5 White debate.

In English today we conducted a debate to address the issues surrounding the ethics of animal testing and the relevance of year 6 SATs. The children conducted independent research in teams and argued for an against these difficult topics.

Year 5 Macbeth script practise

To year 5, please make sure you continue to practise your scripts. You need to know your scripts of by heart by Wednesday next week as we have less than 2 weeks before our performance. So practise with your families and know when your coming in and out of the scene. These videos will help […]

5 White history week.

This week 5 White have been studying the life of Lady Jane Grey. The pupils have been working hard to research the most important events in this interesting British Monarch who’s reign lasted for only 9 days. We’ve created timelines, family trees and had some interesting discussions around fairness and The British value of democracy. […]

5 White Jubilee day!!!

5 White have enjoyed celebrating a wonderful Jubilee day! We have learnt the national Anthem. We have read about Her Majesties fascinating life. We have solved a Mathematical mystery. Played same royal bingo and other games. Created a bunting timeline and other decorations. What a fun busy day we’ve had celebrating. Well done 5 White’s […]

Macbeth Homework task

To all of the children in year 5. As you all know we will be delivering our assembly to the parents in the second week back after half term. Whilst you are enjoying your half term I would like you to create a shield and sword to use as props please. 5 White could you […]

Cardboard Please!

To all Year 5 Students and Parents, Can you please bring in any spare corrugated cardboard you may have at home? Next week we will be beginning to create our props for next terms assembly. Any materials will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation Mr Kane

Stratford trip

Today 5 White took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to support our Geography unit. We looked at some of the physical and human features. We also conducted field research around some of the main areas in Stratford. What date did we record 5 White?

Maths Golf

Today we brushed up on our knowledge of angles and our putting skills. Challenge: Can you name the 3 types of angles we used today? Can you describe them?

Magnificent Macbeth scenes.

5 White have been using their dramatic skills to enact the key scenes from Macbeth. I am really proud of the effort and commitment from the entire class. Especially the Scottish accents. Well done. Blog challenge : Define dramatic convention, what is a soliloquy?

Health Week – Friday

During our final day of health week the children in 5 White have been looking at the different ways in which mental health illness can effect others including signs, symptoms and how we can best support those around. 5 White have had a lovely week and worked very hard. The children have shared their experiences […]

Health Week Thursday

Today 5 White took part in a miniature common wealth games tournament. The children were competing in Archery, Sprinting, Javelin, Discus as well as learning the skills and values required to play rugby. The children also looked at the different stages and ages of the human life cycle. We plotted the stages on a timeline […]

Health Week – Wednesday

Today we faced our fears and pushed ourselves on the climbing wall gaining new skills whilst having great fun. The children in 5 white helped and encouraged each other really well. We also identified the effects of sugar on our bodies, in particular our teeth. We conducted an experiment using coins and Coca-Cola to highlight […]

Health Week day 2

During day 2 of health week 5 White have been using their tenacity, resilience and individuality to learn how to skateboard. We have also discussed what it means to be healthy and how great quality nutrition can positively effect the function of our bodies. We have also been rocking out with the roc kidz group.

Spring Week 4

5 White have had an amazing week we have been developing sentence structure and examining the effect clauses on our work. The pupils have created some amazing paragraphs describing Smaug the dragon. In maths the children have moved on from fractions and onto working with decimals. I very proud of the children’s attainment and commitment […]

Spring 2 week 3

5 White have had another productive week. We have completed our Information text writing in English (which was very successful) and are now getting to grips with our hobbit text which the children are really enjoying. We have also completed our fractions module in maths and are moving into decimals and percentages. Wellbeing day was […]

Spring 2 Week 2

5 White have had a lovely second week. I can’t believe we are over half way through the year already time has flown by! 5 White as always have been a pleasure this week really trying hard to produce some amazing work. We have come to the end of our information text unit in English […]

Spring 2 Week 1

5 White have had a wonderful first week of Spring term 2. The children have adjusted well to being back at school after a well earned break. The children have shown great enthusiasm towards their new units of work. In English we have been examining the features of an information text with a view of […]

Spring 1 week 6 (DT Week)

5 White have had a very busy week this week. As a class we have come to the end of our Sciences forces module which the children have clearly enjoyed and achieved. In maths we have taken the opportunity to consolidate our learning of fractions which will prepare the children nicely for next half term. […]

Spring 1 Week 5

5 White have had a great albeit busy week of learning. We have gained in all areas of the curriculum and had some great fun along the way. I am immensely proud of the children’s efforts thus far in Spring term 1. Science has been a real highlight this week, the children have built there […]

Gothic Poem performance.

To help us recall stanzas from our Victorian poem we used our acting skills to consider intonation, emotions, and themes. We had great fun acting and experimenting with our performance. Progress indicators: * To learn and recall a stanza from a poem. * To use intonation during a performance. * To consider emotions and themes.

Spring 1 week 4

What a great week! 5 White have had a lovely week. We are continuing to make progress in English and Maths. We are having great fun in topic where we are extending our knowledge of Victorian Britain. Wellbeing day was by far the highlight of the week. The pupils really invested in the day, showing […]

Spring 2 week 3

5 White have had an amazing week! The class have produced some lovely work in English, demonstrating their newly acquired detective story writing skills. They have been a pleasure to read in maths we have come to the end of our multiplication and division module and the children have had a chance to display their […]