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Story Plan for Nurture

Hope you’re all well, I have made a video to support you with your story plan. You need to use Mrs. Cochraine’s resources, but this will give you a big help. Beneath the video is screenshots of the plan that we wrote for the first paragraph.

My Expectations

Dear Nurture children, I hope you are all well. Just to let you know. You will need to complete the work set in year 5 and I will do supportive resources to help you – for now I am posting them in year 5 and the Nurture Blog Page. In the future, make sure you […]

Converting Mixed Number Fractions Tutorial

You will need a pen and paper to participate in the tutorial. You can answer the questions at the end in your homework books. The answers are revealed at the end. Please don’t cheat. There’s no point! You can mark your own work up then let us know your score out of 8. Best of […]

Math’s Investigation

Mr Inman is confused (about many things). I am trying to teach the children how to round and adjust with mental addition and subtraction questions. I was using 845 – 98 = ? as my example. I first added 2 to the 98 to make 100. Then I did 845 – 100 = 745 Finally, […]

Friday 5th April English

Herman has been trying to write some sentences about these pictures. Unfortunately, he is not very good at writing and has missed out all of the things that we need to make sentences interesting. Have a look at the pictures and improve his sentences. You need to include: Different sentence openers Adjectives Adverbs Conjunctions Descriptive […]

Friday’s Recount of Kenilworth Castle

You need to write a recount of what you did yesterday Please watch the video for inspiration! Things to include First person: (I and we) Past tense verbs: (We saw the outer curtain wall and it was very tall) Time conjunctions: (First, next, then etc) You can start it with: Yesterday, I visited Kenilworth Castle […]

Our Amazing Stories

Last week, the Nurture children wrote some of the most fantastic stories. They used many literary techniques. The Nurture pupils wrote bravely, trying out new things. This is so important to learning as if you don’t try something new, you won’t get better at it.  Please enjoy some extracts from the children’s stories.