6 White’s Scientists Extracts Strawberry DNA

Our first science lesson was to learn about inheritance. We discussed the definitions of the words inheritance, characteristics and variation. We have learnt that inheritance refers to the genes that are passed on from parents and off spring. When we refer to inherited characteristics we tend to focus on physical characteristics as these are easy […]

6W’s Week of Inspirational Maths!

Lesson 1 For our first day of inspirational maths week, we are looking at 3 D shapes. We worked together in groups of four to build shapes following the rules set out. we used mathematical language and vocabulary to discuss each of the shapes we made. What can you tell me about the shapes that […]

6 White- Mindset Day 2

Session 1 What is confidence? Session 2This session was all about self-esteem, goals and objectives. We created certificates to celebrate Our own achievements and focus on how we can create momentum with our confidence. Session 3 What is an affirmation? We created our own affirmations as a group and filmed this. We used this to […]

6 White- Mindset Day 1

We were visited today by Jenna, who will be working with us over a period of 4 days, to help us understand Mindset. It is important to recognise what our own beliefs are about our own potential. If we have a ceiling on what we believe we can achieve… are they the truth, or is […]

Quiz and crosswords- Year 6

Good morning everyone Unfortunately today we have been met with the start of remote learning again. This will not stop you from gaining and showing what super stars you all are. Try your best and preserve to be the best version of yourselves. This week I have decided to post some crosswords and a general […]

Prince Philip Day- 6 White

Today we reflected on the life of Prince Philip (The Duke of Edinburgh). We researched his achievements, accomplishments and most of all The Duke of Edinburgh awards which were set up to give young people life skills and opportunities. We started the day by making a British delicacy, cupcakes, traditional eaten with afternoon tea. We […]

6 White Health Week- Day 4

We started the day by reflecting on our own personal achievements and strengths. What has been achieved in school and other achievements out of school. How have the Broad Heath values helped us in these achievements. We represented this in a spider diagram. Miss Shilton joined our class for basketball. This gave up all a […]

6 White Health Week- day 3

First thing this morning we all washed and prepared our fruit ready to create our smoothies. We carefully decided what quantities of each ingredient we would use and whether we would include additional ingredients such as yoghurt, oats and honey. We all got to try the smoothie and assess the taste and how it could […]

Health Week Monday-6 White

We kicked off our Health week by using our understanding of vitamins and minerals to design a healthy food product. We researched what vitamins and minerals are. The smoothie that you design and make must Provide the consumer with an essential vitamin or mineral Be healthy and nutritious Cost no more than £2 to make. […]

6 White’s Wonderful Wellbeing Day!

Today was our Wellbeing Day in year and it is safe to say we have had a wonderful day! We began the day by discussing how we can ensure that our lunchboxes are well balanced and healthy. We spoke about the argument that healthy food is often more expensive and what we could do to […]

Ministry of Chocolate

Today we were lucky enough to take part in a workshop delivered Carl from the Ministry of chocolate. This was part of our Mayan topic from last term. He shared a wealth of information about how and where the cocoa plant in grown and the process it goes through before reaching our shops as chocolate. […]

Collage materials

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. In Summer 1 the Art topic will be looking at art inspired by Megan Coyle. You will be identifying how artists can influence our own work. The final outcome for this unit will be to create a collage. A collage is a picture made up […]

6 White- Persuasive speech

Following your learning journey in Literacy, today’s task was to turn your persuasive writing into a persuasive \political speech. To achieve this successfully this needed to include imperative verbs, subject specific language, facts and figures and rhetorical questions. What did you do well? What could you improve?

6 White- Body Health

Today’s science lesson was to explain the impact of sports and exercise on overall health. We started by joining in with a Joe Wicks work out and recorded our feelings before and after. Taking note of our emotions as well as physical feelings.The main task was to create your own keep fit video using iMovie. […]

Coil Pot

On Friday you will be enjoying a Design and Technology Day. The main focus is to create a Mayan coil pot out of clay by following the instructions and techniques involved in achieving this. Here is a tutorial on how to make your own coil pot. Please watch the video and look out for skills […]

International Women’s Day

This week on Monday 8th March was international women’s day. This significant day started in the early 1900’s, when women first stood up for equality in the work place and votes for women. This week in 6 White we have been looking at numerous female role models throughout history for the young women today, how […]

Year 6 – Crosswords

Good morning Year 6. I hope you all enjoyed your week off from learning and made the most of the fresh air. It is good to hear that everyone will be back at school on 8th March. I know I am please and look forward to seeing you all and working with you again. I […]

Crossword/ Quiz

Hi everyone Another great week connecting with you all on zoom and watching your skills and knowledge grow. You are all doing so well please keep it up and be proud of yourselves. This week we have another general knowledge quiz for you to try. Testing your knowledge and vocabulary.Please post your answers on the […]

Crossword/ Quiz

Hi everyone. Can I start by saying how proud I am of you all. You are joining in meetings, completing your work and respond on the blog. You are all continuing to gain. This week I have decided to post another crossword and a general knowledge quiz. I would like you all to have a […]

Crossword/ mood booster

Hi Year 6 I hope you are all having a good week and working hard with your home schooling. It has been great to see so many of you trying your hardest and giving your best. To mix things up a bit, this week I am challenging you with a general knowledge crossword puzzle as […]

Mood Booster Week 2

Welcome back Year 6 to the second week of Mood Booster. This blog has been shared with you all to encourage each and everyone of you to get up and join in with the songs and dance. Some of these we do in 6 White quite regularly and they get us fired up and motivated […]

Year 6 – Autumn 2 Portfolios

Another fantastic end to a wonderful term. Year 6 have been working really hard this term. In English they challenged themselves writing a mystery story and news report focusing on key literary techniques. In Maths they conquered Converting Units of Measure, Geometry and Measurement, Perimeter, Area and Volume. In Topic they had fun learning about […]

Area and perimeter

Here is some information for you to read and watch on how to find the area and perimeter of a rectangle. When you have watched the tutorial please complete the questions below and post your answers on the blog.

Read all about it!

The focus in English is to write a newspaper report. You have already picked out the features and looked at specific vocabulary that is used in reporting. A newspaper report needs to: Be about an interesting event Capture the reader’s attention Present factual information Be succinct and to the point The structure of the newspaper […]

6 White- Alma

Our writing Stimulus so far this of term has been all about the short animation film titled Alma.So far you have created a vocabulary bank of new word and used figurative language (similes, metaphor and personification) to write descriptive Sentences. Todays lesson was all about portraying feelings though freeze frames. Also writing out a passage […]

6 White- Music- Celebration

Every week during the music lesson, I see every child engaged and eager to learn. It has been wonderful watching them and seeing the progress. This week I took a video of them that I would like to share with you all. Well done 6 white you have certainly impressed me , keep it up. […]