Class 4 White Blog 18-19Superheroes in training!

Inclusive Sports Festival

Well done to the 8 children who attended our inclusive sports festival at Howes Primary School. The children had a great day, and took part in may sports, from cricket and basketball to cycling and dance. The children even met world record holder and European T34 100m champion, Coventry’s own Kare Adenegan! Thank you also […]

Brick Wall Reward-Summer 2 2019

You will be having one more opportunity to win the Brick Wall for this academic year. The reward will be 1 hour of GOLDEN TIME! You will be able to choose the activities as a class and enjoy some extra choosing time. What activities would you choose?

Our Super Summer Fair 2019

The Summer Fair has been a success each year because we work as a team to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. This year has been no exception and the weather was just glorious! A big THANK YOU to the Broad Heath family that have worked together and made this year’s Summer Fair such a […]

Summer 2 Awards – 2019

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Yasmin Nursery PM Alya RR Ammar Aaron Meena RW Yunus Anish Aisha RB Nma Zoe Hussein 1R Lucas Yaseen Hanfaa 1W Tyson Rishika Abdullah 1B Sarah Mohammed W Mohammed I 2R Aatifa Arafath Samanta 2W Zakariya Aayan Maryam 2B […]

Year 4 Summer 2 Reading Challenge

Bronze: Name two types of rainforest. Which rainforests are nearer to the equator – temperate or tropical? What percentage of natural medicines can be found in the rainforest? Silver: Why are there no rainforests in Antarctica? Explain. How do animals communicate when they cannot see one another? Why has the author written the word ‘damp’ […]

Year 4,5,6 Sports Day

Congratulations to all those children who took part in sports day today. Well done to the Red Team who came out winners this year. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to watch, as well as all the others who helped organise the event. Congratulations to all those students who tried hard […]

Year 4 PSHE – What have you done to make you feel proud?

Today in PSHE, we are discussing and celebrating people’s achievements throughout the year in our class. Many children have made fantastic progress in their learning, grown in confidence, or succeeded at a sporting event.  We would like Year 4 to think about the things they have achieved this year, and answer the following questions: Tell […]


This week year 4 children carried out an activity with hoola hoops to create a Venn Diagram in order to compare and organise shapes into groups of equal sides and right angles.

Year 4 Tennis Tournament.

Congratulations to the 4 students who competed in this years tennis tournament. They represented their school with fantastic determination, sportsmanship and a will to win. They did really well and just missed out on the semi-finals on points difference. It was a great experience for all the children involved, and they were determined to come […]

Sports Day Years 4,5,6.

This Thursday, it is the turn of years 4, 5 and 6 to take part in sports day activities, which will start at 9:10. We welcome parents and carers along to support the event, as for our students having someone to cheer them on and watch them try their best helps to make the day […]

Year 4 – Classroom Objects

Year 4 have been learning the names of classroom objects. They created videos to teach other children the names in Spanish. See how well you learn them after watching these videos. How many can you remember now?  

Year 4 SMSC – Who is inspirational to us?

Year 4 SMSC  – Summer 2 Year 4 are learning why Jesus is inspirational to some Christians in SMSC this half term. This week, we are exploring the term ‘inspirational’, thinking about who inspires us and why. Here are some ideas:                         We would […]

Year 4 Maths Homework – Week 1

Your homework this week Year 4 is based on this week’s Maths learning – Geometry. Please complete the bronze, silver and gold challenges below: Bronze: Are these angles acute or obtuse?   Silver: Draw these shapes in your homework books: The shape has two pairs of parallel sides. The shape has four right angles. The […]

Tennis Competition Year 3/4

On Wednesday 19th June 2019, some children from year 3 and 4 will be representing Broad Heath in a tennis competition. This will be held at Woodlands Sports Centre from 9.30am-12.00am. The children attending need to have their P.E kit in school on the day of the event. Those children attending will be informed shortly.

KS2 STEM Club Celebration Event!

Wow what a wonderful morning we have had. Today the KS2 STEM club took part in a Celebration Event at Schneider Electrics. Over the past couple of moths they have been busy making a motorised car in small groups. The children had to research, follow instructions to make a frame for their car and use […]

Dilemmas in a text!

Read through the stories and answer the questions in the comments below: 1)What is the dilemma in each story? 2)Which story did you enjoy reading the most and why? 3)What do you think makes a great story with a dilemma? Challenge- Copy and paste one sentence from the story where you think the author manipulated […]


The terrible weather has caused a tree to fall causing severe damage. There is also a tree beside it which is looking unsafe so to ensure everyone’s safety, NURSERY Is closed today and tomorrow to ensure we can clear the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Fiver Challenge!

Year 6 have been working hard in their mini business groups to create business plans with an investment of just £5. They will be selling their products Tuesday to Friday this week at KS1 (not Tuesday) and KS2 breaktimes in the Y6 area. 6 Red have produced these adverts to let you know what to […]

6B Fiver Challenge!

6 Blue have kick started the week with a shopping spree in preparation for this exciting week ahead. Each group was given £5.00 to spend on a range of products, the aim is for children to buy and create new products to sell and make a profit. Children spent last week undertaking market research in […]

Summer 1 Awards – 2019

Reading Maths Reception Elssy M Muhammad G and Aryan M Year 1 Noah & Zahraa Y Ismael Year 2 Sadeen Khairy and Lawy Year 3 Rahima Saanvi Year 4 Velin Shivani Year 5 Hadisa Yosif I Year 6 Mia B Ahmad A Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the […]

Quad Kids Athletics Tournament 06/06/19

Well done to the 11 students who represented Broad Heath at the Quad Kids athletics tournament. Each of them completed their 50 meter run, 400 meter run, javelin throw and standing jump. Every child performed well, and our scores as a team were encouraging. We will find out later this term how well our team […]

KS2 STEM Club – Celebration Event.

On Tuesday KS2 Stem Club will be attending a Celebration Event at Schneider Electrics in Coventry to showcase the wonderful cars they have made. They will be mixing and talking with engineers and staff from Primary Engineer to discuss what they have done and how they found their project. This trip will take place during […]

Year 4 Maths Homework – Entrepreneur Week

Dividing a Cake On Annie’s ninth birthday her Mum made her a cake which had the figures from 0 to 9 round the edge in red icing instead of candles.     Starting from the centre, Annie cut the cake into 3 pieces with 3 cuts so that the numbers on each piece added to the same total. Where were the cuts and […]