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Reading for pleasure:

The room should provide a print rich environment which motivates children to read. Children should have access to a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, play scripts, environmental print, instructions and media texts that:

  • Reflect their needs and interests
  • Promote reading for different purposes
  • Encourage them to read for pleasure
  • Provide opportunities for researching and managing information
  • Stimulate and challenge
  • Enhance their experiences

Children need frequent opportunities to read materials of their own choice. This will enable them to consolidate and embed the skills acquired during modelled, shared and guided sessions. They should be given time to talk about what they are reading and share their ideas with others.

In addition to this, all classes have a selection of whole class books which are read by the class teacher almost every school day. This develops children’s interest and knowledge in a range of genres. 

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