British Values

Individual Liberty.

When online, we may watch or read different information. It’s important for us to be aware that not everything we see is true. We must be sure to think carefully and check where the information has come from. This is called FAKE NEWS. Can you give me an example of FAKE NEWS?

Respect For All

We want all children at BH to gain and respect all things. Every weeks certificates are given out for  being super BH citizens and learners.  This is great because I know every single one of you wants to get one. How do you demonstate every day that you are a respectful person in school, as […]

Brick Wall Prize Spring 1 2020

Happy new year and welcome back to everyone at Broad Heath. This term, the reward for the winners of the brick wall will be . . . HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSH MALLOWS (halal)! You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

Remarkable Reception!

Today was another special day, which began with Mrs Dahil inviting me to help deliver the boxes and gifts that our remarkable families had provided for those less fortunate than ourselves. Let me start at the beginning, it all started with Mr Mahmood posting a blog and the Reception children and very caring parents being […]

Glorious Grandparents!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and at Broad Heath it just got even better. We were fortunate enough to have many grandparents join our Broad Heath family. Thank you to the nana’s, grandpa’s, grandma’s, granddad’s, nano’s, dziadunio’s, babcia’s, dada’s and dadi’s. We can not wait to see you again!

Grandparents Day 2019 Update

We are really looking forward to meeting you tomorrow between 10.00am-11.15am. Please use the gates at either Webster park entrance or St Pauls Road and make your way to the main office. Our Year 6 councillors will be eagerly waiting to greet you! See you all tomorrow Mrs Raja-Khan

Individual Liberty

We all have the freedom to choose a religion or not. When it is a special occasion/festival, we should wish the other person well and send them good wishes even though we may not celebrate the festival ourselves. Please tell me how you have done this recently?

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty-There may be lots to do where we live  or go to school or there may not be. We all have a voice and if we would like to see more activities or have places to go, we can work together using our collective voice to support positive action. Yesterday a boy came to […]

Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty In school we are often organised into groups to support our learning. This means we need to think carefully about the words we use and how we act towards others in order to help make our classrooms happy and successful places. How have you worked as a team this week and gained?

Grandparents Day!

The staff and children at Broad Heath would like to cordially invite grandparents to school on Tuesday 17th December 2019 at 10.00am. We would you to see our school and share some memories our your school days. Please leave a comment if your grandparent/s would like to attend. Thank you Mrs Raja-Khan and the Broad […]

Children in Need Day 2019

We decided to show empathy and inclusion as part of our contribution to Children in Need 2019. Most of the children and staff at Broad Heath are fortunate and do not need to wear the eye patch, unlike some. We wore the eye patches for a short space of time to gain a deeper understanding […]

Current Affairs Skills Academy

This week in current affairs club we looked at the general election. We discussed and thought about what we would like to see in a government. Please see some of our ideas below. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts too.

Rule of Law

Laws are there to protect the majority. Unfortunately, people do break them.  Are there any laws in the land which you feel are good and  which laws which need to change?

Mutual Respect

The haka is an important ritual for Māori people and is used by sports teams in New Zealand and other parts of the world. We saw them perform it when we had our rugby day in school and celebrated the World Cup. What things do we do at Broad Heath that depict the word respect?

Brick Wall Prize-Autumn 2 2019-2020

This term you can earn your class a FILM and LOLLY! Remember to work as a team and the entire class can benefit from choosing a film of your choice and a lolly. You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

England Rugby Fun!

We have been learning and developing the Broad Heath Values, many of which are also the values that are developed when playing rugby. The values include teamwork and respect. Please have a look at the learning and fun that we have had in Reception Blue.

3W and 1W-Brick Wall Winners Autumn 1 2019

Brilliant Behaviour has its rewards and it was extremely close this term with many classes almost completing their Brick Walls. Congratulations to the KS1 and KS2 winners of the Autumn 1 2019 Brick Wall. A very very big thank you to Martyn and Paul for ensuring the bouncy castle was ready to be used and […]

Come on England!

To celebrate England reaching the World Cup Final in Japan, we will be having a day of Rugby and fun!  The day will be Friday 1st November. You need to come in red and white to school and perhaps paint an English flag on your cheek? No money is required, all we want is your […]