6 White Fantasy Stories

Hi everyone! I would like to start by saying that both myself and Ms Janjua have been really impressed with you all this week. While Miss Vega has been out you have work so hard with all your lessons – especially in English! You should all be really proud of your work. Well done! Here […]


It is great that you are all settling in to Year six and I know we will have a great year. It has been lovely getting to know you over the past few weeks I have learnt a lot about you all. As you all know Our Topic for this half term is mountains. So […]

Year 6 14/07/20 HSBC

Good morning Year 6 Yesterday we were looking at needs and wants and how to make wise choices. Today we focusing on fraud. Watch the video below and answer the questions on the blog. What is fraud?What new information did you learn from the video? What can you do to protect yourself from fraud?Why is […]

Year 6 13/07/20 Money awareness. HSBC

Good morning Year 6 I trust you are all well. As you may know I have been running the school bank this year along with some helpers from year 6. Unfortunately due to the COVID 19 virus we have not been able to continue with this service in school. I would like to take this […]

Year 6 09/07/20 Empathy

Good morning Our PSHE topic is preparing you for your next chapter, moving on to secondary school. Today we are focusing on Empathy which is one of our Broad Heath values. Please watch the video below reading the book I AM HUMAN. “I’ve got to say that when I watched this it resonated with me […]

Yr6 02.07 English (4. IF poem)

Good morning Year Six, this week you have been studying the poem, you have a solid understanding of the message Rudyard was giving to his son. Tomorrow you will be in Rudyard’s shoes and you will be writing a poem to the new year 6 children. You will share advice to the children on how […]

6 Blue 25/06/20 Brain Workout

Good morning everyone. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and made the effort to do something special for your dads on fathers Day. I was lucky enough to meet with some of my family up the park where I had a lovely walk. What did you do at the weekend? To get your […]

6 Blue 24/06/20 Name the Film

Hi Year 6. I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine this week. I have for you today a film quiz. I’m not very good at remembering films so I’m hoping you can do better than I can.Please post your answers on the blog numbering your answers from left to right then the next row […]

6 Blue 23/06/20 Catchphrase

Good morning everyone I hope you are all well and working hard. Today I have put together a catchphrase quiz for you. Remember to say what you see. Please post your answers on the blog. I hope you enjoy solving them.

6 Blue 18/06/20 Multiple Choice.

Here is your last quiz for this week. This time it is multiple choice which should be easier or then again the choices may give you a dilemma. Please post your answers on the blog for me to check. Also can you write your own multiple choice question after your answers please. Good luck How […]

6 Blue 17/06/20 True or False?

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all up and ready to do some good learning today. I have decided to continue with the quiz theme however this one is either true or false. Please have a go to show me what you already know. I hope you enjoy it and good luck. Please post […]

6 Blue 16/06/20 Name the advert

I hope you have enjoyed the time over the last couple of days with your family. The weekend is now over so welcome back to virtual school. Two weeks ago you were the entrepreneurs creating, planning and designing your own businesses. It was good to see your designs and hear your pitches to promote the […]

6 Blue 15/06/20 General knowledge quiz.

Good morning to you all on this lovely sunny day. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and had some fun in the sun. Today I have a general knowledge quiz for you to have a go out. Please can you post your answers and I will reveal the correct answers tomorrow. Good luck. 1) […]

6 Blue 10/06/20 Class Word Art

Hi 6 Blue, I hope you are all having a good week and keeping healthy. Last week I set a task to complete a Word Art including characteristics of an entrepreneur. I was so pleased with what you all produced that it gave me an idea. So you will create a Word Art which will […]

6 Blue 09/06/20 Reading for pleasure

Good morning 6 Blue 😊 I thought it would nice if everyone could share which books they have read or are reading at home and write a recommendation or book review for the class. It has been nearly twelve weeks since you have all been at school so you should have read a couple of […]

6 Blue 08/06/20 Observational Drawing

Over the last few months while we have all been at home more the weather has been really good. This has encouraged and inspired many people to get into their gardens and start planting. I have noticed the beauty of nature on my daily walks and thought it would be a nice activity to recreate […]

6 Blue 04/06/20 Disney films

Good morning 6 Blue. I hope you are all awake and raring to go this morning. I’m sure most of you love watching films. Well I love watching all genre of films but I especially like Disney films. So I have put together a short picture quiz to test your knowledge of Disney films. They […]

6 Blue 03/06/20 Word Art

Good morning everyone. This is the start of Entrepreneur Week, so it’s your time to shine. An entrepreneur is a person who organises and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.Your task today it to complete a piece of word art. Here is one I […]

6 Blue 02/06/20 Crossword Puzzle

I hope you are all enjoying the tasks and challenges of Entrepreneur week. Today I have decided to challenge you with some crosswords linked to this weeks learning. I have given you a choice of answers which I will put underneath the crossword. If you are not sure of any words please look up the […]

6 Blue 1st June 2020

Good morning 6 Blue. I hope you have all enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and have taken in nature’s beauty during the school break. I haven’t said holiday as all holidays have been cancelled or put on hold to take when times are safer. However I hope you made the most of this time keeping healthy […]

12/05/20 Year 6 Times Tables

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well and staying safe. To help you all with your maths work it is really beneficial to know all of your times tables. These need to be learnt and retained for future use in life. There are many ways that can help you to achieve this such […]

04/05/20- Year 6 Spelling and handwriting

Good morning 6 BlueMay the fourth be with you- In the words of Obi-Wan Kenobi Can I start by saying how proud I am of you all. Learning from home takes motivation, dedication, perseverance and hard work. So well done you are achieving so much even during lock down. I am hoping that you are […]

29/04/20- Fun Riddles

Good morning 6 Blue I hope everyone is keeping busy and making the most of your day. Unfortunately the weather has changed so here are a few fun riddles for you to have a go at. Enjoy and I look forward to seeing your answers. I will post the answers on the blog on Friday Take […]

Summer 1 Term

Hi 6 Blue 😊🙌🏻.  I hope you are all well and keeping safe. It is now the start of Summer Term and we have now completed 6 weeks of lock down and could still have more to go. I’m sure your are all staying positive and showing resilience during this period of uncertainty. During this time […]

Friday 3rd April

Good morning 6 blue I hope you are all well and staying safe. My apologies for not responding to all you hard work but unfortunately there are several members of my family who are unwell at the moment and my time is being used to care for them. I will try to keep in touch […]

Friday 27th March

Good morning 6 Blue. I hope you are all staying safe and following the social distancing guidelines. The sun is shining again today so we have a lot to be thankful for. Look Out your window and appreciate nature’s beauty. If you have a garden try and spend some time tending the plants and listening […]

Good Morning

Good morning everyone.   I hope you and your mums had a lovely Mother’s Day together yesterday.With these unsettled time stay focused and take this opportunity to experience something new. There will be lots of activities posted for you to do as well as a keep fit session every morning at 9am. I’m definitely going […]

Easter Egg Hunt – Don’t miss out!

To help Year 6 raise money for the school they will be holding an Easter Egg hunt. This has been a great success in the past and this year it will be open to all children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4. The cost will be just 50p  per […]

6 Blue- World Book Day

Wow 6 Blue! You all look amazing. It is great that you have all took the time to make costumes and dress up as Your favourite characters. If you could be any character from a book, who would you choose and why?What Broad Heath values does your character have?What book are you reading for pleasure […]