6 White SOLE project

This week some children completed their SOLE project based on the Big Question: Is there any hope for peace in Somalia? They carried out independent research into the question and then examined the problem. They then summarised some of their research in this video. Enjoy!

Year 3 Around the world week SOLE projects.

3 White were given the big question: How does the weather in Nigeria differ from the weather in The Netherlands? Why do you think this is? The children chose to research the answer and present it using an Imovie and Green screen technology. 3 Blue were give the big question How does the weather in Iran […]

2 Blue SOLE Project

WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU VISIT BELGIUM? Well done to the group of children who were given the task of researching and presenting information on Belgium, which would help tourists decide which attractions to visit and what they might like to do on their trip What would you like to do in Belgium?

4Red: India SOLE project.

This week, a group of children in 4Red have worked exceptionally hard to create a project based around a key question, how has India impacted their life in Britain. The children worked independently researching and creating a poster. 

2 Red SOLE Project

Some of the children in 2 Red were given a challenge. Is Bangladesh a good place to go on holiday? The children chose to create a pic collage each in response.  Would you like to go on holiday to Bangladesh? Why? 

4W SOLE project Ghana

For Around the World Week 4 White have been learning about Ghana.  They were asked what could they tell us about trade in Ghana? They produced a poster with some fantastic information and a video displaying the information they have learned.  Well done 4W!

2W SOLE Project

2White’s more able learners were given a challenge to prove whether Kenya is a good place to go on holiday. Here is what they found… So… is Kenya a good place to go on holiday? Tell me why…

1 Blue Sole Project

Some of the children in 1 Blue were posed with the following question. They were able to research and present their findings however they chose to. They worked together well as a team and decided to use the internet to research the question and then create a poster which they then presented to the rest […]

4 Blue – The Story of the Windrush

This week in 4 Blue we have been learning all about the Story of the Windrush by K.Chimbiri. We learnt that after WWII the Empire Windrush brought people to England (the Mother Country) from the Caribbean. We explored what life was like for these people and how this generation has helped to shape the country […]

1 Blue Sole Project.

Some of the children in 1 Blue were set the following task. They worked independently to complete the challenge and went through several stages of Problem Solving to be able to complete the challenge. To make a structure for a Lego man to cross the road using only 14 Art Straws. 

SOLE project in 2 Blue

Well done to Rahima, Aleena, Danyaal and Raihaan who took part in the SOLE project this week.  They had to find the answer to  5 clues in order to help them solve a murder mystery. These clues involved using coordinates, cracking codes and solving puzzles as a team.  

Bridges challenge

These children had a challenge to solve. They needed to work out how to use 10 art straws to make a bridge for a Lego man to road. They showed great teamwork, shared their ideas well and were pleased with their end result.

Year 2 SOLE

Clue 1 We used the coordinates to unravel and unscramble a sentence. This sentence revealed our first clue. Saira sketched up a wanted poster, whilst Ravi narrowed down the 32 suspects. “It’s a girl. Girls have long hair”- Saira “I think it’s Miss Harrison-Brandon”- Ravi Clue 2 We had to spot a pattern to work […]

Tomato carriers

Children created tomato carriers, using boxes with a range of resources. Children have been able to design and a build a model that could transport as many cherry tomatoes as possible, at the same time, and without squashing them. They built a basket to hold your their cherry tomatoes and design and a device to […]

3 Blues tomato device challenge.

In 3 Blue today we were set a challenge to design and create a tomato carrying device. Our device had to carry cherry tomatoes down a hill without them being squashed. We worked in groups to plan, create and test them. Take a look at our video to see our devices. What materials worked best […]

5 White Space Nappies part 2

Today in 5 White we concluded our investigation into Space nappies. We made our own nappy and tested how successful it was. Can you answer the following: What went well? What needs improving? What will you do differently next time?

5 White – Space Nappy Part 1

In 5 White we all took part in a SOLE project when we considered what would happen if we went to the bathroom in Space.  We concluded it would be a disaster! To resolve the problem we began working in teams to design a space nappy for NASA. We had to consider all the problems […]

3 White-SOLE-creating tomato carriers

Today, We worked in groups to create a device to hold and transport cherry tomatoes. As a class we came up with success criteria: It can carry tomatoes without squashing them. It can move. It is stable- it doesn’t break. Children worked extremely well in teams to design and make their tomato carriers. We discuss […]

2 Blue SOLE project

A group of us designed a chocolate bar and wrapper, and wrote an advertisement to encourage people to buy our chocolate bar.  We also decided how much to charge and special offers we could make, taking into account the cost of ingredients. Take a look at our video.  

Year 2 SOLE Chocolate project

This week, our more able learners were set a challenge to design and advertise their own chocolate bar. They gave it their own name, designed the packaging, researched other chocolate bars to decide on a suitable cost, thought about ingredients and finally advertised it. Here is their work, carried out completely independently… 2White 2 RED

2 Blue The Heart

Well done to Danyaal, Aleena and Rahima who have produced a super iMovie to explain the importance of the heart, how it works and how to maintain a healthy heart. Take a look at their imovie.

6 Red SOLE project

Big Question: Is having a healthy body the same as having a healthy mind? What are good exercises for keeping fit? What activities support having a healthy mind? Can you support other people’s healthy mind? What do schools’ do to support children in having a healthy mind and body?

2White SOLE project

These 4 superstars were set a challenge to create a project to explain how to keep your heart healthy. They chose to present this as a piece of drama and this is what  they came up with ALL by themselves. The planned, researched, performed, filmed… the list goes on. WELL DONE and have a great […]

2 Red Sole Project

Some children from Ladybird and Spider group worked really hard to independently research the heart. They created their own posters and videoed each other reading facts they had discovered.  They used their research  and the torso to explain where the heart is situated on our model and how blood circulates around the body. The children […]

SOLE work in Year 3

During Health week, Year 3 have been focusing on smoking and how it is bad for you. As a challenge the SOLE children were asked to investigate the following question: What are the risks of smoking around children? Muhammed and Farhan created an i movie to showcase what they have found out. Please watch their […]