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Year 2 Reading Gladiators-Wk 3

Hello Year 2, I hope you are all well, I miss your smiles and enthusiasm but I am glad you have been staying safe. So, last week I left you with the challenge to gain a better understanding of how snakes move, I hope you enjoyed the fun activity with your families. I just want […]

01.04.2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! Today Lils and I decided to recycle toilet roll tubes and make a small village for her Shopkins. They were so much fun to make! All you need is toilet tubes, scissors, paint or crayons and cupcake cases. Don’t worry if you don’t have cases, I’m sure you could make roofs […]

Urgent – parents please read

Can the parents of the following children please make contact with the school office via email. Ibrahim RB. Sandra RR. Ebnezere RB. Umar K. RR. Musa RR. Faris RR. Ebeid RW. Mya RW. Hasan RW. Yusuf RR. Jegor RB. Safa RB. Sumaya RW Ramandeep 1R. Alina 1R. Rustam 1W. Aqsaa 1B. Myiesha 1W. Delilah […]

Draw with Rob Part 2 (01.04.20)

Rob Biddulph the children’s illustrator is back with another exciting draw-along video for you all to watch and hopefully, make some nice pictures of your own. Show off your creativity and create a drawing of your own using the skills you have learnt. Have fun being little artists. You can send pictures of your drawings […]


Hi children, Have you collected your P.E kits from school? If not, you MUST do this TOMORROW (Thursday 2nd April 2020) between 9;30 -11am. PLEASE TELL YOUR GROWN UPS! Please keep a safe distance from anyone who is there. The office will be open for any support / requests/ food voucher support.  Thank you! Remember to log […]

2B Making Choices

Last week, we discussed how we dealt with anger. We discussed strategies that helped us to control it and why it was important to say sorry to those who were affected by our anger. If you say sorry, it might not only make the other person feel better, but also make you feel better too. […]

2 Blue Story Time

For story time today, I took a trip out to the woods to get some fresh air with Rufus. We are reading another Julia Donaldson book called… Can you tell me what the word dense means and put it into a sentence.

2 Blue Maths Wednesday 1st April

We are again going to progress our knowledge of division by reminding ourselves how we divide by 10. Again, we will use the sharing equally method. Please watch the video then answer the questions in the comments below. 20 ÷ 10 = 10 ÷ 10 = 40 ÷ 10 = 4. 5. 6. Write your […]

31.03.2020 Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! Today Lils and I decided to make an origami jumping frog. At first we found this a little bit tricky but we carefully followed the instructions and persevered! All you need to make this is a piece of paper. Why don’t you have a go at making two and have a […]

Check out BH budding artists! 31.03.20

Emails have been flooding through with great drawings. I can see these children have used the skills learnt from Rob to draw their own master pieces. See below to see all the children’s amazing artwork. Well done everyone these drawing are great. If you have done a drawing you can still send it in and […]


Afternoon parents, Please can parents send us their email addresses if they think they are entitled to a food voucher? We need an email address to send the voucher to. Please send to me or the school office. The email address is on the website. We should be able to start sending these out this […]

2 Blue’s Brilliant Work

The last few weeks have been very different for you, your families and for the teachers. We miss seeing your smiles, your jokes and I even miss you shouting out when you shouldn’t. Me and Mrs Patel would love to see some of the work you have been doing at home. Send the pictures and […]

Draw with Rob Biddulph 31.03.20

Rob Biddulph is a children’s illustrator and is giving free drawing lessons to inspire all aged children. He has created a fun draw-along video for you all to watch and hopefully, make some nice pictures of your own. Have fun being little artists. Show off your creativity and create a drawing of your own using […]

2B English Tuesday 31st – Rising Stars

Hi Year 2, Every day, your teachers have been setting Rising Stars reading comprehension challenges for you to complete online. Unfortunately, very few children have been completing these! Today is your chance to catch up on these before we move on to any new learning. You do not need to enter a ‘Centre ID’ – […]

2B Coding

Hi Everyone. This week we are going to use Purple Mash again. The above is set as a 2do so please log on and have a go. Work through the tasks and if you find them a bit tricky, don’t forget to click on the hint. This will show you what to do.

2 Blue Maths Tuesday 31st March

Today we are going to go over the dividing by 5. Yesterday we were practising sharing a number or objects between 2 and today we will be sharing them between 5 groups. Please watch the video then answer the questions in the comments below: 15 ÷ 5 = 25 ÷ 5 = 40 ÷ 5 […]

2 Blue Story Time

You’ll have to watch the video to find out what book we are reading today… Can you draw a picture of the Gruffalo and label it using expanded noun phrases. In the comments write the expanded noun phrases you will use with the drawing. REMEMBER adjective , adjective noun

Year 2 Rainbow Challenge

Hi Year 2, As many of you know, I live by the motto ABC. Today that stands for Always Be Cheerful and Always Be Creative. Listen carefully to the video and see if you can be cheerful and creative. Please send pictures of your creations to Good luck!

30/03/2020 – Daily Craft Ideas

Good afternoon Broad Heath! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and stayed safe. Today Lils and I made a caterpillar racing game, It was so much to make and play! All you need to make this is paper, scissors and a pen. You will also need straws to make your caterpillars move. Enjoy […]

2B – English Monday 30th – Education City

Hi Year 2, Today is your chance to catch up on all of the Education City tasks which were set for you last week in the homework section. They are all still available so please ensure these are complete. Your teachers will be checking! Once you have completed your Education City homework tasks, comment on […]

2 Blue Plants and Habitats

What is a habitat? Take a look at the pictures on the slide above and think back to your previous learning. What types of plants do you think we might find in the sea? What types of plants do you think we might find in a tropical climate? Instructions for your task Choose one of […]

2 Blue Maths Monday 30th March

Well done to all the children who are responding to the comments and logging on to Education City. Lots of children across England are trying to get on to Education City so it is not always working. Because of this I will set more questions that need to respond to in the comments section. Answer […]

2 Blue Story Time

Another day and another exciting story. Today we are going to read… What did you like about the story? If you were to rewrite the ending, what would happen? Please write your comments below?

Keep up the Brilliant Work…

Paul Hollywood has nothing on our BH bakers…. step aside Great British Bake Off, we have the futures greatest bakers here at Broad Heath!!! My shortbread recipe has proven to be quite popular, there has been a few children who have tried the recipe at home, I am so impressed with all of you. Here […]