Class Blogs 18-19To Gain!

Arts Week in Reception White

Reception White have had a exciting and fun week learning all about sculptures from the past and present. The children learnt and explored how different materials can be manipulated to create different effects. This week the children looked at sculptures created by Louise Bourgeoise and Auguste Rodin. The children were taught to manipulate a range […]

Creative Reception Red

It has been a very exciting week in Reception Red. The children have been learning all about sculptures from the past and present and understanding how different materials can be manipulated to create different effects. Children learnt about Keith Jellum who made the Salmon sculpture in Oregon USA and the Sphinx of Giza. They developed […]

3 Blue – Art week

What a fantastic week we have had in 3 Blue! We have been so busy learning and practicing new skills such as using tone and sketching. We have also mixed paints to make a colour wheel.  3 Blue were very lucky to visit the park this week! At the park we sketched leaved and trees, […]

2 Red – Art Week

Well, what a fantastic week we have had! The week has been full of ideas, experiences,  fun, learning new skills and experimenting with a variety of media.  We have created some great artwork.  Take a look at our video and photos below. Using pastels as a mediaTinting and shading using paintAbstract artShading using pencilFresco art […]

RB Art Week

Our week has been colourful, creative and most of all, fun! We have explored many techniques to recreate our two focus art pieces which was The Statue of Liberty and The Headington Shark. Please enjoy watching all the skills and techniques we gained this week.  Which did you enjoy using the most clay, paint or […]

Art week in 6 Red

This week, we have been studying the artist Cheri Samba and learning about Egyptian art. We learnt a range of sketching skils, clay modelling skills and turning our portraits into 3D pieces of art. In addition to this, we learnt about Cheri Samba’s artwork and his life. What did you learn and enjoy during this […]

4W Art week !

This week the artists we have been learning about have been James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. The children learnt lots of new skills, techniques and vocabulary related to the artists and created pieces of artwork in the style of James Whistler and Georgia O’Keeffe. Our video shows some of the fantastic pieces of artwork that […]

6 White Art Week

What a fantastic week we have had learning about Peju Alatise and traditional Nigerian Art.  Our final class piece was a re-creation of Peju Alatise’s sculpture “The Flying Girls”. Here are some of our class describing some of the skills they have learned during this week and looking at the sculpture in more depth – […]

Art Week in Nursery

This week we have been outside all week and we have learnt lots.  We explored the natural environment and looked at all of the animals that we could find.  We looked at texture when we made delicious mud pies and we learnt all about different colours when we explored the different leaves.

Year 3 Art gallery

Year 3 loved looking around their Art Gallery this afternoon. They enjoyed sharing their learning with the other classes and also with their parents. Thank you to all the parents who came in to see the children’s wonderful art today. 

5 Red’s Autumn 1 Celebration Blog!

Well done for a fantastic term 5 Red. You have all shown some great learning and behaviour this term. Firstly, we’d like to celebrate some specific learners and their achievements (but below is a video celebrating all that’s been achieved this term by the whole class!)Our ‘Reading Champion’ blog celebrates readers and asks children to […]

Artistic Progress in 5 Blue 🎨

This week in 5 Blue, we have been studying the work of Vincent Van Gogh and Damien Hirst: We learned lots of new techniques to aid with our drawing and painting. Every single child made progress, as you can see by some of the fantastic pieces of art in this video. What did you learn […]

5 Red’s Art Week

This week we have been learning about David Hockney and Caravaggio.   David Hockney created many 3D landscapes and the children learned how to use one point perspective to create a 3 dimensional painting. Caravaggio was know for realistic depictions of faces, as a class the children learned how to draw faces in proportion and detailed […]

6 Blue Art Week

This week we have been exploring both past Swahili art and contemporary art by Aboudia. Below is a video showcasing all of our learning this week. What skills have you developed? What did you find challenging but overcame?

Art Week 4 Blue

This week in art week we have learnt all about Frida Kahlo and Norman Rockwell, both artists  created portraits in different ways. Kahlo’s work was more surreal whereas Rockwell’s was very realistic. What skills have you developed this week? What have you been proud of? What have you learnt?

2White Art Week

What a week we have had! We will let the video do the talking… Tell me what you have learnt.  How have you developed your art skills? How have you gained this week?

1 Blue – Art Week.

Wow what a week! 1 Blue have been fantastic artists this week!  They have developed their knowledge of art and learnt new painting techniques.  The children have been studying the two artists Graham Sutherland and Chris Ofili. The children used a variety of art media and created their own version of Chris Ofili’s ‘Another Eye […]

Y5 – I am a Photographer

The children in Year 5 have been developing their understanding of picture and photo editing. They have built on previous skills and learnt new ones. How will you use these skills in the real world?Why do you think they are good skills to learn?