6 Blue – Reading Challenge

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This half term your reading challenge is linked to the book Treasure Island   written by Robert Lewis Stevenson. There is an area at the back of our classroom where you can read and enjoy the chosen text. There are several questions to answer such as Unpick the phrase ‘Twist and Turn’ and summarise. How do […]

Windrush Generation Exhibition

Today 6 Blue were lucky enough to attend an exhibition held at The Belgrade Theatre Coventry. This exhibition was all about generation Windrush. It celebrates the lives of some of the black people from the Carribean who were invited to Britain between 1948-1971. It was very interesting to read their stories and learn how these […]

Our character of the week.

For Black History Month Year 6 blue have been reading the book Roll of thunder, hear my cry written by Mildred .D.Taylor. After reading extracts from this book, could you explain what type of character Cassie is. ( use examples from the text)    

Outstanding homework in 6Blue

Words can’t explain how impressed I am with the amount of pride and effort children have put into creating these fantastic pieces of homework. Children have displayed a great sense of knowledge and creativity when producing their topic homework this half term. WELL DONE!

This weeks value “Teamwork”

This week, Six Blue had a challenge to reflect on the BH value of the week…”Teamwork” Below are a range of images where children have portrayed teamwork this week. Please share why teamwork is beneficial and how working as a team (a flock) will benefit our time in school.

BH Value of the Week

In week 1 our class word of the week was Independent. How were you independent last week? What does being independent mean to you? This week are word is Brilliance. How are you going to show Brilliance this week? Here are some photos of children being independent.

HSBC- School Bank

The school bank will be open again this year for the first time on Tuesday September 17th at 8.30am. We are looking to recruit an enthusiastic team to manage and promote the bank to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. The positions to be filled are Bank Manager, Marketing Manager, Records Manager and Cashier. If […]

Autumn 1 Spellings – Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 everyone. We are all looking forward to working with you this year and helping you to achieve your full potential. Here are your Spellings for Autumn 1. Please spend time learning them and try to use them in your work. Good luck Year 6 team.

School Bank – HSBC

Thank you to all the children who have helped with the school bank this year. You have all represented the school brilliantly and I am very proud of you To encourage regular saving we set up a raffle for this half term. Every time the children saved their money they were given a ticket for […]

Year 6 Portfolio- Spring 2

Well done Year 6, another great term with lots excellent learning. You have all achieved so much and put lots of effort into Saturday school and homework. Share your learning with your friends and family. With SATs around the corner make sure you continue with revision during the Easter holiday but also make time for […]

Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt was a great success. Thank you to everyone who took part and supported the school. We hope you all enjoyed the egg hunt and the chocolate egg. Yummy Take a look at the photos we took.

HSBC School Bank

Today was our last bank opening until after Easter. Since the start of the year many children have opened a new account and started saving for their future. To encourage saving, the children were given a raffle ticket every time they put money into their account. Today we drew the raffle and had 3 Easter […]

Easter Egg Hunt – Don’t miss out!

To help Year 6 raise money for the school they will be holding an Easter Egg hunt. This has been a great success in the past and this year it will be open to all children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. The cost will be just 50p  per […]

Broad Heath School Bank HSBC

I would like to introduce you to the School Bank Team. These children all completed an application form explaining why they wanted to be part of the bank and what qualities they have. This was followed by an interview with Mrs Lowe from the HSBC. All the children impressed Mrs Lowe so much that we […]


In Topic this week you have been learning about hurricanes and how they are created. What are the key features of hurricanes? Where are they most likely to occur on a map? Explain. Using your maths skills and the table below complete these hurricane based problems.   1) In four hours, the hurricane had travelled […]

HSBC School Bank

Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in opening a bank account. The bank will be open on Tuesday morning 22nd January from 8.30 am until 9am and will take place in the science pod. If you have completed and returned a form thank you however I am still waiting for the £10 opening […]

6 White Magistrates Visit and Mock Trial

Today the children were lucky enough to take part in a crime and consequence workshop. Visitors from the Coventry Magistrates court came into the classroom and spoke to them about their job as a magistrate and introduced the children to a dilemma. Roles such as magistrates, defence, prosecutor, legal adviser and usher were given out […]

Year 6 White Achievements in Autumn Term

The class has had a really productive and busy Autumn Term. They have achieved across the curriculum as well as building their confidence in Year 6. Have a look at some of the learning this term.   How have you gained and made progress this year? What subject do you enjoy most and why? Is mathletics […]

HSBC School Bank

    The school bank is back. After Christmas the HSBC Bank will be open every other Tuesday morning from 8.30 til 9.00 am for children in years 3,4,5and 6. Starting on Tuesday 22nd January. This is a great opportunity to open an account and save for something special or for your future. If anyone […]

Year 6 Portfolio Autumn 2

Hi everyone We hope you have all had an knowledgeable and enjoyable Autumn Term. Here are the portfolios for this half term so  you can share with your family and friends everything you have been learning about. You have all achieved a lot. Enjoy the Christmas holiday with your family and have fun.    

Year 6 Autumn 2 Spellings

Here are your spellings for Autumn 2 . Make sure you learn them every week and aim for 10/10 in your spelling tests. Remember to learn the definitions as well so you can use the words in your writing.Good luck  .

Year 6 Dovedale Trip

We have had a great time at Dovedale today. Everyone made it to the top of Thorpe Cloud . Really proud of you all. What challenges did you face today? Apart from climbing a mountain, what new experienced did you have?

Crazy Golf

In English this week we are writing a news report about the new crazy golf course at Broad Heath School. The children had the opportunity to have a go at crazy golf  to help them with their writing. Everyone had a great time and look forward to playing again. What did you enjoy about the […]

WOW Homework

Over the last couple of weeks Renee has created (at home)this outstanding model of someone with the Black Death. This was in addition to her Homework and she has used her knowledge of the topic to add lots of fantastic detail. She has managed to create a real mood within the piece of art. Myself […]

What does genre mean?

Today in English we have been learning what genre means. We sorted a variety of books into different fiction and non-fiction, and then into genres. What does genre mean? What  are the three purposes of why books are written? Here are two book covers. Can you answer the following questions? What genre are the books […]

Year 2 – Reading Gladiators

Hi Gladiators We have now completed our final book for this year “Don’t cross the line” What did you enjoy about the story? I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on all your work this year. You have all impressed me with your reading and enthusiasm in the group. Can you please […]