What are mountains?

As part of the Year Six geography curriculum, the children in Year Six are learning about mountains. We began the topic by revisiting our previous learning on mountains and created a mind map of what we already knew. It was lovely to see that as a class we already knew lots about mountains! Our learning […]

Week of Inspirational Maths-6B

To help us all settle back into learning, we began the day by completing a fun practical maths lesson. Mr Janjua set us a task of using rope (2 metres) to form shapes. Our learning was pushed by being challenged as to what shapes we formed and what the properties of each shape was. It […]

End of Year Six party!

Wow what a year it’s been… way back in September 2020 the Year Six children began their final part of their journey at Broad Heath. Everyone was eager to get back to “normal” and start pushing their learning. Unfortunately the country was placed into lockdown in January and we were back to home learning. However […]

Dare 25 graduation!

Today all of Year Six graduated from their “Dare 25”programme. It was an absolute pleasure having officer Dare Ali come into school for the past 10 weeks and teach us about sensitive topics. It was lovely to see how mature the children were when discussing these issues and showed respect to each other. Everyone felt […]

Supporting England in Six Blue!

Wow what a day!! Come on England ……. it’s coming home! Today in school, we celebrated England reaching the Euros football final. It’s been a long 55 years wait since England last played in a final. The atmosphere in school today has been buzzing with excitement. We can’t wait for the kick off this Sunday […]

Growth mindset -day 4!

This morning Year Six begin the final day of our growth mindset workshop. The lovely Jenna returned with more fun packed activities for us to complete. Our initial task was to really think about our potential future careers. This was fascinating as we unpicked what certain careers entailed and why we were attracted to them […]

Growth mindset-day 3!

Year 6 continued with their growth mindset workshop today. We were privileged to have the lovely Jenna return to help us develop our understanding of growth mindset. Our day began by remembering what fixed growth mindset was and what growth mindset was. We all agreed that by having a growth mindset we would always continue […]

The lost island.

Well year 6, what can we say today has been a strange day! We all know what has happened so as a team we need to work together to rectify the situation. Please can we ask you all to start collecting : seeds stones soil stories about secret islands. Obviously we will keep you all […]

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset-day 2!

Today year 6 continued with their workshop on growth mindset arranged and delivered by the lovely Jenna Hyde ( Class of Hyde ).The workshop is based on four days of learning, where we get to explore the concepts of both growth and fixed. Our day was broken up by watching video clips and doing practical […]

Mr Patel delivers chocolate prizes!

Our very own Vinay was awarded a chocolate egg prize by Mr Patel! Vinay has displayed a fantastic attitude towards his learning. We can always rely on Vinay to demonstrate the right attitude both inside and outside the classroom. Not only does Vinay remain positive in his academic learning but he’s a fantastic role model […]

Growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

Today in year 6 the children have been learning about growth mindset and fixed mindset. We were very honoured to have the lovely Jenna Hyde ( Class of Hyde ) come into our school to deliver a workshop for us. The workshop is based on four days of learning, where we get to explore the […]

Six Blue Remote Learning

Hello Six Blue. Please continue to read at home too and go back to the English blogs from last week to recap our class novel “Kensuke’s kingdom.” Your work today will be on LbQ and Mathletics. Please use the following code. Have a fantastic day and we will see you soon.

Exploring current affairs

Good morning Year 6 I hope you are all safe and well. Well done to you all for being determined to continue with your learning! Whilst it is extremely important that you guys keep on making progress in your academic learning, it’s also important that you understand what is happening around you and in the […]

Summer 2 Homework overview.

Hi year 6, this is your Summer 2 homework blog which we will monitor. Mr Janjua and myself look forward to seeing all your homework completed every week. Please ensure your name is on the homework . Thank you. Remember you MUST complete one piece of homework from this grid every week! Read 5 times a week and complete reading journals […]

Zoom register for today.

Good morning Six blue hope you are all safe and well. Here is the registration details for today. Topic: 6B Register!Time: Jun 15, 2021 09:00 AM LondonEvery day, until Jun 21, 2021, 7 occurrence(s) Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/93321940180 Meeting ID: 933 2194 0180Passcode is Miss Vega’s fave subject: A_ _ see you soon.

Keep motivated Year 6 !

Good morning Year 6, hope you are safe and well. I know today has been an eventful day at its only 10:00am ! Please keep yourselves focused and remain positive ! We will get through the next few days together by showing resilience and commitment to ensure we keep on gaining. To support our mental […]

Fun Friday!

To bring our health week to an end we started the day by planning a scientific investigation into how exercise impacts our heart rate. We recapped on our previous learning of how the cardiovascular system operates and why our heat beat increases when we exercise. Our first task was to record our resting heart beat, […]

Thoughtful Thursday!

We started our day by creating an interactive story on the iMovie app. Our targeted audience for our stories were the children in year one. The purpose of the story was to teach the children a moral which would help them become better citizens. Our next activity was a basketball tournament! The class was split […]

Therapeutic Tuesday!

As part of health week, Year 6 went on a visit to Coventry Market! Yesterday the children were instructed to research and design their very own healthy smoothies. Today the children were given the opportunity to visit the market and purchase their fruit for their smoothies. It was definitely a valuable learning experience as the […]

Having fun creating art collages!

In year 6 we are currently working on a mini art project – completing art collages. We started of by researching who Megan Cole, she was our inspiration. Megan is famously known for her creative and majestic art collages. We discovered that Megan Cole was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s love for bright bold colours. […]

Well done Adela!

For the past few months Adela has been taking part in an extra workshop (skint to mint) with Mrs Hurt. They have been learning about how to make money grow and use it wisely. This learning will be embedded further when year 6 taking part in entrepreneur week! As part of the workshop the children […]

Year 6 learning all about chocolate!

As part of our history unit ( The Ancient Maya ) we embedded our learning further by understanding how chocolate is made. Our chocolate expert ( Carl ) explained to us how chocolate is made from cocoa beans, where these beans come from and how these beans are than transformed into chocolate. Together we watched […]

Year six fund raising event.

For the past week Year Six have been busy raising money for our end of year production. We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity sell Easter eggs and raffle off the larger eggs. We had such an amazing response and raised well over £150.00! Thank you to everyone who take part….. team work makes […]

Brick wall winners are rewarded!

This half term Six Blue were crowned the winners of the Spring 2 brick wall challenge. As a class we decided to play football and kick rounders. The sun was shining and the endorphins were racing ! Six blue it is a privilege to be your LSA, I am so proud of you all. Well […]

Exploring current affairs

Good morning Year 6 I hope you are all safe and well. Well done to you all for being determined to continue with your learning! Whilst it is extremely important that you guys keep on making progress in your academic learning, it’s also important that you understand what is happening around you and in the […]

Year 6 – Spring 2 spellings.

Good morning year 6! Hope you are all safe and well. Yesterday it was announced that all children will return to school on the 8th March 2021. Whilst we are continuing to learn from home you all need to be practicing your spellings. We will be having weekly spelling tests once we are back in […]