Class 4 White Blog 19-20Learning, Leading and Succeeding


Hello 4W! Well look at that! We have completed a whole half term of home learning! Me and Mrs Diaz are so proud of all of you, we are missing you very much. I’m sure you are all missing each other too. So, I would like us to use our CLASS PADLET WALL to to […]

Broad Heath Star Bloggers Awards May 2020

We are delighted to announce that 21 children across the school have been chosen by their teachers as “star bloggers” and came into school this morning to be presented with a £5 WHS voucher. These children were recognised for their commitment to their learning, completing learning blogs to a high standard, responding to adults’ feedback […]

Reading for Pleasure: Branching Out- Horrible histories

The Horrible Histories books have seen epic success – with over 60 books, a BAFTA award-winning TV series and several spin-off series to date. The books are well known for highlighting the gruesome side of history and are packed with jokes, comics and gruesome facts. ​ Find a list of ten similar books put together for those looking […]

Important !

At the Governors’ Meeting that was held yesterday , it was agreed unanimously that school will open to Year 6 pupils only if the 5 government conditions have been met. This will be decided on May 28th. Younger children will not be expected back in school. Key workers and children who have been attending school […]

Year 4 Bloggers of the Week

In 4 Red the blogger of the week has been working really hard to complete all challenges on the blog, they have consistently been working hard to do their best and this person is still very new to our school but has settled in really well. Well done Aayan. S you have been working extremely […]

20.05.20 4W Maths Home Learning

Good morning, for your Home Learning today you are going to be practicing your timetables. Take a look below for your bronze, silver and gold challenges. Bronze – Silver – chose a times table that you struggle with and create a poster on how you can learn them. Gold – explain the pattern for […]

Thursday 21st May- 4W Topic: Tudor Houses

We have been learning all about Tudor ways of life. In this lesson we will explore Tudor buildings- how were they built? How are they different from modern houses? You can still see Tudor buildings in lots of towns and cities today characterised by their pitched roofs, white walls and crooked black beams. BRONZE: Read […]

21.05.20 4W Maths Home Learning

Today we are going to be completing an investigation linked to time. This will be using your knowledge of 24 hour clocks. Read the task below. Think about the following questions to get you started. When does 5 appear in the minutes display? When does 5 appear in the hours display? How will you know that you have got all the […]

Draw with Rob, BH drawing club 20.05.20

Draw with Rob continues to be a huge hit with all the children. I have received lots of amazing and creative drawings. You can clearly see the children are developing and learning new skills from these draw along video with Rob Biddulph. Have a look at these wonderful drawings.

20.05.20 4W Maths

Morning year 4, today we are going to continue looking at time and reading clocks. Please can you tell me what time it is now? Click through the slides to understand how to convert from a 12 hour clock to a 24 hour clock and then back. It is honestly really simple once you can […]

Draw with Rob (part 22) 20.05.20

Rob Biddulph the children’s illustrator is back with another exciting new draw-along video for you all to watch and hopefully, make some nice pictures of your own. Have fun being little artists. Lets see if you can create a picture of your own using the techniques taught by Rob. You can send pictures of your […]

Year 4 Comprehension 19.5.20

Hello Year 4. I would like you all to read the text below and have a go at answer the questions underneath. Thank you. What swept over the moon? Find and copy the word in the first sentence that is closest in meaning to covering. … like a cloak, shrouding a face … How do […]

* Year 4 PE – Cricket & coordination.

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week’s PE lesson. Firstly, congratulations! We had more students submit PE scores than any other primary school in Coventry, so let’s live up to that again this week! Your sport this week is cricket. Just like last week there are two parts to this challenge. For the first challenge, […]

Music for Mindfulness Week Tuesday

I hope that you enjoy spending a few minutes of your day just sitting still and listening to music. The wonderful young players are so exciting to watch. The BBC Ten pieces video is excellent. Please watch it a few times over the coming week. Mr R.

19.05.20 4W Maths Home Learning

Hello Year 4, today your maths is going to be on learning by questions. Please look carefully at which task you have got to do as different children will have different tasks. Group 1 – Abubaker, Abdirahman, Muhammad, Absi, Qasim, Bijan Group 2 – Rest of Class. Children in Group 2, you can have a […]