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Category Music

Year 2 Music

Sing and move your body to the Music. We are focussing on the Tempo, steady beat and spoken “clear text”.


Whole school 1-6 most important song for technique and school values Dance Monkey Best Days of my life Believer Year 4 Lost boy

Wintertide Music

The Wind in the Willows sighing like a solitary soul alone C f f g g# c c a# c a# c a# c a# g# g f Once we are confident to sing/play this melody, we will sing in…

Spanish Guitar Techniques

This is not just for guitarists. This will help listeners understand many of the techniques that we hear in Spanish music Enjoy your listening to 3 (of the hundreds of) different Spanish dances. Notice how the particular rhythms and playing…

Spanish Music

cc f ff g# g cccccccc x 2 g# g# g# g# g# g# g d# g g f c# f e c# c AccompanimentAllegroBarCompositionCrotchetForteImitationImprovisationLargoMelody (tune)MinimModeratoNotationOstinatoPercussionPerformancePianoPitchPulseQuaverRepetitionRestRoundRhythmTempoTuneTunedUnison

Performance Focus

We are focusing on the quality of our performance standards We must sing words clearly to make our voices work to their best ability. Our vowels and consonants when speaking or singing project our voices- and we can experiment/play with…

Music & Maths

Using percussion, glocks, and or boomwhackers- or even just clapping; we will in groups learn to read and perform from this grid. Click the link to the excellent Coventry teacher Gareth Wither’s site ( he wrote the City of…

Year 3 Glock work

When we play the glockenspiel we must focus on the quality of sound and the musicianship of performance. F# F# F# A# D# D# D# C# A#A#A#A# GREEN GREEN GREEN GREEN 111, 2222 321 4321 54321 661 771 81

Black History Month

What is, and why do celebrate Black History Month? In the UK we remember Black History Month in October. In America they celebrate the month in JUNE, Listen to the Rap and learn why. The Musical Hairspray, tells the story…

Why is this amusing?

When playing music- do we mean pressing play or performing a piece of music? When we are making our own performance choices: be clear about your intent. What do you want the listener (AUDIENCE) to hear?

Brazil, Encanto & City of Culture

This half-term we have been Learning about Brazilian syncopated rhythms “Samba” and singing songs pop songs – which have included some songs from Encanto (set in Columbia- a near neighbour of Brazil).

Key Stage 2 Choir

Monday’s after school until 4pm. Miss Matthias & Mr Kane are leading a choir for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Please fill in the online form to attend. Choir starts next Monday the 25th September for 4 weeks. Loading…