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2 Blue British Values

In British Values this term we have enjoyed circle time activities and discussion, investigating our environment and thinking about improvements we could make and considering what makes a good citizen. What do you think makes a good citizen? Is it good to live in a democracy?

Great role models

Well done to Habiba, Ryan, Asia and Zeynab! These children are really working hard towards their SATs. Not only this, these children have been impressing in their social skills too! What great role models! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. Stay safe.

Year 4 Reading Gladiators

This term I have had the opportunity to work with some very talented Year 4 children – Reading Gladiators. The club was set up every Monday after school. The first book they read was called ‘Word of Mouse’. The children had fun reading it and the work they produced was fantastic. I have enjoyed working […]

Teachers in Reception White

This week the children in Reception White have been learning about teachers as part of our topic on ‘People Who Help Us’. The children started the week off by discussing what a teacher is and how they help us. They then went on to ask different teachers around the school about their different roles and […]

RB Become Teachers

RB have had a fantastic week by becoming teachers. They have learnt how to direct, praise and support one another. It has been lovely to watch these young children take on mature roles. Well done RB and have a great Easter holiday. What did you learn about teachers?

Ministry of Chocolate in 6 Red

What a morning! We learnt about the history of chocolate and how it is produced. In addition to this, we analysed the composition of chocolate and its effect on us. We also designed our own chocolate! What did you enjoy about about the visit? What new information did you learn?

Mayan Day

Having only recently joined 6B, I have learnt so much about Mayan History. Children have been greatly enthused by their learning from creating Mayan clay money boxes, to learning the rich history of Chichen Itza. Below is a video showing some great learning and a fantastic workshop from the Ministry of Chocolate! Please answer questions […]

5 Red’s Competition Winners

  Winners of science competition for Spring 2 are Devanshi and Hamza . Well done ! Big well done to Leeda, Devanshi, Sean, Mus’ab, Inaaya and Laraib for scoring 10 out of 10 every week this term. Winner of story book competition is Leeda. Good job Leeda keep on writing.

Broad Heath’s Donation to Guide Dogs

Year 3 were very lucky to have a visit from Frank from the Guide dogs. He brought Kevin and his guide dog, Freddy kindly came to speak to us about his experiences. We decided to hold a fundraiser to raise money for the Guide dogs. As a year group we held a cake and biscuit […]

Amy G Visit

We had a special visitor today, Amy G! Amy G is a professional singer who came to Broad Heath to talk to the children about online safety and bullying and how these can be avoided, prevented and stopped. She also spoke about British Values and this is where our children had the opportunity to share […]

Year 5 Summer 1 Spellings

SHARKS GROUP   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Revision Root Words Root words Homophones Review jewellery press ready farther convenience appearance impress readily father correspond hygiene suppress readiness practice criticise whether depressed infect practise curiosity exaggerate please disinfect compliment definite disastrous pleasure infectious complement desperate receipt displease infection stationary determined […]

Year 3 Easter homework

Hi Year 3, you have all worked very hard this half term and deserve a good Easter break. Please have a break and have fun. So that you are still doing some learning during the break, please have a go at the two rising stars reading homework that you have been set. They are called […]

5 Blue First Aid Training

Today 5 Blue got the opportunity to learn about first aid. They learned how to help and save a life. There was some great team work and questioning. Simon was very impressed with some of answers the children gave. Well done for representing Broad Heath. What did you learn? What is the number to call […]


Year 2 have been talking about their own special celebrations. We then found out about the Jewish celebration of Passover and why this is important. Passover recalls the time when Moses returned to Egypt to free the Israelites from slavery. Take a look at our video. What is special about the Seder plate? Where does […]

Year 2 Healthy Lifestyles

This week we found out how to lead a healthy lifestyle and even got to make and taste banana smoothies! Take a look at our video :   How many portions of fruit and vegetables should you eat each day? What size should the portions be?  

4 Red – Around the world transports

This half term year 4 looked at the story ‘Around the world in 80 days’.  In this story Philleas Fogg travels in different modes of transport to get around the world.  Have a look at the pictures below of the imaginary transport the children have created in art.  What modes of transport did Philleas Fogg […]

Year 3’s Easter assembly

Year 3 really enjoyed performing in the Easter assembly this afternoon. They worked really well as a team and we were pleased that so many parents could join us. Some children created a stop motion animation using lego to show the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday. We also learnt about how Easter is celebrated […]

5 Blue Hobbits

Some children from 5 Blue acted out a part from The Hobbit where Bilbo is asked to go on an adventure with Gandalf and the hobbits. On their adventure they meet monsters, trolls and the dragon. They fight the dragon and reclaim the gold. Well done all of you. What did you enjoy about 5is […]

Roots to Food

The children had a fantastic visit from a professional Chef from Roots to Food, Darren. Darren spoke with the children about what food can keep us healthy and what foods we should have, but not have lots of. The children surprised Darren with how much they knew about keeping healthy and their knowledge about food […]

Book Recommendation

It is one of the children’s book, I couldn’t help but love “The Ice Monster”. It is the story of a little orphan called Elsie living in London in 1899 who hears stories of an “Ice Monster” that is coming to the city. She is so curious about this and finds her way into the […]