Class 6 Blue Blog 18-19

School Bank – HSBC

Thank you to all the children who have helped with the school bank this year. You have all represented the school brilliantly and I am very proud of you To encourage regular saving we set up a raffle for this half term. Every time the children saved their money they were given a ticket for […]

Year 6 are turning Japanese

Food tasting, kimono dressing and Japanese writing: what did you learn in our Japanese afternoon? Which activity did you enjoy? Which food did you like (or dislike?!) What was the highlight of the afternoon?

Self reflection & Evaluation

Coming to the end of an era, you’ve worked really hard as a class to raise the standards, you’ve shown resilience within your learning and you’ve all as individuals grown in confidence. Some children have developed skills of communication and others listening skills. Some of you have learned to show respect and some of you […]

Graduation Ceremony 2019

Graduation Video We would like to thank everyone who has supported in organising of the Graduation Ceremony 2019. In particular our special guests Lord Mayor Councillor Mrs Linda Bigham and her Consort Mr Kerry Bigham.

What a knight!

Well done to Year 6 on a fantastic dress rehearsal today. All the teachers who watched the performance today commented on how much the children in years 1, 2 and 3 really enjoyed the play. So tomorrow Year 6 will be performing to years 4, 5 and for parents/carers. Please can we ask for parents […]

16 books to keep pupils reading over the summer

Charity recommends a range of titles for pupils of all ages to read on a plane, by the paddling pool or when climbing a tree The summer holidays await, and with the distractions of warmer weather, trips abroad or the latest Xbox game it can be difficult to make sure pupils read for pleasure. So […]

Summer 2 Awards – 2019

Reading Maths Reception Adviti Zayd Year 1 Yusuf B & Kanishka Karanbir Year 2 luxor Abdulasiis Leon Year 3 Aisha. B Afsana Year 4 Ryan Armaan Year 5 Sean Mahamad Y Year 6 Pranay Menahel Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Subhan Nursery PM Ashton […]

Year 6 Citizenship

Well done to all the brilliant year 6 citizens who have contributed and supported children and teachers around the school this morning. Please share what you’ve gained from citizenship?

Online Safety Monitors

These are the 2018-2019 Online Safety Monitors. They have helped to maintain a safe environment for children at BH to use online devices. They have been involved in meetings, helped teachers to monitor iPad use and express their ideas to improve the school even further. Well done to all involved. If you would like to […]

Happy Campers!

Despite the rain, Year 6 had a fabulous time at camp. Games, burgers, film and midnight chats made for a fun time! Hope you all manage to catch up on sleep over the weekend! What was your favourite part of the camp and why?

Cricket – World Cup Final

Well done to ENGLAND!!! England thrashed Australia to reach the Cricket World Cup Final! This is the first time since 1992 England have reached the World cup final – they have never won! This may change on Sunday. They are playing New Zealand. How do you feel about England being in the final? Why would […]

School Sporting Pride

Well done to the Broad Heath Football team who represented our school with pride. What have you done this week to make you feel proud in your school? Please leave your comments on the blog and on the whiteboard outside the water fountain.

Year 6: The Final Countdown!

We can’t believe that our fantastic Year Six children have little more than a week left at Broad Heath. There is a lot going on next week: We look forward to seeing all parents on Monday at the graduation and on Wednesday at the performance. Monday 15th : Graduation at 2pm – please remember to […]

Songs for the Prom

Dear Year 6, As our Prom Night is upon us next week, we are giving you the opportunity to think about what songs you would like to be played. This will enable us to create a playlist. Your choices need to be blogged by Monday 15th July. Please write the name of the song and […]

Visit to Waterstones Book Shop

Today the Broad Heath Junior Librarians visited Waterstones Book shop in the city centre. There was a brief tour of the shop (including places where the public aren’t allowed!) and time to purchase some books for the school library. It was a great experience and we all had great time, our Guide helped us around […]

Make Summer Cyber Safe

Online safety education shouldn’t end at school. To help our kids navigate the online world, we have to give them the tools they need to recognise and deal with negative, threatening, or violent online behaviours. Join an Online Safety expert, Stella James, for a free 60-minute webinar covering: How to Update and Manage Privacy Settings Different […]

Brick Wall Winners

Six Blue and Six Red we’re beaming with pride this afternoon whilst celebrating a successful joint win! Below are some fantastic photos of children having a great time at their well deserved ‘Picnic & Play’ Also a big shout out to the kitchen staff for some delicious sandwiches!

Japanese and English diet

Over the past few days, Year 6 have been looking at Japanese and English diet, comparing the two and doing some research on the diet that Japan have. The main food that Japan eat is fish, taking up a massive part of their diet. The Japanese diet contains very little sugar and all of their […]

6 Blue reflections

Reflection is an essential part of who we are and our learning/development in education. Reflection helps us to think about our learning and the positives as well as the barriers/negatives that we can overcome to become successful in what we do in our daily lives. This could be feelings, behaviour, successes, goals and achievements, personal […]

Excited Ebraheem!

I saw Ebraheem this morning and he was super excited and told me that he had received a certificate. I was very impressed to see that he has been using his skills ‘to gain’ outside of school too.

Happy Hudayfa!

Hudayfa has been very busy outside of school and has received recognition for his hard work. Can you believe Hudayfa has only been attending the club since September! Well done Hudayfa!

Surviving on a Desert Island

In Chapter 4, Michael finds himself on a desert island and has to figure out what to do. This morning, we watched a video explaining how to survive on a desert island with lots of handy tips. Please answer the questions below: What experiences could you have coming up to a deserted island? What can […]