Year 4 do the Haka!

This morning every class in year 4 got the chance to experience the Haka! What a brilliant last morning with you all! Can you tell me, why do the All Blacks perform the Haka at the start of their matches?

4 Blue SOLE project

In year 4 we’ve been learning about the amazing country, New Zealand! Some of the children wanted to know: ‘Why do so many people visit New Zealand every year?’ Check out their video to find out what they discovered…

Year 4 English Homework

Write a short, figurative poem, to accompany these images IN YOUR HOMEWORK BOOKS.  How can you make sure the reader imagines these scenes in an interesting way? Can you use personification/simile/metaphor? Remember, your lines should be short, and each line should start with a capital letter! Can you WOW us?

A great start to our Poetry journey!

Well done year 4 for a fantastic start to our figurative poetry journey! Now, can you read the poem below and answer the following questions… 2) What line do you think is most effective. Why? 3) Look at the pictures. Can you write your own line or two? Make sure you use firgurative language! Icy winds scream […]

Stop motion animation of ‘Stuck’ by 4blue

Wow!!!! 4blue I couldn’t be prouder of the skills you’ve learned over the past two days that have all contributed to this superb animation. Dedication, being adaptable, patience, teamwork, enthusiasm and smiles have made this not just good, but GREAT! Can you explain what stop motion animation is? What are you most proud of?

Wikispaces in year 4

This half term in year 4 we are learning to create, edit and navigate our very own Wikispace! We have made a great start to our journey, discovering interesting facts about Anglo Saxons in our different teams. We can’t wait to share our website with you all when we have finished! Editors…can you explain what […]

Citizenship – What is an MP?

Hi year 6! You are very lucky! Tomorrow you will be getting a visit from the MP for Coventry, Colleen Fletcher! She works very hard for the city you live in, but this is your chance to find exactly what she and other MPs do for their country. The following link contains some information about […]

Cartoon Club super stars!

Well done everyone that came to Cartoon Club today! I was so impressed with your drawing skills from your first characters! Next week we’ll be learning some new drawing skills for our other cartoon character: the cat! Here are the steps we used for the dog, if you want to practise at home. Check out […]

Working independently in 4Blue!

Wow! Check out the amazing video that someone in our class has made all by himself. I asked him the question “Do you think David Hockney’s photography is as good as his paintings?”, and off he went to make this great iMovie without any help at all. I am so proud! Keep wowing me, 4Blue, […]

4Blue Art Challenge!

4Blue have been studying the amazing works of David Hockney! He is a very talented artist who used lots of different styles. It got us thinking…what makes something a work of art? Does it have to be hard to create? Does it count if it is a photograph?  A group in our class got together to […]

Well done Year 6!

Congratulations on finishing your SATs week! In every test, we were so impressed with you. You have worked so hard, and now you really deserve to relax and enjoy your weekend. Well done everyone! I hope you all feel proud of yourselves. Mrs McCabe

Year 6 WOW their PSHE visitors!

On Tuesday, we were fortunate to have a visit from the company ‘Loudmouth’ who came to work with us about forming positive relationships and standing up to wrong actions both at school and home. We are always proud of year 6, but on Tuesday we were especially proud, because they showed themselves to be thoughtful, […]

Singing Academy – Rhythm and Timing Skills

Hi everyone! Here at Singing Academy we have been developing lots of skills to help our singing improve. One of the most important skills when singing in a choir (a group of singers), is RHYTHM (keeping to the correct pace) and TIMING (keeping in time and being silent in the right places). We are still […]

Singing Club!

Hi Singing Club graduates! It’s been so much fun singing with you for the past term. I can remember when you were all so shy at the start of the year! Now look at you! I’m very proud of you for working hard to develop your singing skills.     What have you most enjoyed […]