Dilemmas in a text!

Read through the stories and answer the questions in the comments below: 1)What is the dilemma in each story? 2)Which story did you enjoy reading the most and why? 3)What do you think makes a great story with a dilemma? Challenge- Copy and paste one sentence from the story where you think the author manipulated […]

Year 4 Math homework

Convert the following measurements into cm- 30mm= ____cm 20mm=____cm 300mm=_____cm Convert the following measurements into kg- 3000g=______kg 2500=_______kg 100g=_______kg Convert the following into ml- 7L= _______ml 10L=_______ml 12.5L=_______ml Challenge- Write a word problem in your book for your teacher to solve. The answer must be in the form of a unit of measure that we […]

Crazy conversions investigation

This week the children have been learning about decimals and their importance when it comes to converting between different units of measure. Today they will be applying their learning in a fun practical way through solving a variety of investigations on their table. Answer the questions in the comments below. Table 1- Length mm and […]

Literacy homework

Complete the story- read the opening and complete the rest of the story in your books. A thousand years ago, in the far away land of Linchinstien there lived a girl named Lila. She owned a magnificent beast called a Huricat, but one day… it escaped.

STEM club week 3

This week the children have been making the frame for their cars. They have developed their sawing skills, measuring skills and glueing skills to create their frame so far. Have a look at their fantastic work so far!

Large plastic bottles- year 4 science week

Next week in science week in Broad Heath, and year 4 are planning to create some amazing rain gauges! However, to do this year 4 needs some large plastic bottles so that the children can complete this activity. Please could children bring in any large plastic bottles they have at home, like the examples at […]

STEM club- week 1

In STEM club this week, the children have begun to plan to make their powered controllable vehicle. Their goal is to design a vehicle that has to be less polluting in the 21st Century. The children have had to think about the materials they need, tools they could use and a purpose for the vehicle. […]

4W Shape and investigations week !

This week 4W it has been shape and investigations week! 4W have been amazing and with a positive and resilient attitude they have come to gain some fantastic knowledge on shape and applied their knowledge when carrying out a range of fun investigations. Watch the video below that showcases some of our fantastic learning. Please […]

4W Music week- Hey Mr Miller

This week for music and computing week 4W have been studying the 1940’s. They have been learning to sing the song Hey Mr Miller which was originally composed by Glenn Miller, a famous Jazz musician in the 1940’s. Hope you enjoy their song! What do you know about Glenn Miller? Share in the comments below.

Beowulf and the Dragon comprehension

This term in literacy the children are studying cultural stories. Above is the story Beowulf and the Dragon, a traditional Anglo-Saxon story that has been retold. Answer the questions in the comment below- Did you enjoy the story? Why? Which part of the story would you change, if you could? Why What age groups do […]

4W SOLE project Ghana

For Around the World Week 4 White have been learning about Ghana.  They were asked what could they tell us about trade in Ghana? They produced a poster with some fantastic information and a video displaying the information they have learned.  Well done 4W!

Fantastic torches made in 4W!

This week 4W have made some fantastic torches! They applied their knowledge of electricity (that they have been focusing on in science) and design of torches to enable themselves to make a great product!  Also, a special thank you to Scarlett and her parents for bringing in so many spare bottles for her fellow classmates. […]

Terrific torches resources needed !

For art this term year 4 have been looking at and analyzing torches and gathered an understanding of their importance during WW2. Next week, the children will be making their terrific torches based on the design they have made this week. The children will need to bring in materials suitable for the casing of their […]

4W’s Fun with circuits !

This week 4W have been having some fun experimenting with circuits and the various components needed to create a circuit. After lots of trail and error, the children managed to independently light a bulb in a circuit, start a motor and a buzzer ! The children were so proud of themselves! Next week the children […]

4W British Literary week !

This week has been British Literary week and we have been studying the book ‘The Story of the Windrush’ by K.N Chimbiri. We have learnt so much about the importance of the Windrush generation and their participation in rebuilding England after WW2, to the modern nation we now live in today. The children were captivated […]

4W Art week !

This week the artists we have been learning about have been James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. The children learnt lots of new skills, techniques and vocabulary related to the artists and created pieces of artwork in the style of James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. Our video shows some of the fantastic pieces of artwork that […]

Magic squares

In math this week, 4 White have been solving a variety of problems involving addition and subtraction. On Monday and Tuesday, we learnt about Magic Squares and came up with a set of rules to help us solve this fantastic puzzle. Attached below is an image of an example of a Magic Square. Can you […]