazing day at Warwick Castle exploring the Castle and the Knight’s Village. Well done everyone for a fantastic day, and a special thank you to my group for making my last trip an awesome one! Please share what you saw, the new things you learnt and what your favourite part of the day […]

*Broad Heath’s huge win against John Gulson*

As some of you have already heard, Broad Heath beat John Gulson 9-0 on Tuesday. It was an amazing match full of team work, confidence and awesome football. The team consisted of Rayne (C), Ibrahim, Arian, Nidal, Arjun, Plaiza, Anton and Khuzayfah. A Match Report will be up soon, but until then, here are some videos I […]

*Film Directors’ Club*

We’ve had another great term of film making. We watched a couple of clips from films to make notes and see what goes into making a film. We then used this knowledge to make our own films. The children have created films of their choice, in their own groups. You have worked incredibly well together and […]

*5 Red’s Recycling Research*

Last Friday, 5 Red were given a homework task to carry out some research about recycling to prepare for Literacy this week. I’d like to share some of their work with you. Hi 5 Red, I have really enjoyed reading your posters/booklets/leaflets. It also makes me feel proud when you put in a lot of effort because you produce outstanding […]

*5 Red’s Debate about Killer Whales in captivity*

5 Red had a very interesting Literacy lesson today where they used their knowledge from this week, and further research using iPads to debate for or against a motion about keeping Killer Whales in captivity. Throughout this week, we have read and analysed texts to identify the key features and devices that make them persuasive and effective. […]

Year 5 Literacy Homework

Hi Year 5, During this week of planning and writing of your adventure stories, I want you to be thinking about these questions, as well as sharing your ideas with each other. What is your villain like? What have they done to cause your adventurers to need to risk their lives? Who are your adventurers? […]

*5 Red’s Scientists*

One morning during the first week of this half term, some boys from 5 Red asked if they could do an independent research project about the Earth and Beyond, which was also our Spring 2 science topic. After being given the go ahead, they set up in the spare Year 5 classroom and began their work. Bringing in […]

*Year 5’s Morning of Music*

Hi Year 5, we’re hosting the KS2 Morning of Music this Friday with our theme ‘Road to Rio’. You’ve been learning the songs, playing instruments and rehearsing really well. Here’s the powerpoint containing the lyrics to our songs so you can keep practising at home: KS2_The_Road_to_Rio See you all tomorrow Miss Bhandal :)

*Year 5’s Planetarium Experience*

On Wednesday 2nd March, Year 5 were very lucky to witness a Planetarium Experience where they learnt about the Earth, the other planets, the sun, our galaxy, stars and constellations, and many other things. Our planet is amazing, but in comparison to what else is out there, we are tiny! This experience was enjoyed by the adults as much […]

*Film Directors’ Club- World Book Day videos*

Our film directors had a super Skills Academy session today where they made videos about yesterday’s World Book Day. They used a range of skills such as team work, creative thinking, leadership and delegation. Using iMovie on iPads, they had lots of fun planning, directing and filming their films, and they all worked incredibly well. Well […]

*Cross Country Championship 2016*

On Saturday 27th February 2016, 6 boys from years 5 and 6 took part in the Cross Country Championship at Bablake Playing Fields. They ran non-stop around the whole field 1 and a half times and gave 100% throughout the mile-long run. A huge congratulations, we couldn’t be more proud of you boys, well done! […]

*Film Directors’ Club- Our last day*

Well done directors for your amazing term of film directing, making and critiquing. Today you were given total freedom with your short films (although using jelly beans seemed to be a popular choice), and some children used the green screen to show their creativity. You worked well in your groups and have gained many skills. Can you list some […]

*5 Red’s 5 Minute Writing Challenge*

Hi everyone, 5 Red have been improving all week with their 5 Minute Writing Challenge. They are writing more each day and working hard on their presentation. Today, children had to write instructions for learning their spellings. I have picked two sets of instructions that are easy to follow, extremely useful and will help you get […]

*Spelling Practise*

Hi Year 5, this week’s homework was to practise your 10 spelling words ready for your test on Friday by defining them and then putting them into your own sentences. We also have a weekly SPAG lesson where we focus on the rule that has been applied to your spelling words for that particular week. […]

*5 Red’s week in Morocco*

5 Red had an amazing Around the World week. Here’s the video showcasing our week’s learning! Can you answer the questions and share what you have learnt throughout the week? I’ve also attached our Film Award winning video, a huge congratulations to Ahlam, Bukumi, Jay and Zaid for their independent creativity. It’s been a wonderful […]

*Year 5’s Superb Shape Week*

Shape Week Portfolio Page SOLE Group’s Independent Project Our super SOLE crew enjoyed their project this week where they had the opportunity to take charge of their own learning by deciding what to produce and how to present it. They were given many objectives to cover from different subject areas (Maths, English, Science, Art, Geography and History). […]

*A great win for our Broad Heath Football Team*

08/12/15 Broad Heath vs Richard Lee Final score: 6-3 The BH boys were back in action today playing against Richard Lee at home. The boys were looking forward to the game and after a heavy defeat last week, they were eager to impress again. We started the game with some slight changes from our last match; […]

*5 Red’s Perimeter Video*

Hi everyone, I hope you’re enjoying Shape week. Today, 5 Red had a fab day with myself and Mr Newman learning about Perimeter. We went on the playground to work out the perimeter of the MUGA and put this video together to help you calculate the perimeter of shapes and areas.   Using our video, can […]

*5 Red’s Rugby Trip*

Yesterday, 5 Red visited Coventry Rugby Football Club at the Butts Park Arena. We had an awesome time! Enjoy watching the video below, I’m looking forward to seeing your answers and comments. Have a lovely weekend! Miss Bhandal :)