2 Blue SOLE Project

Some of the children in 2 Blue were asked to consider the question ‘Why should Coventry be the City of Culture?’ They worked independently and thought about Coventry’s rich history and heritage, leisure activities around the city and the important inventions that Coventry is well known for. Have a look at the super work they […]

SOLE: Year 4 Red – Coventry City of Culture

  “Are all memorial parks and gardens the same?” The children in 4 Red have produced a fantastic piece of SOLE work comparing and contrasting memorial parks across the globe. They researched parks in America and beyond, and could present their similarities and differences to the Coventry Memorial Park. 

Researching Entrepreneurs in 5 Blue

This week is Entrepreneur week. 5 Blue kicked off the day by researching some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the sports industry. Have a look at what they learned: What do you think of these entrepreneurs? Are they good role models? Why do you think this. Well done 5B Miss Starkey 💫

Ice Age 6? 6 Red SOLE

Year 6 had a huge challenge this week to debate ”despite global warming, could there be another ice age?” Fantastic teamwork and enquiry skills have produced this informative video. What do you think?


During science week, we did a SOLE challenge linked to our polar region learning. Our challenge question was: Despite global warming, will another ice age occur? Here is some of our work. Our fellow friends, what are your suggestions on the subject, do you think another ice age could occur?❄️ Blog by: Aryan, Saniya, Faheem, […]

Year 2 SOLE – Science Week

Year 2 were given this challenge: What would be the most effective way for the T-Rex to cross the river to reach the duck-billed dinosaur? We had to work in teams to plan. We thought about materials, their properties, the design and much more! Here is the process… As you can see, it was a […]

5 Blue’s Science Week

This week has been Science Week and Year 5 focused on sound. They took part in a variety of experiments to find out how sound travels and how noise is created by different objects. Here’s how they got on: Well done Five Blue, your dedication, hard work and enthusiasm has been exceptional. What did you […]

4Red: Sole Project.

This week the children independently researched the impact of plastic on marine life, and were given the opportunity to present their findings in a manner of their choice. How does plastic impact marine life?

Year 3 SOLE project!

The children in Year 3 have been investigating light as part of their Science Week learning. Some children were given the ‘big question’ to investigate. Our question this week was: Which light invention was the greatest and why? The children began their investigation by researching a variety of light sources, ordering sources such as fire, […]

Year 3 SOLE Planes of symmetry

The children were given the big question: Do all 3D shapes have planes of symmetry? In 3 White, the children decided to use plasticine to make the 3D shapes and explore how many planes of symmetry there are. Please see the video they made: 3 Red We used nets to create 3D shapes and investigated […]

Year 2 SOLE

During Shape Week, some of our more able learners were given the challenge of finding out which 2D shapes fit together. They learnt that this is called tessellation. They explored this practically and then on paper. Samik said ‘This is so much fun! I am going to try this at home with a different shape […]

4 Blue SOLE

Children were given the problem – which shapes make the most secure structures. They practically explored and did some research. Read their conclusions in the comments below.

2 Red SOLE

The children were set the task of finding out which band from the 90’s was the most and least popular. They collected information by visiting each class and asking the adults which band they preferred out of a chosen few. They created a tally chart and transferred the information onto a block diagram. Here is […]

Year 3 SOLE project

This week we have been learning about music in the 1960s. For our SOLE project, we looked into the big question: Who was the most successful Beatle? Why? Watch our videos to see what we found out. 3 Red 3 White: 3 Blue

SOLE Project in 2 Blue

A group of children in 2 Blue have worked hard to produce their project this week. Their question was ‘ Which is our favourite 90s band?’ They created their own survey and tally chart and asked the teachers around the school for their opinions. They then used these results to produce a block graph and […]

2W SOLE project

Safiyah, Umar & Zak were set a challenge to find out which 90s band was most popular. They had to visit all classes and ask adults which band was their favourite. The chose bands to research and created their own tally chart. Then they created a block diagram to present the data. Finally they interpreted […]

1 Blue SOLE Project.

What do you know about Elvis? Ibrahim and Hudayifah chose to make an iMovie to present their research and tell us everything they know about the famous musician and actor Elvis. Sameeha and Zahra chose to make a poster to show what they and found out about Elvis.

5 Blue’s Sole Project

This term 5 Blues’s Sole Project was all about researching about The Village People. They were looking at the 1970’s and each class were given a song from this era. 5 Blues song was called YMCA by The Village People. Welldone

4 Blue SOLE – Does Music Make People Happy?

Our big question was does music make people happy? Children worked in groups to explore this. They carried out independent research to gather opinions as well as reading from scientific studies. Children then presented their findings. Below you will see some of what they found. They will post their responses in the comment section.

5 Red-Perfect Pulleys…

5 Red were superb this afternoon and I am still smiling as I add this blog. The children were given a tray of items and asked to create some pulley systems. A pulley is a wheel on an axle or shaft that is designed to support movement and a change of direction of a taught […]

3 Red-SOLE Superstars!

The children were set a challenge today. They were given some initial ideas on how they could showcase their learning but had to choose the resources required and research their chosen Topic. We followed SOLE… A Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) is a program designed to support self-directed education. I have got to say the children in […]

3 White- damaging and improving the environment

Today, 3 White have worked in groups to investigate a big question: “How do humans damage and improve the environment?” It has been great to see the children being independent whilst researching and presenting. 3 White: Explain how humans damage the environment? Use the word bank to help you. Word bank: deforestation, destroying, pollution, greenhouse […]

6 White SOLE project

This week some children completed their SOLE project based on the Big Question: Is there any hope for peace in Somalia? They carried out independent research into the question and then examined the problem. They then summarised some of their research in this video. Enjoy!

Year 3 Around the world week SOLE projects.

3 White were given the big question: How does the weather in Nigeria differ from the weather in The Netherlands? Why do you think this is? The children chose to research the answer and present it using an Imovie and Green screen technology. 3 Blue were give the big question How does the weather in Iran […]

2 Blue SOLE Project

WHAT CAN YOU DO IF YOU VISIT BELGIUM? Well done to the group of children who were given the task of researching and presenting information on Belgium, which would help tourists decide which attractions to visit and what they might like to do on their trip What would you like to do in Belgium?

4Red: India SOLE project.

This week, a group of children in 4Red have worked exceptionally hard to create a project based around a key question, how has India impacted their life in Britain. The children worked independently researching and creating a poster.