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Marvellous Music in RB

This week we have had a week full of fun, music and laughter. Music has brought the best out of all of us as you can see in the video below. We focused on the year 1930’s and followed the theme and the journey of Disney. Well done children for making great progress towards learning […]

2 Red SOLE

The children were set the task of finding out which band from the 90’s was the most and least popular. They collected information by visiting each class and asking the adults which band they preferred out of a chosen few. They created a tally chart and transferred the information onto a block diagram. Here is […]

Year 3 SOLE project

This week we have been learning about music in the 1960s. For our SOLE project, we looked into the big question: Who was the most successful Beatle? Why? Watch our videos to see what we found out. 3 Red 3 White: 3 Blue

6 White Music Week

This week, 6 White have been working hard learning about music from the 1980s, particularly power ballads. This included creating a performance of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. Have a look and enjoy! They also composed a power ballad based on the Chernobyl disaster – have a listen:

2W SOLE project

Safiyah, Umar & Zak were set a challenge to find out which 90s band was most popular. They had to visit all classes and ask adults which band was their favourite. The chose bands to research and created their own tally chart. Then they created a block diagram to present the data. Finally they interpreted […]

Music and Technology week in 3 Blue

We have been very busy this week learning about the 1960s! We learnt about a historical moment that happened in the 60s! The first man on the moon. We used technology to create a news report to explain the moon landing and used musical instruments to create sounds we think we would hear in space! […]

Year 5 Holiday work

Hi Year 5, Thank you for all of your hard work this half term. All of your teachers are very proud of you. To keep your memory fresh, we are going to set you a little bit of work to be completed over the break: -Please read at least 5 times over the holidays! -Please […]

3 Red’s Music and Technology Week

Wow! What a week 3 Red have had learning about music and technology in the 1960s! We have been learning all about the most successful band to come out of that era ‘The Beatles’. We also looked at and compared technology such as phones, computers and cameras and researched the moon landing. 3 Red were […]

1 Blue SOLE Project.

What do you know about Elvis? Ibrahim and Hudayifah chose to make an iMovie to present their research and tell us everything they know about the famous musician and actor Elvis. Sameeha and Zahra chose to make a poster to show what they and found out about Elvis.

Half term message for 5 B

Hi 5 Blue, Firstly, I just want to say I hope you all have a lovely half term break. Look after yourselves, keep yourselves safe and have a good rest ready for next half term. Remember, next half term is a fresh start for everyone so we move on from previous friends falling out and […]

5 Blue’s Sole Project

This term 5 Blues’s Sole Project was all about researching about The Village People. They were looking at the 1970’s and each class were given a song from this era. 5 Blues song was called YMCA by The Village People. Welldone

Yellow Submarine by 3 Blue

This week 3 Blue have been learning about the Beatles, they have learnt the song Yellow Submarine. Take a look at our super video below! What is your favourite Beatles song? Who were the 4 members of the Beatles?

5 Red’s: One Love/Three Little Birds mash up

This music week, 5 Red have learnt 2 classic Bob Marley songs. They have written their own inspirational quotes and posters to go with their song. They have found a message of peace and hope from the 70’s and shared it. What was your favourite inspirational quote? What did you learn about Bob Marley? How […]

Don’t stop believing in the style of 6 Red

Well, what can we say….wow! This week has been great! Your effort and enthusiasm has been exemplary and the quality of work and fun has been amazing. You have all gained this week and you should use these skills and experience to take with you to tackle any challenges. So proud! Enjoy the fantastic video!

1 Blue Music Week

This week is MUSIC WEEK! In 1 Blue we are learning all about music from the 1950’s! We have researched what life was like in the 1950’s and learnt a famous Elvis song. We researched popular dances from the 1950’s and found out that the Jive was a very popular dance in this decade, so […]

3 White- Music and Technology week

What a super week we have had a in 3W! All children have been creative whilst exploring different instruments and working well together to create compositions, news reports, graphic scores and much more! We had a rock band experience and built our own robots head and programmed it to move! We have enjoyed using Garage […]