Super SMSC

On Friday in SMSC we discussed the importance of rules that guide us to lead good lives. Below are a few examples of the pupils work. I wanted to share these because there were some lovely analogies and honest thoughts. What makes you happy?How can you make your family happy? How could you make everyone […]

4 Red Travel Agency

On Tuesday 4 Red was asked to design and make an advert to persuade the reader to visit Japan. Why did we focus on Japan? Miss Harrison-Brandon had brought in some travel brochures for 4 Red to browse through- some of pupils had never seen one before! After glancing at the amazing holiday destinations on […]

I am a Co-author

Over the past few weeks, 4 Red has been working towards becoming co-authors. Today was their magical moment! This afternoon 4 Red were working collaboratively to produce a shared document on Google Docs. When the document is shared, anyone is free to add or edit the information. We discussed using the internet responsibly and avoiding […]

Summer Super Spellers

This half term we have had two super spellers! These two children have gone above and beyond all year. Showcasing what it takes to be a brilliant BH learner in the classroom and out. Miss Harrison-Brandon awarded these two superstars with their prizes…enjoy!

2R Problem Solving week

It has been a tremendous week filled with fun, energy and a lot of brain power. This week has been ‘Problem Solving week’ based on the gingerbread man. We have been ever so lucky to take part in a range of activities – even outside the classroom! Knitting a sleeping bag for the gingerbread man […]

Miss H.B’s Reading Club

Week 1 In the first session who looked at a non-fiction book called Animal Feet. Each child contributed meaningfully by taking turns to read, speak and listen to one another.Whilst reading we developed an understanding on how the writer has used features within the non-fiction text. How were the bold words used? We were all […]

2R Non-chronological reports

The Ladybirds were able to record an informative video explaining the features you’d expect to see in a non-chronological report. The Ladybirds worked well to name these features and pointed out evidence within the text. The Ladybirds had a brilliant time recording this video and I think you will enjoy it just as much as […]

2R-Thank you Parents

[ads_color_box color_background=”#1e2569″ color_text=”#fff700″]This morning Years 1,2 and 3 took part in their annual sports day, but as some of you may have noticed it was little different this year. This year, the children were able to take part in a range of activities, showcasing and practising different skills. Throughout our morning we were accompanied by […]

2Red went to the zoo, how about you?

We couldn’t have wished for a better day! We saw plenty of interesting animals whilst exploring the park; the sun was shining, and 2 Red were perfectly behaved throughout. To accompany us on our trip we had 3 fabulous ladies, Mrs Shetty, Mrs Nahar and Mrs Jassal. We also met Laura’s parents along the way! […]

Highlights of the week

Creating posters on what we already know and want to find out Labelling the organ in our body Exploring red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets Drawing around out bodies and annotating where the heart is Plasticine models for the heart Handmade stethoscope  Comparing our heart rate before and after exercise using a pulse […]

2Red Does exercise effect our heart rate?

[ads_color_box color_background=”#ff2121″ color_text=”#ffffff”]Day 2: Year 2 received an email off Mrs Penavega’s friend asking for some help! In the email she wanted to find out how the heart is effected by exercise. We were able to represent this in a life-sized model, where we acted out the pace of the heart beat. As a class, […]

Around the World with 2 Red

Week 1 and 2 United Kingdom and Australia Can you spot these two countries on the map above? To introduce our new topic Around the World, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to learn and discover more about our very own country…The United Kingdom. When working with Mrs Penavega we located and named […]

WOW 2Red!

Miss Harrison-Brandon, Mrs Penavega and Mrs Walker witnessed a WOW moment for 2 Red today. This moment was so spontaneous that we didn’t even managed to ‘snap’ a picture of it!  This morning, during swimming, Mrs Penavega had explained today’s focus which was to travel on our front – remembering to use our long and floppy […]

2Red Spring Term Awards

Our first award was presented to Sabah Shah! Throughout the year, Sabah has achieved the top end of the scores either 9 or 10. Sabah has done herself proud this term as she has scored 10/10 every week for 11 weeks straight! Not only this, Sabah has also showcased brilliant spelling throughout her work in […]

2R Swimming Success

All children having be working towards developing their swimming ability and covering all the safety precautions. We have all been working on entering and exiting the pool safely;  recognising/understanding what to do when the whistle is blown; confidently wetting our faces; moving around the pool (bobbing, walking, rotating vertically). Next objective is : To float […]

All about Francesca Simon

As a class we listened to Mrs Penavega share facts about Francesca Simon and her life; which you can read above. We discovered and learnt many things about Francesca such as her childhood, hobbies, journeys, family and how successful her career is. Caterpillars went away with Miss Harrison-Brandon to produce clips using an app called […]

2R Historical Evidence

Fossils On Wednesday we were able to get our hands on historical evidence that proved dinosaurs were in fact real. But we already knew this, as scientists such as Richard Owen had discovered an unusual rock (known as a fossil) back in the 1800’s. Many palaeontologists have came across a variety of fossils/bones over the years and continue […]

Maths: Figure me out! (1)

Throughout the year we have been taking part in a variety of times table games/activities. This terms game is called Figure Me Out! Every week a member of staff will appear on the blog with a selection of questions related to them. It is your job to work out the mathematical problems to find out […]

2R World Book Day

Each and every child put in 100% when it came to dressing up! We had a range of book characters such as Dennis the Menace, Horrid Henry, Mary Poppins, Darth Vader and even My Little Pony! The entire day was filled with fun activities, discussions and most importantly quality reading. Broad Heath’s World Book Day […]

2R Topic-Lady Godiva Poem

This afternoon we continued to learn more about our very own city…Coventry! Our work today was based around a special lady known as Lady Godiva. There is a statue of her in the city centre opposite Primark. Have you seen it? Year 2 carried out independent research to find out why she is an important […]

‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by 2R

[ads_row][ads_col col=”cell”][/ads_col][ads_col col=”cell”][ads_color_box color_background=”#eeffa1″ color_text=”#000000″]I am extremely proud of 2 Red this week. Not only have we been learning about the Coventry Blitz, carrying out a range of activities to accompany this topic. We carried out our own talent show to select our XFactor contestant to compete against the other classes within the school. Ninjago […]