Class 5 Red Blog 19-20

5 Red’s Reading Champions

Welcome to our Reading Champions Blog! As a school we want to encourage a love of reading, and as a class I want you all to find books to love and enjoy.  We would like you to write a review of the books you are reading. You can pick your school book from the brown […]

Spring 1 Awards – 2020

Key Stage 1/EYFS Class Certificate of Excellence Certificate of Recognition Citizen of the Week Nursery AM Murtaza Nursery PM Iqra S RR Neda Halima Minnah RW Kinza Aiza Ilyas RB Maya Hamida Muhammad B 1R Arfa Keaton Ammar 1W Nihal Aryan Madeeha 1B Hudayfa Haarun Nma 2R Noah Lusardo Aalya 2W Kirtan Sania Rayyana 2B […]

Victorian Toys In 5 Red

Year 5 have been learning all about Victorian Toys.  The children have learnt that toys have been around for ages.  We have looked at the types of toys that Victorian used to play with in the 19th Century.  Year 5, had the wonderful opportunity of partaking in a workshop today, where we had special visitors, […]

Year 6 Sports Champions – Boccia

Today year 6 took part in their Sports Champions competition. It was a very close competition but 6 Blue found themselves in the final whilst 6 Red and 6 White competed in the semi-final. This saw 6 White become winners and they then faced 6 Blue in the final. 6 Blue came out on top […]

Que te gusta hacer? Por que?

Your task today is to be able to write a paragraph about your likes and dislikes linked to sports and hobbies. Please use the word bank given to you in class to write clear sentences about these and always remember to give a reason as to why you like/dislike the sport or hobby. If you […]

Sherlock Holmes Story

The case of the Missing Teacher It was a dull, dreary morning at 21b Baker Street. I sat under the window, writing the report from our last case “A study in pink”, when a gentle rapping came from the door, like a whisper against the wood. “Please sir, I need your help.” Asked the girl […]

Multiplication and Division problems

Please solve following word problems in your homework books. Bronze A ). There were twenty-four marbles which were dropped at school. Six children went to pick them up. The children collected the same number of marbles each. How many marbles did each child collect ? B). Twenty children went to the ten-pin bowling alley. They […]

Wednesday 5th February 2020 – Read Aloud Day

World Read Aloud Day is February 5, 2020! A 2015 study has found that children are exposed to a larger vocabulary from books which are read to them rather than from conversations with adults. This is because we tend to speak with the same 5000 most popular words. While books — even picture books — […]

¿Que deporte te gusta?

This week in Year 5 we learnt lots of new vocabulary. The vocabulary we focused on was a variety of sports. I am going to add 2 videos to support your learning and revision until the next lesson as I appreciate that their were a lot of words to learn! The 1st video is the […]

Practise your Times Tables!

Hi Year 5.  To help you practise your Times Tables please try:  There also some fun games to help you practise.  Remember to also practise on TT Rockstars.  Have fun learning and practising.  leave a comment and let me know how well you did. Enjoy. Mrs Habib  

Finishing Times

Good afternoon parents, We will be releasing Reception, Years 1 and 2 children at 3;10 pm every day. They will not be receiving less teaching time, as there will not be an afternoon outdoor break as such. A 5 minute break will be introduced for children to go to the toilet etc We will also […]

Please spread the word!

Mrs Hurt found the link below and thought it would be extremely helpful to share it with as many of our wonderful families as possible. Free nearly new baby items on Friday 10th January 2020 from 12.30-2.30pm at the Swan Centre (behind Norton House) on Bird Street, just behind the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre […]

Even Healthier Packed Lunches!

As you already know we want to ensure ALL of the children at Broad Heath have the best possible start in life. We strive for our children to achieve academically but also be confident, sociable and healthy. Lunch is an important meal for children to provide energy and nutrients to keep them going throughout the afternoon. … The […]

Brick Wall Prize Spring 1 2020

Happy new year and welcome back to everyone at Broad Heath. This term, the reward for the winners of the brick wall will be . . . HOT CHOCOLATE AND MARSH MALLOWS (halal)! You can earn the bricks from your Teachers, Year Leaders, Pastoral Team, Office Staff and Leadership Team. Please make the most of […]

Me gusta y no me gusta…

In Year 5 we began our new topic  about sharing our likes and dislikes about sports and different hobbies. Some children shared these in Spanish. Watch the video and see what these children like or dislike doing. Which sports do you like and dislike? For Year 6 could you do the same activity about sharing […]

Year 5 Non Fiction Comprehension – Sunfish

Hi Year 5.  Welcome back to school.  I have set a non-fiction text on Rising Stars.  I would love to see everyone in Year 5 to complete this.   Read the text, then use your super retrieval skills to answer the questions.                             […]

5 Red’s Celebrations Around the World Week

During this project week, the children have been learning about how Christmas is celebrated in Germany and comparing it to the UK. They have mapped out how Christianity spread historically across Europe and how the migration of people has led to many shared customs for Christmas. We also looked at what came before Christmas in […]

Remarkable Reception!

Today was another special day, which began with Mrs Dahil inviting me to help deliver the boxes and gifts that our remarkable families had provided for those less fortunate than ourselves. Let me start at the beginning, it all started with Mr Mahmood posting a blog and the Reception children and very caring parents being […]

Year 5 Maths and Reading Practise

Dear Year 5, I have assigned some reading comprehension on Rising Stars : Black Beauty. Please read the text and answer the comprehension questions.  There are also some maths tasks on Education city.  It would be lovely to see these completed. Have a fantastic holiday. Mrs Habib        

Year 5 Spring 1 Spellings

YEAR 5 : CROCODILES GROUP Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Revision Plurals (adding –s, -es, -ies) Use of the hyphen Prefixes and Suffixes Review Review government celebrities accident-prone telepathy average aggressive applicable echoes pre-eminent telegraph awkward appreciate tolerably photocopies co-ordinate physiology bargain attached stationery vacancies re-enter craftsmanship bruise […]