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3 Blue make pizza dough

Today we have been making dough to use for our pizza making on Monday. We discussed what ingredients were needed and why. What ingredients were needed to make the dough? Why is using yeast important?

Autumn 2 Awards – 2019

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Bilal Nursery PM Salman RR Faris Alisha Ebunoluwa RW Siyam Shemaiah Abigail RB Rahim Eva Lewis 1R Aksa Sabiha 1W Mahdi Muhammad Y Bethany 1B Abdul Aqsaa Abdirahman 2R Inayah Aarav Ibraheem 2W Haroon Elham Sanad 2B Ammara Key […]

Spring 1 Bike Raffle

🚲 🌟 You could be in the running of winning a bike from this raffle, if you meet the following: 🚲🌟 100% Attendance Zero Latenesses No Times in the Behaviour Book If you qualify for the above, you will automatically be put into a special raffle hosted by Mrs Frankish for your chance to win […]

After School Clubs Finished

After today (05/12/2019), there will be no more after school clubs for the rest of the term. Clubs will start again in the new year. Students who wish to attend can ask their class teacher for a letter in the first week back after the holidays. Thank you to all the children who have taken […]


You are invited in to school from 8;30-9 and 3;15- 4 any day week beginning 9th December until Thursday 12 th December to look at your child’s work books and all the work they have done in the Autumn term. Your parent teacher /consultations will be in January and this will give you the opportunity […]

Pen Licenses in 3 Blue

Well done to Aayan, Jasmine and Safiyah who were the first children to be awarded a pen license in year 3. They put in 100% effort to ensure presentation is beautiful and their handwriting is neat. How could you improve your handwriting so that you got a pen license?

Year 3’s Well-being Day Dance Skills

Year 3 having being learning dance skills as a part of their well-being day. They have shown, resilience, determination, perseverance and courage in order to perform. When else have you shown determination? What was your favourite part of the day and why?

Times Table Olympics in 3 Blue

It has now been a month since we started our ‘Times Table Olympics’ in 3 Blue. The idea is that the children are able to answer a number of times table related questions in 3 minutes. If they get them all correct they move up a level on our Olympic chart. We now have 8 […]

Wellbeing Day Rugby Skills Year 3

Year 3 have been learning rugby skills as part of their well-being day today. They’ve worked really hard to show good sportsmanship and teamwork as well as showing respect when working with each other. When else have you had to show respect?

3 Blue give instructions

3 Blue have been learning about instructions this week. Earlier on during the week they followed instructions and yesterday they gave each other verbal instructions. As a class they gave Mrs Patel instructions on how to make a chocolate rice crispies cake. Then then had a go instructed each other to make a jam sandwich, […]

Update on 3 Blue’s floating gardens

We have been watering our seeds, and have ensured that they are kept at the correct temperature. They have been placed by the window so they receive plenty of light… and they have started to grow! Why do you think some seeds have grown more than others? What has happened to your floating garden?

3 Blue follow instructions

This week we have been learning about instructions. We identified the key features of an instruction text and looked at what was needed for a good set of instructions. Today, we followed instructions to make a pencil topper. Were the instructions easy to follow? Why? Name the key features of an instruction text. What is […]

Late for an important date!

Parents  and children, Being late is not acceptable at Broad Heath. You are spoiling learning for the majority because you disturb the flow and creativity. Can I remind you that we have a free breakfast club as from 8 am and all class doors open at 8;30 am so children can go in and start […]

3 Blue’s persuasive adverts

This week we completed our holiday brochures for Italy. On Friday we created adverts to persuade people to go to Italy by telling them all the great things it had to offer. We worked as a team and shared ideas on what was best way to sell our holiday! As a class we discussed what […]

Super Spellers in 3 Blue!

Well done to all this week’s super spellers, including Aisha, who worked hard and got 10 out of 10 for their spelling test. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t practising as much as we need to. For next week I would like everyone in 3 Blue to choose an activity from below to help them with […]

3 Blue’s floating gardens

In Science this half term we have been researching floating gardens. We looked at the floating gardens in Bangladesh, to understand how they work. We also conducted our own experiment on what objects float and which objects sink. After 3 weeks of research, planning and designing, we made our floating gardens this week. What happened […]