Year 4 writing competition.

Calling all year 4’s, You are invited to compete against the other schools across the aspire network in a writing competition. To be in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize and be invited to attend a session with an author you must create an amazing piece of writing the purpose of which is […]

Maths Project Week in 4 Red

4 Red have enjoyed a fantastic Maths project week. We have visited different ancient countries to analyse their contribution to the world of Mathematics as we know it today. We have been solving mysteries and using our maths knowledge to overcome challenges. We have competed in a crystal maze style game to engage the children […]

Year 4 Junk Appeal

Dear all parents, Year 4 are going to be creating instruments out of junk on Friday. Any cardboard, cups or recyclable materials would be greatly appreciated. If you could send the children in throughout the week with whatever you can spare that would be fantastic. Thank you in advance the year 4 team

Year 4 Dia De Los Muertos

Today in year 4 we took part in a celebration of Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead). We had so much fun learning about this amazing Mexican tradition. We have decorated sugar skulls, created some gods eyes and contributed to a stream of papel picado’s. We also enjoyed some Mexican food together. Well […]

4 Red well-being day

4 Red had a fantastic well-being day today. We had great fun baking and remembering to be thankful to all those who do so much for us. We used our knowledge of place value to order numbers in active maths. We then spent the afternoon using the values of teamwork and communication to participate in […]

Year 4 Circus

Year 4 finished their fantastic first week back with a visit from the circus. The children had an amazing time experimenting and with new skills. Exhibiting great tenacity, resilience and brilliance. Well done year 4.

5 White citizenship week.

5 White have had a fantastic citizenship week. We have addressed the characteristics of a great global citizen. We have evaluated our individual and collective responsibility to our local communities and as well as our planet. We have shared life experiences together and enjoyed class discussions. 5 White have also learnt what they can do […]

5 White weekly round up.

5 White have had a fantastic week. We have had a busy week of gaining. 5 White had a great transition day and are looking forward to applying their knowledge at the top of the school. 5 White have worked exceptionally hard on our characters for English and are looking forward to using them in […]

3 Blue transition Day

3 Blue have had a fantastic transition day. Its was a pleasure getting to know all of my new class and i am certainly excited for next years learning. We looked at our class mantra ‘The future of this world is in the classroom’. We also looked at some of the exciting units we will […]

3 Blue Transition day

Hello 3 Blue. First of a huge congratulations on a great year of Gaining. Mrs Khaliq and Mrs Walker have told me all about you and I can’t wait to see for myself how amazing you all are. This is a little video about where your classroom will be next year and a little about […]

5 White debate.

In English today we conducted a debate to address the issues surrounding the ethics of animal testing and the relevance of year 6 SATs. The children conducted independent research in teams and argued for an against these difficult topics.

Year 5 Macbeth script practise

To year 5, please make sure you continue to practise your scripts. You need to know your scripts of by heart by Wednesday next week as we have less than 2 weeks before our performance. So practise with your families and know when your coming in and out of the scene. These videos will help […]

5 White history week.

This week 5 White have been studying the life of Lady Jane Grey. The pupils have been working hard to research the most important events in this interesting British Monarch who’s reign lasted for only 9 days. We’ve created timelines, family trees and had some interesting discussions around fairness and The British value of democracy. […]

5 White Jubilee day!!!

5 White have enjoyed celebrating a wonderful Jubilee day! We have learnt the national Anthem. We have read about Her Majesties fascinating life. We have solved a Mathematical mystery. Played same royal bingo and other games. Created a bunting timeline and other decorations. What a fun busy day we’ve had celebrating. Well done 5 White’s […]

Macbeth Homework task

To all of the children in year 5. As you all know we will be delivering our assembly to the parents in the second week back after half term. Whilst you are enjoying your half term I would like you to create a shield and sword to use as props please. 5 White could you […]

Cardboard Please!

To all Year 5 Students and Parents, Can you please bring in any spare corrugated cardboard you may have at home? Next week we will be beginning to create our props for next terms assembly. Any materials will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation Mr Kane

Stratford trip

Today 5 White took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to support our Geography unit. We looked at some of the physical and human features. We also conducted field research around some of the main areas in Stratford. What date did we record 5 White?

Maths Golf

Today we brushed up on our knowledge of angles and our putting skills. Challenge: Can you name the 3 types of angles we used today? Can you describe them?

Magnificent Macbeth scenes.

5 White have been using their dramatic skills to enact the key scenes from Macbeth. I am really proud of the effort and commitment from the entire class. Especially the Scottish accents. Well done. Blog challenge : Define dramatic convention, what is a soliloquy?