Class 3 Blue Blog 19-20We are out of this world!

Roman Day in 3 Blue

3 Blue have had a great day! We made mosaics, Roman shields, had a gladiator competition, identified Roman numerals and learnt a song about the Romans. What was your favourite activity of the day?

3 Blue learn about pneumatics

This week in Design and Technology, 3 Blue have learnt how pneumatics systems work. We created our own simple pneumatic systems using a balloon, a syringe, a piece of tube and a washing up bottle. We discussed how air pressure affected each system. Which pneumatic system was the most effective? Why? What happened when we […]

More Pen Licenses in 3 Blue

Well done to Maryam, Aisha, Serina and Gufran who have shown consistent, beautiful handwriting and have therefore been awarded a pen license. What advice could you give others so that they can receive a pen license?

Times Table Olympics in 3 Blue

  WOW! Zakariah, Luxor, Gufran, Zakariya, Maryam, Aisha, Safa an Safiyah have all moved up a podium on the times table olympic chart. All of these children correctly answered different multiplication facts in 3 minute. They are all one step closer to becoming the times table class champion. Amazing Safiyah has raced ahead to the […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue

Well done to all our super spellers, including Aisha, for achieving 10/10 in this week’s spelling test. We were so proud of the number of children who scored 9 and 10. This has improved from last week. Well done 3 Blue! Let’s push ourselves that little bit harder and turn the seven 9’s into 10’s […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-The final few hours!

After an eventful few hours the evacuees finally fell asleep on the floor (well on extra thick comfortable mats). Our children were just perfect, including the children that snored during the night and those that insisted on speaking (in their sleep)! We have just added a few more clips and photographs of the night and […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-It’s almost a goodnight from us!

The activities during the evening incorporated many wonderful, exciting and thought provoking learning experiences. This however, would not have been possible without the staff. The children are now relaxing and are ready to watch Goodnight Mr Tom, whilst munching on their handmade rationed carrot cookies and glorious hot chocolate. A really big thank you to […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-War Effort!

A ‘war effort’ refers to the coordination of society’s resources. This takes place to help support a military force resource and are both industrial and human. The children took part and supported by making boxes that could be used for gas masks. How did you make the boxes? Why would they have been important?

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-Rationing

Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources. Rationing controls the size of the portion that one is allowed on a particular day. The children had access to real ration books. What sorts foods were rationed? What did you make and what ingredients were available?

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-Games

Children have always had access to games, although the types of games available today may have changed. The children were encouraged to play in groups and individually. During wartime many of the toy factories started to make guns and plane parts, so there was a shortage of new toys. During this time many of the […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-Virtual Reality

The children have been learning about the heavy and frequent attacks on London and other cities including Coventry. The VR learning experience was to help the children to feel part of ‘Blitzkrieg’ (lightning war). Most of the air raids took place at night. One devastating raid on Coventry on 14th November 1940 was the biggest […]

Spring 1 Awards – 2020

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Maryum N Nursery PM Sulaiman RR Jari Nick Adnan RW Carter Eva Sumayyah A RB Safa Adrian Nabiha 1R Maryam 1W Aroush Amina Muhammed G 1B Tobi Hussein Zoe 2R Aaliya Noah Ramarni 2W Yaseen Ali Umar 2B Ammara […]

Year 4 Blitz Night 2020-Make and Mend!

Hand repairing clothing became a necessary part of life during wartime. People were encouraged to improve their sewing skills. A report on Public Welfare requested government support for an official ‘Make and Mend’ campaign. What did you mend? How would you feel if the campaign was reintroduced?

Wednesday 5th February 2020 – Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is February 5, 2020! A 2015 study has found that children are exposed to a larger vocabulary from books which are read to them rather than from conversations with adults. This is because we tend to speak with the same 5000 most popular words. While books — even picture books — […]

Year 3 Computing

In Computing this morning we are continuing our ‘I am a Coder’ unit. We are going to learn how to code sprites so they can speak. Here is the link to Scratch that you will need  

Amazing Bodies in 3 Blue!

In Science this term, Year 3 are learning about Amazing Bodies. So far we have learnt about what a healthy meal should include, the five main food groups and this week we looked at the three diet groups of animals. We then sorted out these animals into a venn diagram. What does a herbivore? Give […]

Finishing Times

Good afternoon parents, We will be releasing Reception, Years 1 and 2 children at 3;10 pm every day. They will not be receiving less teaching time, as there will not be an afternoon outdoor break as such. A 5 minute break will be introduced for children to go to the toilet etc We will also […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue!

Well done to all our super spellers, including Aisha, for achieving 10/10 in this week’s spelling test. We were so proud of the number of children who scored 9 and 10. This has improved greatly from last term. Well done 3 Blue! Let’s push ourselves that little bit harder and turn the 9’s into 10’s […]

The Romans in 3 Blue

This week we started our topic on the Romans. We looked at when the Romans ruled and when they invaded Britain. We also looked at some Roman Artefacts and tried to figure out what they were and what they were used for. When Was Rome built? What is an Artefact? What kind of Roman materials […]

Please spread the word!

Mrs Hurt found the link below and thought it would be extremely helpful to share it with as many of our wonderful families as possible. Free nearly new baby items on Friday 10th January 2020 from 12.30-2.30pm at the Swan Centre (behind Norton House) on Bird Street, just behind the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre […]

Even Healthier Packed Lunches!

As you already know we want to ensure ALL of the children at Broad Heath have the best possible start in life. We strive for our children to achieve academically but also be confident, sociable and healthy. Lunch is an important meal for children to provide energy and nutrients to keep them going throughout the afternoon. … The […]

Brick Wall Prize Spring 1 2020

Happy new year and welcome back to everyone at Broad Heath. This term, the reward for the winners of the brick wall will be . . . HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSH MALLOWS (halal)! You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

Year 3 Roman Day

As part of our history topic, we will be having a Roman day at school. This will be an opportunity for children to gain a better insight into life at the time. To help with this, we will be asking all the children to dress up as a Roman. There are some ideas for costumes […]