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  1. What Broad Heath values have you used today?
    In this lesson I think I used the values : resilience, confidence , teamwork , imagination and respect.
    I used resilience because I kept on trying
    I used confidence because I was confident in the moves
    I used teamwork,imagination and respect because I listened to everybody’s ideas I worked together and we thought of new moves
    Have you enjoyed the session and how have you gained?
    I enjoyed doing the ovens and I gained because I got better at street dance !

  2. 1) The Broad Heath values we used for this session were: Teamwork, Tenacity, Resilience, Imagination, Respect and Creativity, we have used these values as we have thought what to do and respected our teammates and teachers, we have also never gave up and kept trying.
    2) I enjoyed this session as we got to create our own choreography and come up with our own dances and learn about Street dancing and the types of styles, I have gained as I didn’t know what street dance was at first, but throughout the lesson, I had learned and digested information all about street dancing.

  3. What Broad Heath values have you used today?
    I used Respect, Teamwork and Resilience. I used respect because when I watched the other people’s performances I didn’t make fun of them and told what they did well and what they could improve on. I used teamwork when we started to learn the dances I tried and tried until I was able to do them and never gave up. I used teamwork to help my teammates to create our own chroegraphies.

    Have you enjoyed the session and how have you gained.
    I have enjoyed this dance session because I have never done this type of dancing before . I have also learnt lots about street dance like it tells stories and the audience and dancers are very important.

  4. We used imagination because of our poses and dances.
    I gained and learned more about street dance and the skills and movements, I also learnt that the movements can be sharp.

  5. The school values we have used are:
    Teamwork: Because we worked together to create one dance and then worked in groups to create some more moves to add to our dance.
    Resilience: Because we worked hard on mastering the moves and never gave up.
    Imagination: We used this by thinking about what moves we would use next.
    Creativity: This was a value we used because we created our own moves by the dance we were taught.
    Communication: Because we were discussing about our moves and helping the people by telling how to do it.
    I liked this session because it was a fun time and that we got to learn different moves and put them into one dance
    What I have gained in this session is that I learned to strengthen my moves and make them sharp.

  6. 1)The Broad Heath values I have used today are:perseverance,resilience,creativity,imagination,respect.I know I have used these values because at first the moves we followed were hard to remember but when I repeated the moves the dance got easier.I have also used creativity and imagination because when we had to create our own choreography,we had to create our own Street Dance moves.Futhermore,I know I used the value respect because when we looked at different groups and their choreography,we did not laugh at them to make them feel bad but we told them about the good parts of their dance and how they could improve.

    2)I have enjoyed this dance session because I have never done Street Dance before and really enjoyed the experience.I know I have gained because I have learnt not just the dance but also what Street Dance actually is.Such as street dance should represent strong and sharp moves and sometimes within the actions they would do storytelling.

  7. The values we used today are: resilience (as we improved our performances by practicing more), teamwork (as we worked in a team to create dance moves) and imagination( because we had to be imaginative while make our movements.)
    I have enjoyed the session and I have gained some movements of street dancing including: top rock,lunges,smurf and drag and snap.

  8. Today I have used resilience to get better at my street dancing .
    I enjoyed have making our own dance because we got to work as a team and I know how to do Top – Rock now .

  9. We Used Teamwork because we worked toghether to make our own dance and we used recilence as we tryed again when we could not.
    Yes,becuase I learnt how to street dance.

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