Class 5 Blue Blog 18-19Creating precious adventures.

Broad Heath’s Donation to Guide Dogs

Year 3 were very lucky to have a visit from Frank from the Guide dogs. He brought Kevin and his guide dog, Freddy kindly came to speak to us about his experiences. We decided to hold a fundraiser to raise money for the Guide dogs. As a year group we held a cake and biscuit […]

Amy G Visit

We had a special visitor today, Amy G! Amy G is a professional singer who came to Broad Heath to talk to the children about online safety and bullying and how these can be avoided, prevented and stopped. She also spoke about British Values and this is where our children had the opportunity to share […]

Year 5 Summer 1 Spellings

SHARKS GROUP   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Revision Root Words Root words Homophones Review jewellery press ready farther convenience appearance impress readily father correspond hygiene suppress readiness practice criticise whether depressed infect practise curiosity exaggerate please disinfect compliment definite disastrous pleasure infectious complement desperate receipt displease infection stationary determined […]

5 Blue First Aid Training

Today 5 Blue got the opportunity to learn about first aid. They learned how to help and save a life. There was some great team work and questioning. Simon was very impressed with some of answers the children gave. Well done for representing Broad Heath. What did you learn? What is the number to call […]

5 Blue Hobbits

Some children from 5 Blue acted out a part from The Hobbit where Bilbo is asked to go on an adventure with Gandalf and the hobbits. On their adventure they meet monsters, trolls and the dragon. They fight the dragon and reclaim the gold. Well done all of you. What did you enjoy about 5is […]

Roots to Food

The children had a fantastic visit from a professional Chef from Roots to Food, Darren. Darren spoke with the children about what food can keep us healthy and what foods we should have, but not have lots of. The children surprised Darren with how much they knew about keeping healthy and their knowledge about food […]

Book Recommendation

It is one of the children’s book, I couldn’t help but love “The Ice Monster”. It is the story of a little orphan called Elsie living in London in 1899 who hears stories of an “Ice Monster” that is coming to the city. She is so curious about this and finds her way into the […]

Spring 2 Year 5 Portfolio Page

Hi Year 5, Here are your portfolio pages for this term. We hope you have had fun learning and enjoyed this term. Take a look at your learning and please leave a comment. What have you enjoyed about this term? Have you had fun? What would you like to learn? Have a lovely safe break […]

5 Blue’s Brick Wall Award

Today, 5 Blue celebrated winnng the brick wall this half term! We had a fantastic afternoon full of treats. Well done 5B, you have all come a really long way from September. Let’s keep up all the hard work- you are making myself and Ms Janjua so proud. We loved having fun this afternoon with […]

HSBC School Bank

Today was our last bank opening until after Easter. Since the start of the year many children have opened a new account and started saving for their future. To encourage saving, the children were given a raffle ticket every time they put money into their account. Today we drew the raffle and had 3 Easter […]

YouTube: Parent Information

PLEASE READ:We, as a school, have come to the decision to advise you as parents to stop your children from using YouTube. This decision has come about because of the current level of inappropriate content that is being shared on the site. Under the sites rules, no child at BH is old enough to use […]

Year 5 – Board Games

Year 5 children made some amazing games to support younger children to develop their Spanish directional vocabulary! Have a look at some of the games and see how they reinforce the key words. Could you please explain what your game is and how it is played.  Test the game and evaluate it. What worked well? […]

5 Blue’s Easter Writing Competition

Hi 5 Blue! Here is a little challenge for you to do over Easter. Myself and Ms Janjua have been so impressed with the adventure writing that you have done so far for our Hobbit unit, that we want you to write your own adventure story. Here is the brief: We want you to write […]

5 Blue Superstars 💫

Have a lovely weekend 5 Blue and make sure you come in on Monday ready for a week filled with fun but also learning. We got quite hyper towards the end of the week- let’s make sure we show everyone what an amazing class we are as there will be so many opportunities for us […]

Guide Dog Fundraiser

Year 3 have been extremely busy this week! We have held a fundraising event to raise money for the guide dog charity, so we decided to hold a cake and biscuit sale and also guess the name of the puppy to try and raise as much money for the Guide Dogs as possible. All the […]

KS2 – Summer 1 ICT Club

In Summer 1, we have an ICT club for KS2-Years 4,5 and 6.  This is an opportunity for children to learn new skills on the computer, complete challenges on the blog, go on education city and purple mash.  The club will start on Wednesday 1st May 2019 from 3.15 – 4  for 4 weeks.  If […]

5 Blue’s Upcoming Brick Wall Prize!

Hi 5 Blue, I hope you are all having a fantastic evening. I have some really exciting news- Mrs Frankish got back to me and we are going to be celebrating our winning of the brick wall next Wednesday afternoon! We are going to have an afternoon outside with cake by the campfire and then […]

Summer 1 After School Club

In summer 1 there will be a girls football after school club. This club will be open for girls in year 4 , 5 and 6 and will run on a Monday until 4.00pm for three weeks. If you would like to attend please see Miss Shilton for a letter.

Young Ambassadors – the next mission!

On Tuesday 2nd April our young ambassadors will be helping Coventry tourist board evaluate a new Coventry Young Explorers Discovery Trail. Our year 5 ambassadors will travel to the city centre in the minibus, have a briefing, complete the trail, then meet for drinks/biscuits and receive a pin badge as a thank you. Make sure […]

Are you a model Broad Heath citizen?

Children in phase assembly today heard about two exciting opportunities for current Year 5 children when they join Year 6 – see the attached flyer! Year 5 and 6 staff will be a keeping a close eye on all children to see who truly deserves these treats. A decision will be made in the summer […]

Fundraising for Guide Dogs

The children in year 3 are holding a charity fundraising event this week as part of their PSHE learning. They have chosen the Guide Dogs charity and would love to raise money to help train and care for the dogs. Please help us by buying some cakes and biscuits from the diner at break times […]

Year 5: Example of an adventure story (homework)

For those of you writing your own adventure story for your homework, here’s one to help. A long time ago in a far-off land, a land which was full of magical creatures, lay a beautiful, sleepy village. Throughout the hill, you could find stunning cottages built with white, clean walls and black, wooden beams. Right […]

5 Blue Superstars 💫

Wow! What a fantastic week we have had 5 Blue! I am so proud of you all, you have all had a fantastic attitude which is reflected in our success of winning the brick wall! Your learning has also been brilliant- keep this up everyone is doing extremely well! As always, some children have gone […]

Year 5 Maths Homework

Hi everyone, Here are some problems for you to have a go at solving based on our recent fractions learning. Have a go at all of them or one of your choice, and solve them in your homework books. Good luck!