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Believe Lin Marsh

When I look up to the starsThere’s a burning deep inside meAnd I feel a power growing in my soulThere is something I can senseDeep within a dream to guide meAnd I know that I am reaching for my goalI…

Year 2 Boomwhackers

We are clapping the rhythmic Notation, singing along to the song & following the pitch changes- playing boomwhackers.

Year 6 Music from the Holocaust:

Beauty CAN appear after utter pain and sorrow John Williams’s Theme from the Film Schindler’s List is a powerful piece of music- based on the Music of the period of the Holocaust and it’s traditions. Yiddish songs and Music are…

Key Stage 1 OUR National Anthem

Trumpets and Drums have been used my most nations in Music to celebrate- especially their Monarchy. This was from the Coronation of our Late Queen Elizabeth the Second. George Frederik Haendel (1685-1759) was a German composer who moved to England…

Year 3 Spring Chicken

This morning we will be rehearsing this song for the Easter Assembly. This is one of our Coronation songs here is the backing track for Spring Chicken

Year 5 Water Music

high f# little d C# d b low F#. f# d c# d b f#. c# a g# a f# C# Mendelssohn was a Jewish German COMPOSER who converted to Christianity. Born in 1809. Follow the SCORE. Focus on a…

Creature Cantata

‘On Monday, some of our talented children in Year 3 are performing  a ‘Creature Cantata’ at Coventry Cathedral. If you would like to come and watch this performance, tickets are priced at £6 and can be purchased through the link…

Listening: Music for special occasions

One of the last official acts of the reign of George I of Great Britain was to both naturalize George Frideric Handel as a British citizen and to commission Handel to write the coronation anthem for King George’s son and…

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