4 Blue Sketch Leaves

This morning 4 Blue have been sketching a variety of leaves they may find in their local area. They have been looking in detail at what shape the leaves are and the patterns they have. They also had compared the range of leaves trees have. Children what did you notice about the shape of the leaves […]

4 Blue Entrepreneur Week

This week in 4 Blue have aimed to become entrepreneur and created a business plan for making a profit selling cakes at the summer fair.  They also had a go tasting a Chocolate, Lemon Drizzle and Victoria sponge cake and evaluated them. Tell us what cake you preferred and why?                                                             What ideas did you manage to […]

Year 4 Blue goes insect hunting!

Year 4’s task in Science today was to investigate invertebrates in their local environment. Look what they found! Can you tell me what you had found and what would you classify them as? Can you tell me what is an insect or arachnid?

4 Blue Perform Tudor Poems

In literacy this term Year 4’s are learning all about the Tudors. In today’s lesson children performed a Tudor poem they have been learning about. Can you tell me an interesting fact about the Tudors?

What we know best

Year 4 Blue,  had created a range of drama role plays with their class. Check out our video to see what we had done! :) What did you enjoy the most about this drama workshop?

4 Blue Science Workshop

Yesterday, 4Blue attended a exciting  science workshop where they had learnt about different sound and vibrations, state of matter and the use of other materials. What did you learn? What did you enjoy the most?

Vera Lynn

Today in Year 4 children have been learning about the famous singer and actress Vera Lynn. They all created an information text about her which was presented in a poster form. They also had a go at sketching her using different shading techniques they have learnt over the terms. Can you tell me some interesting facts you found out about Vera […]

4 Blue Music Mood Boards

This week is music week at Broad Heath School and the children have been creating mood boards in their lessons. What did you learn about painting these mood boards? What did the two different mood colours show?

Year 4 Blue Autumn Learning Journey

Throughout Year 4 the children have been focusing incredibly hard on their work.  Many of the children in the class have already gained themselves a pen. They have all had a fun successful Autumn term. I have created a learning journey of all the fun subjects we had covered. What was your favourite topic of […]