To all Year 5 Students and Parents,

Can you please bring in any spare corrugated cardboard you may have at home? Next week we will be beginning to create our props for next terms assembly. Any materials will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in anticipation

Mr Kane

9 responses to “Cardboard Please!”

  1. Hammad A.

    i already bought some!

  2. Zaeem S.

    Ok Mr Kane!!!!!

  3. Ismaeel K.

    Ok Mr Kane I will try and bring some in.

  4. Abdurrahman K.


  5. Osato O.

    Thanks for the information.

  6. Osato O.

    Thanks for that information.

  7. Lillie S.

    Ok Mr Kane

  8. Bahar K.

    I will be sure to ask my parents!

  9. Luxor A.

    Ok mr kane.

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