Class 1 Blue Blog 18-19Swimming in the Sea of Learning

1 Blue Freeze Frames

Today in English we have been learning about the story ‘Class Three all at Sea’. We developed our role play by Freeze framing different parts of the story. Miss Addie read the story and we used our imaginations to look at the pictures in the book and create our own Freeze frame.

Brick Wall Reward-Summer 2 2019

You will be having one more opportunity to win the Brick Wall for this academic year. The reward will be 1 hour of GOLDEN TIME! You will be able to choose the activities as a class and enjoy some extra choosing time. What activities would you choose?

Our Super Summer Fair 2019

The Summer Fair has been a success each year because we work as a team to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. This year has been no exception and the weather was just glorious! A big THANK YOU to the Broad Heath family that have worked together and made this year’s Summer Fair such a […]

Summer 2 Awards – 2019

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Yasmin Nursery PM Alya RR Ammar Aaron Meena RW Yunus Anish Aisha RB Nma Zoe Hussein 1R Lucas Yaseen Hanfaa 1W Tyson Rishika Abdullah 1B Sarah Mohammed W Mohammed I 2R Aatifa Arafath Samanta 2W Zakariya Aayan Maryam 2B […]

1 Blue Stay and Play.

This week we have been learning about keeping healthy! We worked with Miss Chahal in Reception as Recpetion have been starting their transition into Year 1. We thought about how to keep healthy and identify how healthy choices that we make affect our bodies! Take a look at our posters!

Wild Plant Hunt.

1 Blue used their observational skills to explore wild plants in the environment today. Children worked together to find some plants and learnt names for theses wild plants. Keep your eyes peeled to see if you can find more wild plants on your way home from school. Can you find the Ivy as we didn’t […]

KS1 Writing Competition

Are you an amazing writer? Would you like to enter a Writing Competition to show how amazing you are? We are holding a KS1 Writing Competition at school called – ‘My Amazing Diary’ – it is a fun, exciting writing challenge where you can write a diary entry. From a day at the park or […]

KS2 STEM Club Celebration Event!

Wow what a wonderful morning we have had. Today the KS2 STEM club took part in a Celebration Event at Schneider Electrics. Over the past couple of moths they have been busy making a motorised car in small groups. The children had to research, follow instructions to make a frame for their car and use […]


The terrible weather has caused a tree to fall causing severe damage. There is also a tree beside it which is looking unsafe so to ensure everyone’s safety, NURSERY Is closed today and tomorrow to ensure we can clear the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Fiver Challenge!

Year 6 have been working hard in their mini business groups to create business plans with an investment of just £5. They will be selling their products Tuesday to Friday this week at KS1 (not Tuesday) and KS2 breaktimes in the Y6 area. 6 Red have produced these adverts to let you know what to […]

6B Fiver Challenge!

6 Blue have kick started the week with a shopping spree in preparation for this exciting week ahead. Each group was given £5.00 to spend on a range of products, the aim is for children to buy and create new products to sell and make a profit. Children spent last week undertaking market research in […]

Summer 1 Awards – 2019

Reading Maths Reception Elssy M Muhammad G and Aryan M Year 1 Noah & Zahraa Y Ismael Year 2 Sadeen Khairy and Lawy Year 3 Rahima Saanvi Year 4 Velin Shivani Year 5 Hadisa Yosif I Year 6 Mia B Ahmad A Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the […]

1 Blue Entrepreneur Week!

This week has been Entrepreneur week at school. In Year 1 we have been learning about the British designer Jenny Packham. We have learnt about different things that Jenny Packham designs including wedding dresses, jewellery and pretty dresses for celebrities and royalty. We looked at a piece of Jenny Packhams jewellery and learnt about diamonds. […]

School Photographs Wednesday 12th June 2019

Please note the venue and timing for Family photographs: Venue:Studio via the Year 6 entrance Time:8.00am-8.45am Class photographs will take place throughout the day. There will be NO individual photographs during the day. We will keep you updated regarding arrival of the proofs and order times as we receive the information. If you have any […]

Teddy Bears

The Reception team are running a stall at this years summer fair to guess the name of the teddy bear. If you have any teddy bears that need a new home please can you bring them to Reception Red, this will be most appreciated.  Thank you!

1 Blue Spelling Superstars!

Look at our 10/10s this week in 1 Blue! Well done children! Your new spellings are on the school blog so you can get a head start in practising over the holidays ready for the first test of Summer 1! I know we can get lots more 10/10’s in 1Blue next half term!

Year 1 Stay and Play!

What a fun Stay and Play we have had today in Year 1! We are thinking about the importance of staying fit and healthy and today we took part in different fun activities to show how exercise can be fun! What exercise will you do over the holidays?