Green School

Glass Guardians Competition

Do you have a recycling bin at home? Where does the recycling go? Why do we collect it? Do you think you could recycle more? What can be recycled? ALL of these things can be recycled.  They are all used for packaging. We need packaging to keep things clean, to transport them efficiently and stop […]

Green School Logo Competition

Hopefully, you have had a chance to read the ‘Green School: Welcome and Council’ blog posted earlier today, where we are looking for Green School Councillors to get involved. The next thing we need is a logo! This is another opportunity for you to get involved with turning Broad Heath into ‘Green School’. We would […]

Green School: Welcome and Council

Welcome to Broad Heath’s brand new Green School blog. We are sure you have all noticed the Bio-dome and the out-door maths area at the bottom of the school field, plus the exciting garden area being developed by St Paul’s gate. In the next couple of months, we will see lots of new things happening […]