Subtraction Game

Reception White have been super at subtraction sums!! Click on a picture to answer the question. Remember to read the question carefully! Lets see how many you can do.

Simple Sentences

Click on the bubbles to create a simple sentence. Remember to put the capital letters and full stops in the correct places. Lets see how many sentences you can make.

Year one ambitions

This week children have been writing about what they wish to achieve next year. Take a look at some of our ambitions.   Can you write some sentences or draw a picture about what new things you would like to learn about in Year One and bring in to show me?    

Caterpillar number game

Hello RD I have found a really fun number game. Lets see how well you can order and sequence the numbers. Who will complete all the stages first? Click on the link below to have a go.  

Deep Sea Phonics

Hello RD We have been using our phonics knowledge this term to help us write our sentences. Lets see how far you can get in the game below. Just click on the link and off you go! Remember to use your segmenting and blending skills as you move through each level. Enjoy :)

Photo Club

Broad Heath Citizens have had an amazing time in Photo Club this half term! Take a look at how the children have used their creativity to produce master pieces of artwork using ipads and through their fantastic sketching skills.    Well done to everyone that attended. You have all learnt so much and have been a pleasure to teach. Me […]

Jun Kaneko Challenge

  Hello RD Looking back on our ‘Jun Kaneko’ display can you answer the following questions? Who was Jun Kaneko and what did he do? Can you name the skills you have learnt? What materials can you use to make a dango? If I added white paint to black paint what would happen to the […]

I’m a spaceman song

Hello Reception We have had a fantastic time today learning new descriptive words to describe our aliens with. Can you sing along to this cool spaceman song? Scan the QR code with a tablet or smartphone and lets all have some fun and blast off out of this world.

Online phoneme fun!

A brilliant way to practice and develop your phoneme knowledge RD. lets see how many you can remember next week! Count and tell me how many words you could read correctly. Can you put them in a sentence and bring in to show us?