Maths Challenge

Year 4 Maths Challenge

So far this year we have been looking at addition and subtraction skills. I want to see how good you are at applying these skills to problem solving.ear 4 – Maths challenge! BRONZE CHALLENGE 1) How much would it cost to buy both the Nimbus 1500 and the Nimbus 2000?2) What is the price difference […]

Year 1 Maths Challenge Autumn 1

Hi Year 1, Please find your Maths challenge for Autumn 1 below. You only need to complete 1… If you are in Red and Orange Group please complete the ‘Emerging’ challenge. If you are in Yellow and Blue Group please complete the ‘Expected’ challenge. If you are in Green Group please complete the ‘Exceeding’ challenge. […]

Year 5’s practical maths

Today, some year 5 children applied their knowledge of angles to try and get the perfect hole in 1 in mini golf. Here’s how they got on: Well done to all the children in my group. I was really impressed with your hard work and determination. Who can tell me the key skills they used […]

Year 5 Maths Challenge

This half term we are learning about the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greeks started the Olympic games in 776 BC. Can you become an Olympic mathlete and complete our challenges? We look forward to reading your answers. Bronze If the first Olympic games began in 776 BC and the modern games began in 1896, how […]

Reception Maths Challenge

Bronze Challenge: Draw and name the following 2D shapes. Label each shape and describe them. Silver Challenge: Make a shape picture using the following shapes. Label the 2D shapes and write how many sides, corners and faces they each have. Gold Challenge: Draw and name following 3D shapes and describe them. How do they compare […]

Year 3 Maths Challenge

BRONZE: A canopic jar, holding the Pharaoh’s liver, is 12cm tall. Another jar, which is holding his stomach is 14cm tall. How tall would they be stacked on top of each other? SILVER: Convert the heights of the Pharaohs into metres. Remember there are 100cm in a metre. GOLD: 1. The Pharaohs’ tombs are square-based […]

Reception Maths Challenge Spring 1.

Gold Challenge – Draw three houses for the bears that are different heights. Using a ruler, measure and label them using centimetres. Using the correct mathematical vocabulary, label them according to their size. Silver Challenge – Can you find one item that is shorter than you and one item that is longer than you in your home? […]

Year 3 maths challenge

Bronze 1.John buys a pen for £1.70 and a notepad for £3.20. How much did he spend altogether? 2. Ryan bought three cakes for 22p each. How much did he spend? Explain how to solve these problems. Silver Gold Explain how you know. Platinum Imagine your family agreed to give you some pocket money every […]