Iron wool combustion experiment – 5 White

Today in science we have been answering the big question: Are all chemical actions reversible?We sorted through a number of different pictures each of which showed a different reaction and decided whether it was reversible or irreversible. We learnt the three elements that are needed to create a fire. We carried out an experiment to […]


We took part in a hunt for gold around the school. We had to follow clues afterwards we read the story of El Dorado and used our experience to infer accurately. What new vocabulary have you learnt today? How did you feel while on the treasure hunt and what emotions did you have at the […]

5 White Investigate cube numbers

We have been learning about cube numbers. Using the multi link cubes we created several cube numbers. What steps did you do to complete this task?What is a cube number? CHALLENGEExplain what a cube number is in your own words using the correct vocabulary

5 White Dragon’s Den

In groups of 2 or 3 you were given a new product to sell. The products were: Chocolate covered ants, Skirts for boys, Horse manure and Nappies for all ages.Using your persuasive skills. You first analysed your product and made a list of pros and cons. In your pitch you used persuasive language and explained […]

E.ON Power your world workshop- 5 White

Our workshop today was to learn all about energy, sustainable energy and how we can save energy. We carried out a task to order power usage of household items smallest to largest. Our next task was to design a wind turbine using paper. Choosing a name for each group we tested our turbines using a […]

5 White Go out of this world.

Today, Year 5 visited The National Space Centre in Leicester It has been a fabulous day and a wonderful experience to deepen their knowledge about Space. The museum allowed the children to submerge themselves in all aspects of the Universe, develop their History, Science and computing skills too which enabled them all to gain. What […]

Super Spellings

Well done to everyone who achieved and beat last weeks score. Writing out your spellings for homework will help you to embed the spellings and the rules. What are you doing to improve your spellings?

Eye witness accounts

In English we are learning about Newspaper reports. In this lesson we focused on eye witness accounts using drama to help with the dialogue. What is the difference between reported speech and direct speech?Write your best eye witness account for your news report below.

Super Spelling Scores

Well done to the children who all score 10/10 in their spellings. You have shown dedication and determination. For next week let’s see if we can achieve a class photo.👍 How do you practice your spellings?

History Week in 6B!

A lovely way to start the middle of the week. Our history week is centred on the Edo Period in Japan, between 1600-1890! During this time, Katsushika Hokusai used her wonderful artistic skills to draw and depict life during Edo times – which is now known as Tokyo, in modern society! THE GREAT WAVE – […]

Reading Gladiators

Hi reading gladiator Here is your new book for Summer 2. I know some of you have already had a quick look at this but now we will be going into more depth. Over the holiday I would like you to read the novel as far as you can and please complete the tasks below […]

PSHE: British Rights

Today in PSHE we looked and discussed British rights. We linked this to this half terms topic (The Holocaust) and compared the rights of a Jewish child during the holocaust with ourselves as British citizens. The video below shows what British rights we have today.

Year 6 Portfolio

Well time is flying by fast, another half term completed. Progress has been made by everyone as we compare recent Sat’s practice paper results. Well done! Take a look back at your learning and share your successes and love of learning with your family and friends.

Reading Gladiators

First of all, well done to all of you for the work you have been putting into your reading. I would like you to answer a few questions about the book ”A STORY LIKE THE WIND” 1 Do you think the end of the White Stallion story is sad or optimistic? Explain why you think […]

Reading Gladiators

You have all completed so great work around the book ”The thing about Jellyfish” You all wrote a short extract which could be added into the story and you were tasked to read it out loud using expression and intonations. Have a listen to your work below. Our new book is ”A Story Like The […]

The Maya Civilisation – 6 Blue

Our new Topic this half term is The Maya Civilisation.We created and visited a museum made up from secondary sources. This consisted of pictures, artefacts and a virtual reality experience. The Maya had many different cities and areas within their civilisation, throughout Central America. We located these cities on a map and used a 4 […]

Year 6- Reading Gladiators

In our Reading Gladiator’s group we have read several books, all of which have been written about WW1 or set in WWII. Our first book was called The children of the King. This was centred around evacuees. Some great inference and predictions were discussed throughout this book. Pax was our next book. This was a […]

Year 6 Portfolios-Autumn 2-2021

Wow! Another super half term of gaining. You have all worked really hard and challenged yourselves. You have impressed all of us with your determination, dedication and creativity. You have gained so much in all subjects so you should be proud of yourselves. Take a look at these portfolios which showcase your super learning and […]

6 White- Ode to Food Poems

Our new learning for the next two weeks is poems. We looked at lots of different poems such as : shape poem, sonnet, acrostic poem, ode’s, limericks, diamond poems and haiku’s. We created our own ‘ode to food poems” Can you spot the rhyming scheme?

6 White- Working in a Winter Wonderland

Everyone woke up this morning to a blanket of snow covering the ground. Today in English we started a new writing unit: Winter Sonnets. So we took this great opportunity to go outside in this perfect winter weather to inspire us in our writing. What new vocabulary have you used today?Write your best figurative language […]

Pictorial Strategies for multiplication

Todays learning objective was to use pictorial strategies and the formal written method to solve problems. After a times table warm up we stuck a place value grid to the tables and used counters to represent a number. Depending on what we were multiplying by duplicate counters were added. To find the answer counters were […]

Arty’s Broken Heart – Lesson 1

This week we have been introduced to Arty – a heart who does not know his purpose nor understand his job. We have been tasked by the doctors over at the Heart Emporium to discover what Arty’s role is. Turns out he is pretty important within our cardiovascular system! We took to the MUGA to […]

Boom! Boom! Pow!

How lucky are we to have a special Street Dance Pro, here working with us at Broad Heath! Today we have our first introduction into Street Dance! This is what we have learnt: What Broad Heath values have you used today?Have you enjoyed the session and how have you gained?

6 White’s Reading Jungle

Welcome to 6 White’s new reading jungle. “Conquer the vipers”Our display includes all the viper challenges so you can understand your text deeper. Questions you should be asking yourself while reading to give you a better understanding and giving you the opportunity to display and share your thoughts and new vocabulary. Images of the 100 […]