18 responses to “Broad Heath Citizens Of The Week Summer 2 Week 6 WE 15.07.2022”

  1. Rustam M.

    Keep it up 😃

  2. Gift O.

    Well done everyone

  3. Saffiyah K.

    Well done keep on gaining.

  4. Awais J.

    Well done keep up the good work

  5. Jasmine M.

    Well done 👍

  6. Ayaan M.

    Well done guys you did a great job.

  7. Aran K.

    Well done 👍

  8. Luxor A.

    Well done

  9. Harris B.

    Great job and well done!

  10. Yasiin H.

    Well done Havin😁

  11. Zainab A.

    Well done

  12. Dhonshan R.

    Well done guys.

  13. Esa A.

    well done

  14. Meena B.

    Well done everyone especially Rahima!! Well done everyone for trying hard to succeed.

  15. Myiesha S.

    well done

  16. Ellie T.

    well done to everyone that got citizens of the week

  17. Tipian I.

    Well done keep it up we are proud of you and can’t wait to see next years I think citizen of the week

  18. Surinder J.

    Well done everyone!!

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